Fall 2015 Men’s Shoes: New life to classic styles

The spotlight always seems to be on women’s shoes, but there are many men, who enjoy a new pair of italian shoes or two as much as the average women. The days of the plain brown slip-ons or black classic tie shoes are over. This fall brings with it chunkier soled boots in rich jewel-tone colors, penny loafers in a variety of leather textures and colors, deeper and darker colored sneakers, and a new look to those old classics. With so many new styles to choose from, the only limit to purchasing the favorites, will be the shoe budget.

Boots are no longer only meant for casual dress. There are many varieties of boots being offered in a variety of colors, including deep dark reds, browns, and blacks. There are lace up boots as well as slip on boot styles available. One tone color is still popular, with multiple tones gaining popularity, due to their versatility. Boots add a touch of class to any suit, and are classic enough to wear with a pair of dress jeans. Choose multiple pairs and have a colors to match multiple outfits.

Penny loafers are the classic that never goes out of style. This fall brings the penny loafer in new bold colors. The midnight blue would look perfect with that deep blue suit, the oxblood is elegant, and the black is as classic as it is formal. Along with penny loafers, there are many new styles of re-designed classic loafers available to choose from. They can be found in suede or smooth leather styles in a large variety of colors, including light brown, dark brown, dark wine, and classic black.

High top sneakers remain a popular choice this year, but with new color offerings. Dark blues and browns will be the colors to buy this fall. They are a great addition to those less dressy trousers or any pair of jeans. They will not only be the most versatile pair of shoes in the wardrobe, they will be the most comfortable pair. Make sure to get a wide range of styles and colors for most days of the week.

Knowing what shoes or boots to add to the wardrobe this fall is only the first step, knowing where to buy them will help seal the deal. Paul Evans handcrafted Italian dress shoes has all of the most popular styles available this fall. The perfect fitting pair of Paul Evans shoes will be made in a Napolitano factory by a shoemaker skilled in the art of Italian shoe-making. Buy the next pair or two of shoes from Paul Evans, the guys, who just want to bring you the most comfortable stylish shoes you’ll ever own.

Real Food, Real Dogs, Real Prices

Purina-brand dog food has been long-known for its quality. Purina is actually a Missouri-based subsidiary of Nestlé. From Purina Pro Plan to Purina Dog Chow, Beneful and Purina One, a variety of a dog food brands from Puruina are available at affordable prices across the United States.

Globally, Purina is the second-largest pet food company in the world. In the United States, it is the largest pet food supplier. With that size comes versatility and strength. For example, in 2013, Purina spent over forty million dollars ensuring the formula in its Beneful food was right for the many dogs that would be eating it. Purina ensures that dogs eating Beneful are eating only the most authentic ingredients. Real meats like Chicken and beef are used; as well as real vitamins and minerals.

Purina is conscious of trends in the industry, as well. Understanding as they do just how big of a supplier they are to the United States and the world, Purina endeavors to ensure, even if it costs them money, that clients will have a trusted dog food option. A great example can be seen in 2007, when a voluntary recall happened after it was revealed China’s ingredient supply may have included contaminated foodstuffs. Purina immediately recalled all food related to that supply, in order to keep as many canines and their owners from contamination as possible. Such a recall necessarily cost Purina millions, and there are certainly dog food companies out there that would have neglected such a recall because of the cost involved. But Purina understands that the life of a dog is more important than their bottom line. That’s ethics in action, and one of the most important things to look for when choosing a provider of dog food. Ethical integrity is like a badge of honor indicating the foodstuffs provided are trustworthy.

There’s good reason some of the greatest marketing campaigns from Purina have come through crowd-sourcing. An ethical business will naturally accrue a number of followers. Followers are only too happy to vet products they like. Look at the war between Apple and Microsoft. Users are practically rabid, if they’re passionate about one kind of computer or another. Well, Purina pet products are so well-revered that a bevy of motivated clientele are only too happy to spread the word on their products.

