Holographic Performances and Digital People

John Textor is more than the computer nerd someone might think of when imagining a person who creates digital likenesses of human beings, he’s an entertainer.

Textor is the executive chairman for Pulse, the Port St. Lucie, Florida-based company responsible for for digital applications of human images in films like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Ender’s Game, and Flags of our Fathers. They’ve won academy awards for their ability to make believable digital characters in film. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button may stand as their greatest example, as the film’s protagonist is almost completely digital for most of the movie.

Before working for Pulse, Textor was chairman and CEO of digital Domain, and he oversaw the creation of the live performances of both Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson. Both artists have been deceased for years, and it was a joy for fans to see these men come back to life, even if it was for just one night.

Tupac appeared in 2012 at Coachella, along with Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, and Eminem. This was the first showing of what appeared to be a hologram. He rapped, moved around on stage, even appearing to interact somewhat with the other performers. Tupac’s appearance immediately generated a lot of buzz, as news stations around the world started covering the story, and internet users and 90’s rap fans began talking about seeing Tupac again, and how great the show was.

Two years later at the Billboard Music Awards, Michael Jackson also appeared posthumously to sing and dance “Slave to the Rhythm.” Jackson was a considerably more difficult person to animate, as he has a full head of hair, and dances to choreography, whereas the bald Tupac didn’t move around a lot.

The technology behind these performances is similar to that of the digitally created face of the Hulk on screen. It’s where the real magic lies, as the supposedly 3D images on stage were created by reflecting the light from projectors off a Mylar board, and is similar to a parlor trick known as “Pepper’s Ghost.”

Nonetheless, the images produced are impressive, and could lead to many more applications than just film and live music. Where John Textor and his team at Pulse take the entertainment world remains to be seen.

Susan McGalla Makes Me Want to Conquer the World

I don’t know what Susan McGalla envisioned for herself when she obtained that Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing. I am sure that she wanted to excel in the business world, but she may have never guessed that she would go on from her 1986 commencement to become a CEO and expert in the branding business. She has been such a powerful leader. Her expertise has inspired me so much. I feel like I could take on the world with all the motivation that she has given.

I had to research someone that has excelled in the marketing world for a business class and I chose Susan McGalla. I didn’t know much about her because she left American Eagle before I had ever set foot in an American Eagle store. I was impressed by her rise into the business world. I could not believe that she has transitioned to the role of CEO. For a woman, back in 2007, to be a CEO was a big deal. I could not imagine how many barriers she had to tear down in order to be taken seriously, but she did.

What Susan McGalla has made on cbs.local.com me realize is that there are no excuses. A woman can defy the odds that are placed against her and rise to the status of president of an organization. Sometimes it takes the motivation from someone that has done it in order to know that this is achievable. I like the way that Susan McGalla has been able to prove that women can increase revenues and build a legacy of excellence through effective leadership.

Susan was so hot in the business world that she was sought after by other organizations. To me that is the sign of a truly effective president. She worked her way up in American Eagle Outfitters, but Wet Seal allowed her to come as a leader. That is something so boast about, but Susan McGalla has always seem to keep a level head. She did not rest and think that she had made it to the top. To the contrary, she continued to work hard and build an even greater presence in the business world. She would find herself looking for a way to present the marketing talents that she gathered at Mount Union College back in 1986. This zeal to put her marketing degree to use would give her the strength to start her very own business. This is something that I look at in awe. She could have easily stayed with American Eagle until she retired. They loved her leadership skills. She could have even found work as another CEO for another company. Starting her own business was something that weighed heavily on her mind though. This is why she chose the path of working for herself. She is an expert and she wanted the world to know that she could provide expert services. Susan McGalla does a terrific job of building brands. No one can deny that she knows branding.

Slyce Ushers In A Revolution

Co-Founders Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell of the Toronto based Slyce are all set to dominate online retailing. With the acquisition of the Tel-Aviv Pounce, they are set to roll out a stand alone app as well as a feature for established brands to include in their own apps that will revolutionize the way people shop and purchase online.

Pounce is a feature that allows consumers to scan photos in marketing flyers or circulars with their camera phone to retrieve detailed information. The feature also allows them to enter their purchase information once and make purchases from multiple stores. Slyce is an image recognition feature that also uses the camera on a phone to scan an image, but it can scan the actual product itself and then provide detailed product and purchasing information from online retailers.

Features like this are already in use by Amazon, but the Amazon apps are limited in their ability to search based on the need for product packaging for recognition. This cuts out a huge segment of online sales because of the number of consumer products that don’t require packaging in the first place, like cars or clothing items. Amazon argues that the feature is most useful for price comparison when people are already looking to purchase an item in a physical store, and therefore have the product in its packaging right in front of them.

