Giving A Bit Of Your Time

When any business prospers and experiences growth, many individuals realize that while they are doing well they must not forget their community in need. This can provide the perfect opportunity for giving to others. Philanthropic efforts are not just comprised of financial donations, but it is considering and organizing ways to actually help, using a business name to guide you just as Vijay Eswaran has done to tackle crucial world needs.

Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran has used his compassion and effortlessly handed his time and help to create organizations which provide a better world for those who face poverty and obstacles to education. Executive Chairman of the well-known QI Group (its headquarters are in Hong Kong), Eswaran formed the RHYTHM Foundation (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) whole missions have centered on educating youth with the information and skills that are required to have a role in the world. Projects also include those for the enhancement of health, ways to become aware of one’s own culture, and allowing disadvantaged children and women to learn and grow.

Born to a teacher and another who served the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, Eswaran studied and walked off with a degree in socio-economics from the London School of Economics that provided him with a foundation of comprehending the principles of economics. After this achievement he remained in Europe and worked various jobs. It was at this time that he learned about the binary system of marketing which takes many forms and often called multilevel marketing or MLM. This type of business usually requires an individual to purchase a product (or pay) to join its organization. Once this is done the new member is compensated for individuals that they refer the company or product to or anyone enlisted beneath you. This unique type of business encouraged Eswaran to learn more, so he acquired the credentials from CIMA and enrolled in Southern Illinois University to obtain an MBA. While in the U.S., Synaptics offered the new graduate a position in MLM which led to his creating his own MLM company called QI Group which is an e-commerce firm associated with the travel industry, new business insights in telecommunications and its involvement with changes in mobility, luxury products to boost self-esteem for well-being and more.

Philanthropic activities can take the various forms. Vijay Eswaran choose to organize the RYTHM Foundation to provide educational needs, created programs to direct young people as they journey to independence and other projects to ensure that children gain a connection to their cultural heritage. His upbringing and education enabled him with influence and leadership to succeed in the business world, yet he realizes the responsibility of giving back to the local community. (LinkedIn)

Susan McGalla on How to Make It as a Businesswoman

It has been found out that the domineering male leaders in industries have been an obstacle to women’s prosperity in the business world, which shouldn’t be the case. Great businesswomen are obligated to step up against all odds to put their ideas to work and to turn tables in their places of work, or even to build their firms altogether. It is quite encouraging that regardless of these shackles some women are actually thriving in the business world and gaining several accolades like Mrs. Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is a renowned businesswoman and an executive consultant who resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she is currently attached to strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She obtained her degree at Mount Union College where she studied business and marketing. Her major accomplishments were being the president of American Eagle Outfitters which was a company majorly run by men, where she formerly worked as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. In 2012, she founded P3 Executive Consulting Company, which was a consultation firm to clients on branding, marketing, management of talent and operational efficiencies. In 2009, Mrs. McGalla was appointed to the board of directors of HFF Inc. Susan has often shared her opinion and ideas on how to successfully live the life of a businesswoman. She learned from her parents to work industriously and air out her great ideas confidently with whatever the audience or other people’s gender.

Most women venturing into business could use Susan’s philosophy and not give in to being targeted and judged according to gender if anything one’s ability to conceive great ideas in their minds matters more. In the business world one’s gender shouldn’t be by any means an obstacle or that much important, it is one’s professionalism and dedication that counts in the end as acknowledged by Susan. This knowledge ought to be the instrument for the success of a determined businesswoman, as it makes them work comfortably and efficiently amidst both men and women peacefully. This mastery will surely see a change in a businesswoman’s life for the better in a world predominantly run by men.

Research reveals that men are most often offered technical assignments in their work areas, which has seen to their great advancement in skills and innovativeness as compared to women. This gives them a competitive edge against the businesswomen hence impacts them negatively when their fresh ideas cannot be realized or perfected due to their rank in the firms and even gender. It has proven a hard nut to crack to the typical businesswoman; however those who have overcome this hurdle are the powerful and influential businesswomen running the economy. Currently the women-owned companies have an economic impact and produce of about $3 trillion, thanks to the hardworking and relentless businesswomen putting in long hours of work despite their setbacks like frustration at workplaces and family duties. Susan urges young entrepreneurs to not see gender as a limitation or weakness, instead be professionals in their respective fields.

Citadel LLC the Global Face of Evolving Financial Markets

Citadel LLC has earned a well-deserved reputation for developing innovative and effective investment strategies. The company is one of the main players in the global financial industry and their team of investors has consistently searched for unique opportunities that can be offered to their expanding client list.