Whether Beneful or Purina ONE, options exist for canines out there in order to ensure they not only retain the greatest amount of health, but at a price which owners can get happy about too; because if the food for the dog is more expensive than the food for the humans, unfortunately reality dictates some cost-savings have to take place.

For a company that understands its clients, and the lovable canines to whom its products are given, Purina is the best option in the USA, and the second most prevalent in the world. Get Beneful with real ingredients for the canines in your life, and put your trust in Purina.

QNet Truly Believes In Thinking Global And Acting Local

Educating prospective customers is an integral component of QNet’swellness mission and philosophy. Currently the lead provider of life
enhancement products and services, this prominent corporation seeks to
spread the knowledge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through their
expert independent distributors. Essentially, their efficient direct
selling business model plays an essential in their rapid growth and
expansion into new regions worldwide. As a seasoned company,cofounders Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark are often presented withthe opportunity to develop new wellness offerings, which has greatlyinfluenced their comprehensive database of over ten categories ofbeneficial products and services. Most importantly, these strategic
entrepreneurs truly understand the value of sharing their philosophy
and strongly believe that effective education of their consumer goods
will result in extremely satisfied and loyal patrons.

Eswaran and Bismark’s primary goal is to promote their wellnessofferings through highly skilled independent distributors. Therefore,
these renowned businessmen strive to conduct training related to
professional development in order to encourage strong partnerships
among the team members. Along with emphasizing meaningfulcollaborations, the entrepreneurs stress the importance of theirvegetarian product strategy. Moreover, during company events and
conferences, all meals are served without meat and instead with
healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Similarly, the consumer
goods are manufactured with only vegetarian ingredients and, as a
result, the company forbids any animal testing during the production
process. Commendably, the company is also campaigning against the
growing rise of diabetes, obesity, and other degenerative diseases by
reducing the amounts of artificial sweeteners, sugars, and additional
harmful chemicals in their nutrition line. Most prominently, upon theconclusion of the intensive training, independent distributors areskilled in relaying this information to the prospective consumer.

The uniqueness of QNet lies in their unprecedented ability to connectrepresentatives with customers around the world. Notably, their direct
selling approach encourages a face-to-face interaction which
ultimately establishes sincere rapport and trust between the two
individuals. This distinguished focus on local service with an
international business strategy is unlike any competitor direct
selling company. While maintaining an innovative e-commerce platform,
the company simultaneously incorporates a personable retailing
approach through independent representatives.

As a long-standing customer advocate, QNet’s wellness philosophy and businessstrategies have greatly influenced their expansion into over 100countries such as Africa, Europe, Russia, Asia, and India. Because
this well-known company supports the professional development of their
independent representatives through networking seminars, exhibitions,
events, and business trainings, their employees have excelled in many
global regions. In addition, QNet also holds offices and agencies whoare available to assist distributors during their retailing journey.Undeniably, this renowned company is strongly committed to thewellness and professional success of the individual, team, and theconsumer.

Succeeding With White Shark Media

White Shark Media was founded originally in 2010 and is home to 144 employees. There are more than 600 clients who White Shark Media services. Their retention rate for their employees is around ten percent. Their revenue per year ranges between 3 and 5 million dollar. They offer mid level pricing compared to the average market rate.

White Shark Media offers a couple of ways for you to receive service. One method is the pay per click management services. They offer AdWords risk evaluation, this is a free service as well as a local website for your site at a low monthly cost. The use of Ecommerce management is also included. You will bring 29% of people to your website through the use of US search engines with Bing Management Ad services.

The website for your company or business will be available to you for a low monthly cost and ecommerce with click to call settings and call tracking will help you to keep track of who is coming and calling on the business front of the website. Google shopping and analytic campaigns will aid in support of the website/business you will be running from your home or business.