But imagine you are walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant and see someone with a great bag, briefcase or fantastic pair of shoes. Rather than awkwardly approaching them and relying on their memory to determine where and when the item was purchased, now you can surreptitiously just snap a pic and let Slyce find the product for you. Slyce works on an extremely sophisticated algorithm that allows it to scan very minute features that help it narrow down the specific product by searching through a multitude of item pictures most retailers already have stored online.

Slyce first works to determine very broadly what it is looking at, such as a dress, a boat or a golf club. If it determines it is looking at a golf club, it can then begin to narrow down the exact club it is looking at based on a vast number of features. First, it will of course determine whether it is looking at a putter, a driver or a wedge, but then it can narrow it down even further based on minute features unique to that particular club. It will then scan millions of pictures online to come up with not only an exact match, but the other closest available matches in case the product is out of stock, on back order or unavailable.

Becoming a Human Rights Activist

Human right activism is not a vocation but a passion, and in recent times, people like Yeonmi Park have set quite an example for the world. Yeonmi Park, a youtuber, who is merely 21 years old, understood at an early age that her passion was helping people and even when she was declared a North Korean defector, she found a way to help her nation become better. Currently majoring in Criminal Justice from Seoul’s Dongguk University, she is also a member and volunteer of NAUH. She volunteers to teach refugees of North Korea at another organization.

So, how does one become a human rights activist like Yeonmi Park? Here are a few tips for beginners –

Find Motivation – It is impossible to become an activist without knowing what one is passionate about. It should be made clear – there are a number of issues in the world and one activist can take up multiple causes. However, just because an activist chooses to go for one cause does not mean that others are worthless. For instance, a women’s right activist does not think that men’s causes are unimportant. However, they have chosen to fight for women’s rights. This isn’t an “either or” situation. To find motivation, the best place to look around is the internet and social media sites where various activism forums, groups and pages can be found.

Research Activist Organizations – Most causes would already have an organization that is wholeheartedly pursuing the issue. This organization could be at a local, national or global level of operation. The trick is to find out about the organization. Again, for this purpose, internet is an activist’s friend. It can also help fellow activists meet with one another and research about different organizations that support a particular cause, how good they are, funding requirements, volunteer programs, and so on.

Get Educated and Spread Education – First of all, many activists wrongly assume that they are completely educated about a topic when they start human right activism. This is a field of learning where new things are realised every day. It is not just about educating other people but educating oneself. For instance, men can join women’s rights organizations if they believe that women deserve the same status as men. However, many male women’s rights activist realize that their role in such organizations is to act as a supporting pillar. Their job is not to drown out the voices of their fellow activists. Information like this is only revealed after spending ample time as an activist.

Activism is not for those people who pick up passions left, right and center and give them up quite quickly. For some people, it is a lifelong journey. Staying involved and keeping abreast with latest developments is, thus, extremely important. People like Yeonmi Park are rare that they have found their passion at an early age and continue to balance their personal life, studies and career while volunteering for their organizations.

The Prime Rock

Plymouth Rock Assurance Company is an auto insurance broker in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire that has just launched a new tool called “Prime.” This tool will allow consumers to buy auto insurance online and manage their account, all while staying in touch with their insurance agent. This gives consumers the freedom from having to go to an office to visit their insurance agent.
Through “Prime”, consumers can get a quote and then decide if they want to purchase the insurance policy. The insurance agent pays a onetime fee and after that, the policy is transferred to them, and they own the policy for life. (published by the Insurance Journal.)

James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance Company. In the early 1970’s he lectured at Harvard University while consulting with the insurance industry part time. In 1973 Mr. Stone was admitted to the Casualty Actuarial Society where he wrote a paper on the insurance of catastrophic risk. The paper went on to become a requirement of CAS at harvard University. He then became the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance from 1975 – 1979. In 1979 President Carter appointed him to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission where he served until 1983.
Stone’s Plymouth Rock Assurance Company, which includes several subsidiaries, manages 1 billion in auto and homeowners insurance policies annually. Stone is also a member of the New York based private equity investment firm of the Administrative Committee of Lindsay Goldberg. He is vice chairman of the Global Post and he also was co-founder of Cat Limited in Bermuda. Adding to these credits is his founding of Homesite Group Inc. and Response Insurance.

Source: Insurance Journal

Brad Reifler: The Making of a Great CEO

A Chief Executive Officer must have the knowledge, experience, and trust of those around him. Cultivating relationships with people far and near, always being willing to have an open mind, and continually striving to learn all they can about the business are crucial to success. Over the past 30 years, there have been many people in the business world who have done this and more. However, none have done it any better than Brad Reifler. As the founder and CEO of Reifler Trading Company, Pali Capital, and Forefront Capital Management, Brad has continually looked for new and innovative ideas to help his companies grow.