It takes skill, business acumen and relentless effort to track financial growth around the world. Citadel LLC searches tirelessly for the newest business opportunities that promises unlimited rewards. These prospects have often proved to be those “hidden pearls” that many other investment teams have overlooked . The Citadel team believes that all potential options should be studied and analyzed in order to wisely select those financial opportunities that will be able to produce the largest returns.

Investing is a combination of hard work, patience and the ability to sort mediocre opportunities from the ones that contain the maximum promise. The company’s is dedicated to using its available capital to generate profits and believe that diverse investment strategies are fundamental to future financial success.

The Citadel investing team is comprised of a broad group of talented individuals. Team members are able to bring a wealth of knowledge and interests to the table. It is through these people that business strategies are designed and implemented on a daily basis. This enables the Citadel group to assist clients with any financial restructuring from endowments and family trusts to pension plan divisions and philanthropic endeavors.

The Harvard educated CEO and founder of Citadel LLC is Ken Griffin. He was responsible for creating the Citadel flagship investing organization as well as the Citadel Securities group which has become one of the world’s most respect liquidity providers. The Citadel LLC conglomerate also includes Citadel Technologies.

Griffin is a Florida nativa and his rise through the ranks of business executives has been exceptionally fast. Today this hedge fund manager has established a presence on the Forbes 400 group and is recognized as one of the world’s leading hedge fund investors. The most recent financial estimates reported Citadel LLC investment capital to be in the range of $25-$30 billion.

There is every reason to believe that the Citadel investment group will continue to move in a positive direction. The fact that the group’s CEO is also one of the world’s most successful managers of hedge fund investments gives confidence to the clients already being served. This financial fact will also assuredly attract the attention of new investors.

The Newark CEDC ,Working Hard Building Futures

If you haven’t heard of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation by now, then you just haven’t been listening. This amazing group focuses on the economic development of the state of New Jersey. More specifically for Newark and you 20 amazing neighborhood centered within the cultural hub of this diversity and beautiful location. By creating strong growth markets that produce economic development the CEDC generates jobs creating financial stability for businesses as well as the people who own and run them within the beautiful city of Newark.

A Plan for the Future
The Newark CEDC has a plan for the future, and that is sustainable growth and economic stability to the diversity and collaborate in efforts of the city of Newark. By creating strong housing markets as well as business locations that are stable and will build economic strength for Newark. One of the ways they are doing this is by having brilliant individuals such as CFO Kevin Seawright at the helm leading them into this bright future, and you can find his Twitter page here. The Newark CEDC is there to make sure this beautiful, diverse cultural hub will substantially grow into the future and strengthen the economic success of those who live there.

A Record that’s Proven
Kevin has a proven track record of success. Having both a Masters degree in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Kevin shows his professionalism and qualification by his dedication to education. Kevin has successfully and creatively managed money on a large scale such as a 50 million dollar regional budget through Tito contractors where Kevin manages a team of eight.

Strong Ties Make Bonds That Are Unbreakable
Kevin Seawright is a board member the Babe Ruth Museum as well as involved in youth sports as a coach. By being an experienced and visionary leader Kevin sets forth a strong example to all of those who come into contact with him. Kevin has served as a member of the American Society for public administration as well as many other municipal departments throughout Baltimore before coming on board with the Newark CEDC .

Eric Pulier’s Technology And Software Roots Run Deep

Eric Pulier has had a fascination for computers and software since he was a child. He began to program computers when he was in grade school. By the time he reached high school, he had formed his own database computer company. The native of Teaneck, New Jersey graduated from Harvard University with a degree in American Literature. It was around this time when he decided to have a full-time career in software and technology. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

Pulier made his move to Los Angeles in 1991. He formed the software company, People Doing Things, which focused on healthcare and education through technology. That same year, he created another company, Digital Evolution. Pulier has worked at a number of technology-based companies over the years such as Deskphone, SOA Software, Gluecode, Exist Corporation, MediaPlatform and AppSense.

In 1997, Pulier was invited by the Presidential Inauguration Committee to build a technological exhibit to be displayed at the Washington D.C. Mall. The exhibit, “Bridge to the 21st Century,” received many awards. It highlighted the role of education, manufacturing and entertainment and how it relates to technology. Around this same time, he unveiled his Starbright World social network, devoted to children with chronic illnesses. The children are able to connect with other children through video chats and blogs.

Pulier has been recognized by his peers as one of the foremost professionals in the business. He frequently works within the government and other entities to help make the world a better place. Pulier heads the Progressive Policy Task Force health and technology forum. Pulier is a frequent speaker at many globl events and often serves in teh role of director or board member at many companies.

The Painted Turtle is an organization that is near and dear to Pulier’s heart. The company provides assistance to children suffering from chronic illness. He devoted a great deal of time and money to the organization.