Studies have been done that show that with the help of White Shark Media, companies and businesses have succeeded due to the use of this company. If you are interested in hiring a new company to help boost your business or to aid in the startup of your company, consider using this company as they have been ranked well and many companies are now prospering because they opted to use this company. Research the company and see for yourself what others have to say about them and let their reputation speak for itself. They have got numerous positive reviews from all the clients. With that said, hope your business is on the path to success with White Shark Media’s help.

Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime Makeup Products

Doe Deere is the creator of the Lime Crime makeup company. The makeup brand has sparkly unicorns and contains beautiful, poignant colors that can be worn for nearly any occasion. The packages come in a beautiful pink shade with unicorns so there is no mixing it up with any other makeup that you might already own. The audience that she has are intrigued by her and are very passionate about their makeup.

Doe Deere is a light hearted individual who is very soft spoken. She is very much outspoken about things that she is very passionate about, things like her makeup line. She is all about business and holds her makeup line above anything else.

People who know about the makeup line know that it is known for the bright colors that most people do not have the desire to wear. Those who do wear them, wear them with honor. They chose the makeup line because when no one else wanted to make colors as bright as them, they created them. Doe Deere decided to think outside of the box and to make the colors no one else wanted to. She wanted to make sure that people who love color and love to stand out have options available to them to wear.

Doe Deere makes it very clear that she only uses Twitter and her blogs to communicate with her followers. There are Facebook pages that are ran by her people and those people will place specials and feedback about the products but comments that are made by those who make rude and unruly comments are not made by her and this is one thing that Doe wants people to know.

She used her power to build her company through the internet and used her connections online to make her company bigger and better. By use of the internet, she is able to reach a broader market and therefore can reach more people. The makeup line is created without the use of harsh chemicals as well as being free from animal cruelty. Most of the other brands are unable to say this and many other brands will cause your face to breakout from the chemicals that are used in the makeup brand.

The makeup creator has created blogs where you can see her create a lipstick as well as a YouTube video in which she creates a eyeshadow to show that the makeup that she creates is in fact her makeup and not from companies that she pays for their services and products. That does not mean that she will show you how to make each and every one of her eyeshadow colors but to only showcase that she does in fact place her makeup on the internet for sale and that she is in charge of who manufactures and creates her makeup line not just some wholesale company that she resells. Most of the other companies will not be so upfront and open about the makeup they create and therefore she sets the standards higher for her customers.

How My Site Got Ranked With The Help Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is an amazing marketing company that has done amazing well over the years with their marketing tactics and simplistic approach to success.

They have worked extensively hard to help business owners, website owners, and all sorts of people wanting more growth to attain page one rankings and also amazing marketing services.

How My Site Got Ranked With The Help Of White Shark Media

I got in touch with the company to ask about their current systems and marketing tactics. They have been able to change the industry in so many ways, and you will find that they have been able to discover the latest algorithms to achieve massive success for all customers. What I love most about them is that they are very results-driven, and they love making sure that all of their clients get the results they mainly paid for.

I asked them about what they can offer and what things they would recommend I do, and I found that they just love making sure that I am completely satisfied with the results. They recommended that I utilize their current SEO system in place and also take advantage of their new marketing program for Adwords. They both worked out efficiently and helped get me the amazing traffic I have always wanted, and the best part is that they took the time to really address every aspect of the process.

They are very responsive to all emails and have been very keen on answering what needs to be done. They have been very easy to work with in regards to the campaign, and they really took the time to show me reports of what they offered. I have been seeing massive growth and even continuous success with the rankings they have given me, and I continue to work with White Shark Media to make sure that my growth continues online.

SEO marketing any type of advertising needed is not always easy to do if you aren’t that experienced. Their team is very hands on with the process, and they take the time to handle all aspects of business. This company definitely knows what to do in the world, and you will be shocked how they are always one giant step ahead of the rest of the marketing industry, no wander they have got so much reviews from customers. If you need quality SEO and paid advertising done, this is definitely the company to hire considering their huge amount of experience.