As one of the financial industry’s leading executives, Brad understands what it takes to succeed. Whether consulting with an executive from Wall Street or meeting with an economist to learn more about the latest world financial information, Brad always finds himself looking for a way to stay ahead of the competition. Believing that hard work and perseverance always pay off in the end, he works tirelessly to ensure his companies are offering clients the best possible services. And judging by how his companies have performed over the years, he has done just that. During his run as CEO at Reifler Trading Company, he started from scratch and eventually sold it to Refco, Inc. when it was considered one of the largest futures operations companies worldwide. And at Pali Capital, he simply took the company from humble beginnings and developed sales strategies that led to more than $1 billion in commission income over a 13-year period. Time after time, Brad has used his forward-thinking abilities and willingness to take a calculated risk to achieve results few others ever do. Twitter suggests that by continuing to do so in the years ahead, it’s clear Brad is poised for even greater success.

The Well-Known President and Philanthropist of CCMP Capital

Stephen P. Murray was a great asset to and the founder of CCMP Capital. A graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School, finance and business administration were his focus from the beginning of his career. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital worked his way up from an entry level position at MH Equity Corporation to become CEO of one of the biggest private equity firms in 2007. Although CCMP Capital was a big portion of Murray’s life, he had multiple philanthropic passions as well. The company that received the most support from Murray was the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, but his focuses also included Boston College, Stamford Museum and Columbia Business School. One of Murray’s accomplishments was also being appointed vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College as well as a member of the chairman’s council of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. In addition to being a chairman for these organizations, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also served as a board member for many major companies. Some of these companies were, but were not limited to: Aramark, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods and Generac Power Systems. Later on in his life he was a board member for Crestcom International, LHP Hospital Group and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. Murray was also a family man, having been married and the father of four children. They were known to be his pride and joy, over all of his accomplishments throughout his life. He was known to be a very successful investor and deal-maker. Not only was he a strong presence in regards to his family, but was also well-known at his company. His hard work allowed him to accomplish many great things with CCMP Capital, and his accomplishments influenced the success of CCMP greatly. He is an influence and strong presence at CCMP to this day.

Smart Beauty Products Shopping Tips For Women: Is Lime Crime For You?

These days, everyone’s digging around especially online to find beauty products that work. Honestly, I’m not too ambitious when searching for quality beauty cosmetics. Well, it’s expected because most men aren’t. Women are quite the contrast, especially when shopping for makeup. I’ve put together a novice-proof guide to help women shop for quality cosmetics online.

Lately, I’ve realized that a plethora of holistic beauty products has surfaced. Sadly, it’s fooled the masses. Studies have revealed that some are simply the byproducts of organic ingredients. That said, someone who’s interested in organic cosmetics should go for those that are 100% potent. In comparison, some women prefer synthetic produce which are widely popular and often cheaper. Nonetheless, it largely depends on the brand and what’s in it. The first rule of buying beauty products is knowing which type is most suitable. There are several considerations to take into account, such as the budget, skin type, and other factors. I’ve tried both synthetic and organic beauty products. I’ve even ditched the synthetic ones entirely and went green for a while. I’ll admit, it was a pocket-draining experience for me at first, but after much research and trial, I found products that complemented my budget. Favorably, it complemented my skin as well. I fully support women doing the same, but instead of taking the trial and error approach, which is overwhelmingly expensive. I suggest that women research about the best products before investing. It’s the easiest recourse and reduce their out-of-pocket cost. In fact, it’s a smarter shopping idea.

I honestly think that every woman has a skin care routine. Sadly, some aren’t conscious of it, which contributes to a hectic shopping especially when buying beauty products. Those using synthetic beauty cosmetics are naturally eager to continue. The million dollar question is whether it’s doing justice to her skin or character. Although consistency is an encouraged routine, it’s only beneficial if it’s generating positive feedback. Understanding the benefits of using holistic and synthetic beauty products is absolutely crucial. As such, consumer education is the key. The label of a woman’s favorite skin care product or makeup line is the dictionary to learn about what’s been absorbed into the bloodstream. Women unknowingly consent to poison the skin every day. With education, she stands a better chance of making an informed decision before the purchase.

Another concern a woman should openly acknowledge when buying beauty products is her skin type. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to foreign elements. As such, the potency of a beauty product should be taken into account. It’s all-important to acknowledge any form of a skin condition or allergies before using beauty products. 100% organic brands rarely activate an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, the branding alone isn’t enough to justify the claims. Every eco-minded woman should take the time to research organic beauty cosmetics carefully before using it too. I’ve come across numerous cases of sad, beauty product investments gone painfully wrong.