How BRL Trust Can Help You Invest Wisely

If you have decided to hire an investment firm to help you build your assets and grow your portfolio, you made a great decision. With so many investment companies to choose from, it is important to be sure you use the services of a reputable company. When it comes to choosing a trusted firm for your investment, look no further than BRL Trust.

BRL Trust has been rendering top notch services in the financial services field for a long time. BRL Trust began providing investment services in 2005, and has become a highly reputable firm. The company has clients all over the world and has a track record of steering clients in the right direction. Those who are looking to achieve success in the investment arena, should consider using the expert services of BRL Trust.

The term investment firm covers a lot of ground nowadays. It may be used when describing a single individual’s financial services firm to a large corporation, where people can either choose investments themselves or hire the services of an investment professional. Since we are interested in investment companies, we will stick to establishments that render reliable investment services.

Different investment firms provide different levels or qualities of service to clients. There are discount brokers who people can use to purchase and sell through, full service investment firms with investment counselors who will take their clients’ fund and invest it for them, and firms that render both services and other services. Most investment firms in the United States offer mutual funds, while other companies offer unit investment trusts, closed-end funds, or exchange-traded funds.

If you have developed your own financial or investment plan, you need to understand the value of diversification. It is important to have a diversified portfolio of investments, and you need to consult an investment advisor for assistance. Most people who do not have the knowledge to properly diversify their assets, or choose the right assets for their situation, so they either talk to a financial advisor or go with a company that will help them to select various portfolios based on the levels of aggression and risk they are comfortable with.

BRL Trust is highly recommended when it comes to investment and building assets. BRL Trust allows clients to choose from a variety of portfolios, and also guide them in diversification process. In addition, BRL Trust charges moderate fees and their portfolios are well managed to ensure high return on investment. Read about BRL Trust on Wikipedia.

If you have decided you’d like to invest your money, you will want to enlist the services of BRL Trust. Their investment experts will walk you through the process to ensure you understand how things work in the investment arena.

Qnet: Online Marketing

To be able to reach for customers with ease globally, many companies have decided to use the internet where by use of websites and other way to show what they are selling for potential customers to orders from there. Online shopping is also referred to as e-commerce and has been into existence for quite a long time. Whenever the topic e-commerce is mentioned Qnet cannot go unmentioned since it is one of the first companies in Asia to use direct selling and it is in more than one hundred countries.

Being in existence for only 16 years, Qnet is a little bit younger if compared with other companies that have been in existence for a much longer time. The company’s headquarters are based in Malaysia but plans are being made to move the unit of production to India. It has specialized in direct selling which involve product’s marketing and selling away from a permanent retailing position to the customers.

Some of the products that are posted in the internet and get customers through the company are personal care, weight management, luxury and collection home care, nutrition, energy and also communication based products. The purpose of these products is to promote the customers’ wellness and also the fitness of their health. In addition to these products, there are other services that it offers and they include online education courses and holiday vacations. These products and services are distributed with exclusive franchise together with the producers and their providers. Qnet has also started to produce products that include energy drinks and watches

on their own.
For the last thirteen years the company’s base of operation has been in India and it has not been without some challenges such as stringent laws that are for regulating online business in the country and also foreign investors setting up their companies in that country. According to the company’s Corporate affairs director, Zaheer Merchant, the company has complied with the regulatory rules but it is being faced baseless claims. QNet’s YouTube profile is linked here.

Despite these challenges, the company is determined to strengthen its market in the country by building confidence among its distributors. Being an aggressive company, they have come up with a way in which they are specializing in products that have value addition and bring some changes in the lives of their customers. One of Qnet’s achievements is among others the fact that it has become an official partner with Manchester City football club in advertisement.

What Are Economists Saying About China and Greece?

Economies are global. If a nation’s economy was limited to its domestic borders, it could never grow beyond a certain point. This is why trade, imports, and exports are so important. Private sector businesses also invest in foreign markets in a number of ways. So, when one nation suffers from economic troubles, another nation may be pulled into the mix.

Concerns are being raised about the current economic troubles being experienced in China. These concerns are being raised throughout the world. Australia, in particular, is very concerned due to its close proximity to the nation. Economists are suggested that the short-term outlook for Australia’s economy would be very dire if the Chinese Yuan suffered further devaluation. Economists do believe that the long-term outlook for Australia is not so bad. By this, it is meant the Australian economy has the potential to weather the storm and bounce back. How many small businesses would be hurt during that short-term period of trouble? No one can say for sure.

The greatest fears that economists have about the troubled Chinese economy is the damage to China’s stock market and economy could lead to a global recession. The damage that results could last years and be extremely difficult to unravel.