Qnet Makes News

Qnet – The International Company Captures a Wider Target Market
What began as a business venture in Hong Kong has captured a wider target market worldwide. This is largely due to finely tuned planning and development of product and service diversity. Founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998, Qnet is reaching a well established level of business recognition. Today, Qnet has two major business divisions: Qnet Ltd. and Qnet Europe. By incorporating MLM and direct marketing into a significantly successful business platform, Qnet has achieved industry leadership status. Qnet is owned by QI, a conglomerate of dynamic, multinational businesses. In addition to its Hong Kong offices, QI also has regional offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. The company also includes numerous subsidiary companies located in approximately 30 countries. The advantage of multinational business operations is a wider target market of consumers.

Qnet – Understands Customers
In order to enjoy continued business growth, Qnet offers a variety of products. These include:
. Luxury goods
. Fashion accessories
. Energy

Other products include:
. Weight management
. Personal Care
. Nutrition
. Home Care

QNet Spotlights Individual Good Health and Well Being
By covering health-focused products, Qnet customers find greatest value in the excellent quality of Qnet’s unique product offerings. For example, luxury goods like the Himalayan Crystal collection, the exclusive Bernhard Mayer custom jewelry and time pieces and the extraordinarily elegant Umayal Collection of finely designed and crafted jewelry are much sought after by discerning Qnet customers. Other unique products like Bio Disc 2 and Amezcua Bio Disc fit perfectly into today’s most desirable energy products for greater personal harmony. Fashion accessories like the Adiva Divine Collection offer jewelry in outstanding contemporary designs in highest quality precious metals and jewels. Qnet understands the importance of personal care as part of their total lifestyle business format. BioSilver 22 products are part of Qnet’s endeavor to introduce personal care products with focus on daily care and respecting the environment.

Weight Management, Nutrition and Home Care Products – For Healthier Living
The hallmark of Qnet products is healthier living. However, Qnet also respects customers’ needs for convenience. As an e-commerce website, customers can shop with ease from home or office. Customers are assured of products that meet highest Qnet standards. This assurance leads to customer confidence and reliability in Qnet products.

Qnet Malaysia to Shift Production and Manufacturing to India
In a ripple effect of Qnet’s extraordinary global growth, Qnet Malaysia recently announced its intention to create a manufacturing hub in India. A further sign of Qnet’s commitment to exceptionally high business standards is exhibited by their recent call to establish a regulatory commission to govern direct sales businesses. By setting up a regulatory commission with an independent mediator, more equitable legislation would benefit all business owners.

Why Invest In Gold Now?

In times of economic uncertainty investors look away from the market and towards a commodity that has long provided a hedge against volatility—gold. There are many reasons to invest in gold coins at this juncture in time: Diversification, inflation, price, and valuation make a strong case for the investment.

Diversification is not only the best way to avoid non-systematic risk in an investment portfolio, it is the only way. A well-diversified portfolio greatly diminishes risk, and a portfolio cannot be truly diversified without investing in gold.

The global economy is in for a shock—inflation is coming. The U.S. government is actively trying to jump start inflation and the Federal Reserve is doing everything it can to see inflation rise above the 2% mark. With safe investments paying well under 1%, inflation levels over 2% will quickly erode any investment gains. Gold, however, is an excellent hedge against inflation; when inflation erodes value, gold prices rise. To protect against the effects of inflation, gold is a vital part of any portfolio.

The price of gold has retreated from its highs, but the market for gold continues to remain strong as investors look to hedge against inflation and a volatile market. For this reason, the price of gold will continue to hold strong and rebound as the economy continues to show volatility.

Closely related to its price, the valuation of gold as an increasingly rare commodity is poised to go up. The cost to explore and to mine additional gold continues to rise, increasing the base value of gold and making investments into the commodity more lucrative.

Gold is a vital part to every portfolio. Investors turn to gold in times of economic volatility, and gold makes an effective hedge against market downturns. But where can an investor safely go to purchase gold outside of funds tied to the market?

