A Better Way of Regional Banking

The banking industry is huge. There are literally hundreds of banks worldwide that range from the very small, to the extremely large. When you think of banks, what are some of the first names that come to mind? Is it bank of America, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, Capital One, or JP Morgan Chase? More than likely you probably guessed one of two of the names above, but did you know that regional banking is setting the precedent in society these days? That’s right! They may be much smaller than their larger counterparts, many of them offer some of the same valuable services.

NexBank is the epitome of a successful regional banking institution. It specializes in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking, but it offers many more valuable services as well. This includes mobile banking, online banking, treasury management, public funds, warehouse lending, real estate advisory, credit services, agency services, and numerous others. You won’t find another regional bank this amount of progressive activity. The bank’s executive management team does a wonderful job it’s industry expertise, knowledge, and committed focus to each and every client no matter the size. NexBank is looking to build strong lasting relationships rather than just providing quick service and this is what sets it apart from it’s peers.

The bank’s had a hand in many successful projects such as the Dallas Affordable Housing Loan Program, which helped to provide affordable mortgage coverage for thousands of lower income families in certain Dallas neighborhoods. It would be hard to find another financial institution that is willing to provide up to $50 Million in loan support, but this exclusive institution did just that.

NexBank is certainly the leader in it’s class hands down. No one knows exactly what the future may hold, but with it’s sustainability, NexBank is looking to be around for a very long time.


The Graceful Andrea Mc Williams

Political fundraiser and lobbyist Andrea Mc William is a specialized strategist. She is known for her persuasiveness, grace, patience and scrupulous attention to detail. Andrea is a national political commentator who was profiled in Texas publications. Texas Women’s Chamber distinguished her as a consigliere to political and influential people. The national medium that is the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, BBC, NPR, Newsweek and NPR have featured Mc Williams’ as a leading political strategist and fundraiser.

Andrea Mc Williams Awards

Andrea has been awarded both the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” and the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power” Awards. Also, she was acknowledged by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas with the “Woman of Distinction” Award. Earlier, Andrea was honored by the Austin American-Statement as its Glossy eight list member and received the “Austin under 40” award. Currently, she was rewarded by the Austin Fashion Week’s “Style Setter” who appreciated her work on behalf of a non-profit organization.

The Profile of Andrea Mc Williams

Andrea was raised in Congress Avenue, Texas Capitol. Currently, she lives in Old Enfield, a historical home with her husband and are raising their three children. She is a renowned community volunteer and a philanthropist who has been named severally to the ‘All Stars’ of Austin American-Statesman Fortunate 500 list. Andrea is a founding member of both the Long Centers Notable Women and St. Davids Hospital Toast.

Other Involvements

Andrea Mc Williams served as a board member for several non-profit organizations such as Rise Across Texas Challenge, HeartGift, MexiArte Museum, Texas Lyceum, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, the Waterloo President’s Council, Pioneer Farms and Austin Children in Crisis. Andrea, a local from Austinite, has been a President of Inherit Austin, an organization that was created to preserve Austin’s cultural and architectural past. Lastly, she was the honorary chair for the Mamma Jamma Ride, which has raised millions of dollars to help treat breast cancer.


Ricardo Tosto on the Rise of the Brazilian LLM

Graduate study in Brazil was previously limited to academic pursuits. Those interested in becoming professors could study for a master’s degree or doctorate in order to teach at a university. Although graduate study could also enhance career prospects, in the past most lawyers possessed only an undergraduate degree in law.

This is starting to change. Brazilian LLM degrees are modeled on the type of MBA programs offered in the country. MBA’s in Brazil aren’t official master’s degrees, but rather post-graduate specializations, a bit like a post-graduate diploma in the British the system of education. Similar degree programs aimed at lawyers are popping up, some of which are marketed as LLM’s.

As the practice of law becomes more specialized, these programs offer a stepping stone for lawyers seeking to gain new skills and stay relevant in the job market. Some programs even offer joint MBA programs, which are likely to become even more common in the future.

Ricardo Tosto received his bachelor of law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University, one of Brazil’s top law schools. For over two decades, he has been at the helm of one of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates.

Ricardo Tosto is a legend in the legal community for his pioneering role in bringing the dispute resolution model to Brazilian law firms. In addition to his role as managing partner at Ricardo Tosto & Associates, he is also an avid reader and writer. In fact, Ricardo Tosto is the author of a book on Brazilian legal history.

Use Your Equites As Collateral For A Loan

If you own equities, and you fall into the group of people who most likely could use an equity loan, you might try Equities First UK first. If you do not go to them first, you might be wasting a lot of time and effort at conventional lenders and banks. The conventional lenders will make the loan for you, yes. They will do that only after certain criteria are met. Equities First Resume Here.