This is why so much money is funneled by various European countries to Greece. Bailing the country out is done to prevent the toxic damage of the collapse from spreading to other European countries and their economies. Economists are, however, a bit concerned over whether or not continued bailouts are worth the effort. Constant bailouts might very well prevent Greece from ever doing what is necessary to gets its proverbial fiscal house in order.

Staying on top of all the movements in the world’s economies is helpful to anyone hoping to make good business decisions. Christian Broda is the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management works in an editorial capacity for publications such as Journal of Development Economics and the IMF Economic Review. Reading his works would definitely help someone interested in learning more about the economic conditions of the world find a wealth of information.

With an expanded knowledgebase, anyone interested in business success is better primed for greater achievements. Learning about the current global conditions in the market and how they intertwine does help with achieving a greater understanding. Such knowledge could then be used for better decision making in a number of different ways.

Success of QNet and Its Plan to Shift its Production to India

QNet is a direct-selling company, offering diverse product portfolio to its large client base. The entity has an eCommerce platform that has been quite imperative in providing opportunities to clients located in over 100 countries. The entity has grass root business model that has enabled average persons from different backgrounds to start and run their own businesses with minimal costs. QNet believes so much on its distributors who are commonly referred as Independent Representatives (IRs). These distributors enjoy the opportunity of being self-sufficient as they can be able to enhance the living standards of their families and communities. Check out their discussion on IndianExpress.

The entity has relied heavily on its two philosophies, RYTHM and Inservice, to make successful strides in the direct selling industry. The founders of the companies have been largely inspired by the beliefs of past successful leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. The enterprise has always believed in empowering other people to succeed. This philosophy is always passed to new employees joining the firm. The Inservice concept focuses on provision of services above self. This philosophy is upheld by all employees and throughout the system. True leadership is achieved through serving other people with humility.

QNet is a based in Malaysia. The firm engages in multi-level marketing. In the recent past, the entity planed to produce consumer goods and electronic gadgets in India. Most large companies around the globe seek to set foot in different countries around the globe. Expansionary strategies require resources and focus on the target market given the dynamics of culture and consumer preference in different consumer segmentation. With a prudent management, an entity is able to realize its goals of rolling its operations in new territories.

QNet is focusing on expanding its operations by planning to manufacture different products in India. Currently, the company is producing some watches and energy drinks like Nutriplus in the Asian country. The company forecasts to make between 8 and 12 percent reduction in the costs of operations when they shift their production to India. The country has a large population thus, a high client base for QNet’s products. In 2012, the company registered a growth in revenue by 100 percent.

In order to enter the Indian market, QNet has focused in providing platforms to the Indians to display their talents by making unique products. Any Indian who makes a unique product will have the advantage of having his or her product passed through the quality test before being given to the sales department to sale the product to the market.

QNet is a large corporation with massive work force and resources to undertake new ventures in India. The country has proven to have a ready market for QNet’s products. The shift of production to India will reduce the entity’s costs and enhance its profitability margins through a high client base and diversified product portfolio.

Embrace Your Inner Editor With Wikipedia

Have you ever searched the web and noticed that all the information you’re reading is completely outdated? If so, now is the time for you to make a change. It’s easy too. With Wikipedia, you have the chance to edit information and add in news as you see fit. If you didn’t know, Wikipedia writers for hire is a free online encyclopedia. This website contains pages on practically every subject under the sun.

Of course having the opportunity to change information on a page that tons of people see every day can be intimidating. However, it does not have to be. In fact, it is extremely easy to edit information on Wikipedia. To start, you need to hit the edit button at the top of the page. Once you do that, you will see these square brackets appear around the text on the page. These square brackets indicate that you can change the information listed inside. From there, write whatever information needs to be added and make any other necessary changes.

After that, you will have two options. You can click the “Show Preview” page or the “Save This Page”. This buttons are very self-explanatory. However, it is strongly recommended that you click the “Show Preview” button first. This way you can see what the page will ultimately look like with your edits. Once you’re completely satisfied, you can press the “Save This Page” button. Then, you are all done.

Don’t worry, though, about making changes. If what you are writing is incorrect or features typos, there are lots of editors and readers who will change the information back. Nothing you type will go unnoticed. Remember, if you are going to make changes over and over again on Wikipedia, it is best to create a user account. This user account will serve as your community identity. This means that when you make a change, your user account will appear next to it. Each and every change will be listed on your user account so that other users can see what you’ve done and what areas you excel in.

Now is the time to embrace your inner editor. Do not be afraid to add in information or make changes, as this will only make Wikipedia an even better online encyclopedia. Instead of having to wait hours for information to appear on the page you’re reading, you can count on it showing up in real-time.