U.S. Money Reserve is here to provide investors with the means to purchase U.S. government issues gold. Working with U.S. Money Reserve places a team of gold specialists to work on your behalf to strengthen your portfolio and protect you against uncertain economic times. Let U.S. Money Reserve’s experienced gold professionals put real gold coins into your hands so that you can sleep at night knowing that your money and your future are protected.

Eric Pulier Moves CSC Into the Clouds With ServiceMesh

ServiceMesh was sold to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), bringing in the significant expertise of Eric Pulier’s multiple cloud systems management technology that he developed as CEO of ServiceMesh. This was a significant investment for CSC into cloud software systems to be implemented as advanced solutions for both industry and government infrastructures. Culminating in over 56 years of professional computer services business, CSC’s move to support cloud computing comes after many decades of experience working with top organizations. Their clientele includes NASA, IBM, and Honeywell.

The acquisition of ServiceMesh is just one of many leading-edge technology companies CSC has added to their long list of development tools and security systems. This includes buying Covansys in 2007 and before that, DynCorp in 2003. CSC was a leading Fortune 500 company over 20 years ago and continues growing to this day. With over 90,000 employees spread over nearly 80 countries, they are a significant contributor to many of the best technology solutions available. CSC was ranked 185th of the 500 and has a history of attracting customers as diverse as the populations of planet Earth. They provide solutions and services to some of the largest commercial ventures and to all levels of the US government, including at the Federal level.

CSC has always been headquartered in the US and remains the only IT providing company with hardware-independent software solutions. The company does have offices in Australia, Asia, and Europe. They provide many managed services, such as Business Solutions Services and IT services. Software Magazine listed CSC as 8th largest software provider in their list of the Software 500. Over the years, CSC software engineers and computer scientists have proved their leadership in the field, including their capabilities in creating software solutions with longevity and maintainability. CSC’s software has a great track record for continuous “up time” throughout the computer world.

Get a Hand with Handy

Saving money doing everything from cleaning, to yard work, to repair, to working full time is just too much for one person sometimes. It is not necessary to get married just to share the bills and the chores, although it can be great for two people who want to share life’s challenges and burdens. But really, it is not necessary to get married just to share the chores. That does not always work out anyway. So the real solution to the home chores and home cleaning problem is Handy! Handy has professional cleaners and professional handymen at the swipe of the mobile app that is easily installed on a mobile phone.

To solve the problem of living in a mess or not having time to clean up the mess, busy singles are enhancing their great happy lifestyle by making easy appointments with the many vetted professionals that Handy has on its pre-screened independent service professionals list. When a client requests a home cleaning professional, the Handy app will instantly hook up that client from thousands of professionals that can be trusted to do the job from the pool in that particular city or regional area. This is a world-wide system that is easy to access by becoming a member with a log in. It takes no more than one minute to be book a professional to clean up the house with a secure payment that is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

There is really no more convenient way to manage the household chores that end up piling up to the point where the place is basically uninhabitable. If mother is coming over for a visit, what better way to spruce up and freshen up the bachelor pad than to book Handy, the ultimate home service app that sends over ‘Helen,’ or ‘Roy,’ to clean up and fix up home so it really is a sweet home.

Itunes’ Handy is the place to book most kinds of fix it up services, assembly, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, and of course cleaning. Handy was founded in 2012 by two students from Harvard that met doing a business project, just like in the movie The Social Network. The pragmatic situation gave way to the serendipitous invention of Handybook. Oisin Hanrahan was selling real estate as a 19 year old college student in Ireland and wondered how he could hire trustworthy professionals to clean up and fix up the properties he was trying to sell. He later met Umang Dua and as roommates they found themselves buried in disassembled furniture and dirty dishes. So for their project at Harvard they created Handybook with some clever code and algorithms to match up professionals in those areas with all kinds of home projects.

Today the company that was funded by Highland Capital Management and General Catalyst Partners is now booking $1 million dollars in bookings each week. The project was far more successful than these two students ever thought was possible. Their headquarters in New York now holds just over 50 employees. They book freelance jobs for thousands of workers each month worldwide.