They will want a business proposal to show what you plan to do with the funds. That will take some time and effort. They will also give you a list of which equities are excluded from their lending list because of government regulations. They will give you a loan up to 40% of the value of the stocks. Their interest rate will be the highest among lenders. And their funding will take time. Contact Equities First.

At Equities First UK, those problems are unheard of. They will lend up to 80% of the value of the stocks. They will charge a much lower interest rate. They do not want to see a business proposal. They can lend against any equity you may have. They are a private company, not an institutional lender. The government regulations will not apply to them.

So, rather than waste your time with the conventional lenders, why not go and see Equities First UK to begin the process. Funding is fast and easy. If you are in need of an emergency loan on equities to meet payroll or any other small business cash flow, see Equities First UK.

http://www.equitiesfirst.com for more.

Sheryl Underwood Tries the Dherbs.com 20 Day Cleanse


Dherbs.com is a full body cleanse designed to help anyone get rid of excess weight. Sheryl Underwood used this product, with fantastic results, shedding 5 lbs. in just a few short days. On the market since 2008, this extraordinary 20 day detox cleanse is designed to clean your colon, spleen, liver and lungs. A raw food diet is necessary while on the program.

Anyone can order this program by going online to dherbs.com. The website offers valuable information on the products that will help the consumer make the most of their purchase.

Among the many benefits enjoyed by success story Sheryl Underwood include: Lost weight, increased energy, less cravings, better circulation, and an increased positive outlook on life. Anyone can use this product in order to eliminate the thousands of toxins that we take in on a daily basis. These toxins build up in your kidneys, liver, lungs and colon, and prevent our bodies from running efficiently. This unique 20 day cleanse helps to rid the body of these toxins, enabling you to start with a “clean slate” and perform at your best.

RickeySmileyMorningShow.com reported that Dherbs.com’s program also includes a 20 day booklet outlining the most important ways to help the cleanse work efficiently. This includes a raw food diet, a timetable for taking the required pills, exercises and healing regimes that can be done. All of these work together to have your feeling and performing at your best. The product contains six herbal products to begin your body’s “healing process” and have you on your way to better health.

RESULTS! Dherbs.com 20 day Full Body Cleanse – Fully Raw Vegan

Anyone can benefit from a 20 day cleanse. Our daily life has us exposed to many unhealthy toxins that invade our bodies every day. Ridding ourselves of these toxins can be the beginning of a new chapter with so many positive benefits.

The Career History of Lori Senecal

Most people have the misconception that introverts cannot be leaders. But this has been proven wrong, time and again, by the likes of Lori Senecal. She has held a number of positions in Mogul companies and her journey doesn’t seem to be coming to a halt any time soon. She currently works for MDC Partners’ agency CP+B’s global CEO. She was promoted to this position, a few months after joining the company. First, she serve as the president and executive board chairperson of the company before getting her promotion. With this new role, Senecal has been overseeing the strategic development and expansion of the company.

Career Life

For those who know Senecal now, it would be hard to believe that she is the same shy introvert who began her career working for Ford’s account. Senecal got a job with the agency, following the completion of her law degree at the McGill University. At first, she found it really difficult addressing masses of people at dealership conferences, which is what her job entailed. But with time she faced her fears. She knew that in order for her to effectively market brands, she first had to market herself. So she did what she had to do and got the courage to address thousands of people.

A few years on, Senecal left the agency and went to work for Interpublic’s Group, Erickson Toronto. The company employed her to work for the Coca Cola’s media account. Within no time Senecal had proven herself and was now the lead on Coca Cola’s account. The Toronto President of this company saw her potential and encouraged her to push for more responsibilities. In the year 1998, she was transferred to the New York Branch. It was during her tenure at this branch that she developed TAG Ideation. This led to her global recognition on Ad Week as being very inventive. She was also promoted to Global lead of the Coca Cola Company. After three short years, they made her president of the New York Branch.

In the year 2007, the founders of KPG, who were exiting it due to losses, decided to headhunt Senecal. According to Fast Company, she joined the company at a time when clients wanted nothing to do with it and to make its worse, even its partners were exiting. But being Senecal, she turned things around. She instilled the lost trust and convinced clients and employees not to leave, in fact she made sure that more came in.

Follow Lori Senecal: https://twitter.com/digitalori?lang=en


The Unique Restorative Properties Of WEN By Chaz

More people are becoming aware of the negative effects harsh chemicals have on their bodies. This is why the makers of WEN chose to omit sulfates from their line of cleansing conditioners. The omission of sulfates also makes their products better for use on all types of hair textures, because they do not lather up in the traditional sense.

