Status Labs Teaches Users Facebook Safety

Facebook is probably one of the most popular websites in the world right now and it is definitely the leader in social media. If you don’t have a Facebook account in today’s social climate you are considered at least a little bit ‘odd’. With so much going on in Facebook, from status updates to videos and photos, you can feel like your data and contributions are getting lost. However, your messages are clearly getting seen. In fact, according to Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher, the posts you make on social media could lead directly to problems in the work place. Status Labs is a reputation management company that compiled a list of tips for Facebook users who want to keep their professional life secure while still engaging with Facebook.

Assume your comments are public.
The easiest way to keep your Facebook page from landing you in any hot water, according to Status Labs, is to make the assumption that all of your posts are public and can be read by potential colleagues and bosses. Does this thought make you uncomfortable? Well, if you make a habit of making controversial or divisive statements then it very well could. Darius Fisher suggests using this line of thinking before making a potentially controversial post in order to double check if you really should make the comment.

Create a public profile.
Hiring managers WILL end up looking for your social media accounts during the hiring process. Just about anyone who has a vested interest in you will eventually try to find you on Facebook. SO make their job easier by creating a public Facebook page that is MEANT to be found. This public page will let you put your best foot forward. Upload a professional headshot, network with similar professionals and colleagues, and keep your posts at least tangentially related to your industry. Nothing will make a hiring manager happy like seeing a potential employee with their presence under control.

Status Labs specializes in brand and reputation management on the internet and they have clients spanning the globe. From politicians and celebrities to athletes and public officials, Status Labs can help you keep your web presence carefully sculpted.

Nobilis Surgical Centers Provide Efficient, Expert Patient Care

It used to be that if a patient needed a simple operation, they could look forward to a week of hospital food and their roommate’s snoring. Thanks to medical advances, patients can now look forward to recovering at home surrounded by their loved ones and comforts of home.

One company making news as a high quality ambulatory surgical center is Nobilis Health. Nobilis operates surgical and neighborhood health centers in Texas and Arizona, Nobilis is not only keeping patients healthy, but is also a top pick for producing a healthy return for investors, according to analysts in a recent article at One of the secrets of Nobilis’ success is that they don’t sacrifice personalized care for expediency. Their health centers are known for their pleasant atmosphere and caring, highly qualified physicians and nursing staff.

Another benefit that makes Nobilis unique is that they have all these diverse specialists under one health care system, so the patient does not have to endlessly shop for doctors or seek outside referrals for the treatment they need. Nobilis lets patients and their families concentrate on healing by focusing on whole patient care. They have partners in pain management, diagnostics, podiatry, internal medicine, and other specialties, in addition to some of the highest trained surgical teams. They are also practitioners of the latest procedures. According to a recent press release,, Nobilis has acquired North American Spine, who provide nationally recognized innovative and effective spinal procedures.

The aging population and the obesity epidemic on have increased demand for early detection, and prompt, focused treatment of more patients than ever before. Nobilis had answered that growing need in the health care market and is expanding to give access to their ambulatory surgical services, as well as urgent care. Nobilis Health on stockhouse has recently acquired Victory Plano Hospital, renamed as Plano Surgical Hospital.

Delivering satisfaction to patients and investors alike. Nobilis Health uses the best technological advances and skilled personnel to provide efficient and expert patient care. Patients are now empowered by choices that innovative health care companies like Nobilis make possible.