Nowadays, some women continue to support their traditional makeup routine. In contrast, others convert to using fancier varieties like Lime Crime on dollskill. It’s a cosmetic brand started by the talented Russian-born makeup artist Doe Deere. She launched her sensational line of beauty products back in 2004. It’s since generated a throng of fairy-tale fans worldwide. With Lime Crime, imperfections become perks and largely those who wear it, feel unapologetically unique. Based in Los Angeles, Doe, and her team continue to release cheerier, cruelty-free, true-to-color cosmetics without regrets. Interestingly, she started her empire with a small investment and a vision. Today she’s empowering women to become confident and embrace their true identity with Lime Crime beauty products.

Eucatex, the Global Exporter of Building Materials

Flávio Maluf is a famous mechanical engineer as well as an established entrepreneur. His top entrepreneurial skills have seen him build a small business into a multi-billion dollar company posing significant competition in the building supply sector of the industry. Mr. Flávio Maluf has stepped up to the challenges like export restrictions posed by the government and the fluctuating currencies in different countries that the company exports to. Mr. Flavio proudly shares the company’s secret to its rapid growth over the past ten decades. Mr. Flavio was named the president of Eucatex in 1997 after serving in different positions in the company. Among his greatest achievements is how he managed to develop and nature the eucalyptus plantation in the State of Sao Paulo. This has been a smart move by the company’s officials since it is environmentally friendly. This eucalyptus plantation has adequately met the organization’s constant need for raw materials.

Eucatex, was incepted in Brazil, during this period Brazil as a country, faced many political challenges; these challenges are often common in third world countries. Segs.com told this was the case for Brazil at the time; corruption in the government was a major drawback to the sprouting organizations, or even those were already in business. It was during this period that Mr. Flávio Maluf saw the gap that existed in the Brazilian market and coined the idea to use the eucalyptus to produce eucalyptus ceiling tiles. Eucatex started its operation in the state of Sao Paulo.

Americana Sawmill Americana saw mill was the mother company to Eucatex. This company mainly supplied wood domestically; it was in operation until 1951 when Eucatex was born. Eucatex was to produce the eucalyptus ceiling tiles to meet the demand of the domestic market, but the end product was so good the company started exporting all over Europe. Today Eucatex exports its products to 37 different countries worldwide. The company has branch offices in various countries that foresees the supply of their products; it has branches in the United Kingdom, USA, Holland, Mexico and Germany. The company has over 2,200 employees on its payroll. Eucatex mainly deals with the supply of paints, floor boards, wood finishes and furniture-making materials. Eucatex commands a large share of the building and supplies industry since it has been in the business for more than 60 years. Divilux partitions are among the most popular products from this company producing a variety of building materials.

FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services Have Great Call Quality

Anyone who’s ever had poor call quality with a cell phone company knows how frustrating it can be to have a phone call dropped. The person may be in the middle of an important conversation, and then the call drops out of nowhere. It’s even possible that the person is trying to redial the person they lost the call with, and they can’t seem to get through. Cell phones can fail at times, and it’s mostly because of the cell phone service provider. It’s possible that the cell phone service provider is having difficulties putting calls through with FreedomPop, or it’s even possible that there are too many people using the service at one time. When cell phone service is unreliable, it can be very problematic for those using it.

Unreliable cell phone service means that in case of an emergency, it may not be possible to call emergency services. There’s nothing worse than a person who needs help, and their only resource is their cell phone, and their cell phone was not working at the time. People should be able to rely on their cell phones, similar to how a young baby can rely on their mother. Those who have an unreliable cell phone service provider on reviews.com need to look into switching to a better carrier that has service with less dropped calls or very few instances of having no service.

Although cell phone service can never be guaranteed, especially when the weather is bad, there’s no reason why cell phone service shouldn’t work when there is good weather outside. It’s a good idea to research a company before signing up, especially research into their call quality history. FreedomPop is a company that has a lot of their services through the Sprint network, and Sprint has great call quality. Not only does Sprint have very few dropped calls, but they have crystal clear calls, and this means that it’s possible to hear the person on the other end of the phone just fine.

Not only does the person want great call quality, but they want lower prices as well. FreedomPop has very low priced cell phone plans, and there is even a free cell phone plan that anyone can use. The free cell phone plan has enough minutes, text messages, and data for those who need to save money on cell phone service each month. Those who need additional minutes added to their plan can purchase them individually as well as adding data and text messages. FreedomPop has great cell phone service plans, and even their unlimited plan is still lower in price than any other service provider out there. Consider FreedomPop when looking for a low-cost telephone company with great service.