The removal of sulfates also means the WEN line of cleansing conditioners will be better at cleansing the hair without stripping away the oils needed to maintain a healthy scalp. These products can however, effectively remove the dirt that hair acquires throughout the course of a normal day.

A Formula for Healthy Hair

When hair stylist Chaz Dean decided to create a new line of hair care products, he wanted them to do more than just clean. Mr. Dean set out to create formulas that would actually help improve the condition of people’s hair by addressing the various issues they had. This is why WEN cleansing conditioners come in a variety of formulas. When looking for the type of ingredients that would help repair and restore damaged hair, Chaz Dean turned to those found in nature. This is why each variety of WEN contains botanical extracts that infuse the hair with essential vitamins, amino acids and proteins.

Wen cleansing conditioner is also designed to take the place of five hair care products to help reduce the amount of time, money and effort it takes to make hair look great. Each product is made to act as a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Ingredients such as aloe, help add moisture into hair to make it more flexible, while tea tree oil helps reduce the signs of thinning. Wen cleansing conditioners are also capable of adding volume, shine and manageability to all types of hair.

A Direct Selling Opportunity For Individuals Who Insist On Enjoying Their Job

Anyone who has ever considered a home-based business has probably researched direct selling, however, each option is unique. Not all direct selling opportunities have the distinct advantages The Traveling Vineyard offers its Wine Guides.

Even the word guide suggests that promoting the company’s wines is about educating potential customers, as opposed to strictly a sales position. Wine Guides hold wine tasting events, where, after trying five exclusive wines, attendees ask to order one or more of the wines, therefore, very little selling is required.

First, and most importantly, The Traveling Vineyard is upfront about the initial costs to become a Wine Guide. Participants buy a Success Kit, which contains supplies, including the wines, for their first two events and training materials. For each additional tasting event, Wine Guides purchase a tasting kit, however, they can earn credits to offset the cost with a specific number of sales. Finally, for a small monthly fee, The Traveling Vineyard provides Wine Guides with a website for repeat orders and building a team.

Individuals who join The Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guide program are assured of participating in a legitimate home business opportunity with a trusted company. All anyone has to do is hold educational wine tastings and take orders to earn a sliding scale commission and bonuses for reaching benchmarks.

Certainly earning money is the primary benefit of partnering with The Traveling Vineyard, nevertheless, the Wines Guides profiled on the company’s website and social media pages all say that they are having fun. Very few people get to make money doing something that they enjoy, which is why The Traveling Vineyard stands out as an exceptional direct selling prospect.

Nonprofit Delivers Gifts to 2000+ Schools

Schools in South Carolina are getting Christmas early this year. This is due to the efforts of Charleston Hope, a local non-profit organization. It runs an adopt a class program in which all the children attending seven schools will get a gift that is newly wrapped for them. The program was founded by Emily Hoisington. She created the program six years ago while she was a high school student herself.


She was inspired to launch the program because of a situation in her own family. Her sister was an employee at a school with many low-income students. She was told that many students didn’t receive Christmas presents, and they couldn’t fulfill other basic needs in their homes. This made it difficult for the students to succeed in the classroom. Emily felt the need to make a difference.


The children get really excited each time Emily’s organization brings them presents. They have learned to depend on Charleston Hope. The majority of the volunteers are high school and college students. People from the local community also come out to help. Emily gets further inspiration from the memory of her boyfriend Chad Cooke. He passed away years ago, but before he did, he taught her the lesson that it is important to do things with your life that you believe have a purpose. It is also important to spend face to face time with the students. You can read more about Charleston Hope and contribute to the program here.


USC Gamecocks Win Spot in Birmingham Bowl

Today, it was announced that the University of South Carolina Gamecocks won a spot in the Birmingham Bowl for 2016. They will face off against the South Florida Bulls. The match which will be nationally televised will occur on December 19th. It airs on ESPN.


Head coach Will Muschamp said his team is excited about the news. He feels it is a chance for the whole team to play together while giving their best. It is also another chance to make improvements that will benefit the team in the new year. He looks forward to battling it out against the opposing team on Legion Field. Legion Field is the place where the first two SEC Championship games were held long ago.


The Gamecocks achieved victory in four of the last six games. The team has a 6-6 record for the year, and it is at 3-5 in the Southeastern Conference. Their opponents the South Florida Bulls have a record of 10-2 for the season. This will only be the second time the two teams play against each other, and this is the 21st time the Gamecocks appear in a bowl game since the team was established. They have won the last four of their appearances in bowl games.


Athletics Director Ray Tanner also voice his enthusiasm about the team participating in the upcoming match. He believes it is a testament to the skill and leadership of Coach Muschamp. You can get more news about the Gamecocks appearing in the Birmingham Bowl here.