Top Healthcare Companies in The US

The healthcare industry is one of the world’s current largest industries, and it is still growing rapidly. This industry is transforming faster than any other industries. Here’s the list of some top healthcare companies. Nobilis Health Company Nobilis Health Company is a healthcare company with a full-service healthcare development as well as management company. It has a surgical hospital in Houston, two MRI centers, six ambulatory surgery centers and an urgent care center. Nobilis is also noted and recognized as one of the leaders in the industry. This health company has received a lot of high rating and compliments. Nobilis also has a strong M&A track record, and as an addition it has marketing relationships with 16 surgical centers in the US. CHG Healthcare Services This healthcare company is based in Salt Lake City, it has a lot of honors in the past. One of the best it has ever got is its third rank in the Fortune 100 list of best companies to work for. CHG Healthcare Services is privately owned and it currently has approximately more than 1,700 employees. Their business is running in 50 states and it offers numerous healthcare professionals. Scripps Health Scripps Health is based in La Jolla, California, but it exists in other California cities too such as Encinitas, Chula Vista and San Diego. It is a network of hospitals there, and it is actually a non-profit organization. The Scripps Health has a great reputation in terms of training facilities, the quality of their training facilities for medical students are highly rated. UnitedHealth Group UnitedHealth Group is a big health company. It is also one of the most diversified health care companies in the U.S. This company offers a huge variety of career of opportunities for job seekers. The UnitedHealth Group has been growing rapidly through M&A and they offer services and products in two platforms, which ares health benefits and health service. Conclusion As the industry that has been growing rapidly in the past few decades, the healthcare industry is an important industry. And it is important to pay attention to the quality of healthcare companies, as well as the growth of the companies.

Brazil Housing Market Is Offering Real Estate Companies Investment Opportunities

The red hot housing market in Brazil is just a tiny ember now. Real estate companies and developers have put the brakes on new construction, and homeowners are finding it hard to pay the bank note on their property. Real Estate companies like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, who can be found on Twitter, are taking advantage of the housing slump by buying residential properties that have dropped more than 20 percent in value.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has been enjoying robust business the last four years in Brazil. The company has several townhouse, condominium, apartment and other residential properties, and they are all have been profitable. The issue that most real estate companies have now is the newly created middle class in Brazil is in trouble. Those consumers bought homes thanks to their ability to borrow money from Brazilian banks, and that gave the housing market a major boost in value. In fact, Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos properties increased more than 30 percent during the economic growth years in Brazil.

Real estate companies like Rossi Residencial SA and Cyrela Brazil Realty SA had plenty of cash to buy properties back then, and they invested in middle and high income housing in order to meet the demand. But something happened. Some Brazilians call it the “perfect storm.” China stopped importing from Brazil, the country’s currency lost more than 30 percent of its value and inflation reared its ugly head. Brazil fell into a major recession, and it fell hard.

Suddenly the middle class couldn’t get bank loans, and as the recession spread, jobs started to disappear. The banks raised interest rates and many Brazilian left their homes. That opened the door for Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, and other real estate companies that had money to buy residential properties are bargain basement prices.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and other real estate companies like Gafisa SA’s Tenda division, and MRV Engenharia SA are reporting strong sales especially in the low-income segment of the market. The worst recession in more than 20 years is still raging in Brazil, but real estate companies are profiting from the more than 4 million homes needed in the low-income portion of the market. It’s a buyer’s market in Brazil today, and real estate companies with cash are taking advantage of the values they find in all segments of the residential market.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is trying to cut debt and change the course of the recession, but most real estate investors know that won’t happen this year or next year.

What Statistics Can Teach You About BMG

One of the easiest ways to get a business running is first gathering facts about the market and predicting the future. This offers room for planning and execution to ensure one does not fall into serious mismanagement issues. Businesses that are managed by focused and dedicated individuals are bound to succeed and are more productive. However, managing challenges has also been a n issue that many people have failed to address successfully. It calls for some expertise to spot flaws in a business and to offer the right response to make things better. Investing in the banking sector takes some serious strategy formulation and this is one of the things that have led to failures in most businesses within Brazil. BMG has demonstrated how well a business can be managed by ensuring there is sufficient staff to deal with different issues. For more than 40 years, the bank has stood firm and has managed to compete with leading brands.

BMG is an example of well established firms that have taken banking to a whole different level. They have implemented the installation of an automation system that offers solutions to various issues within the business. Technology has allowed the company to get a better way of handling issues. They have installed automatic access of information for customers and have been able to offer solutions for many subscribers. The bank has also employed well trained staffs who are capable of obtaining useful information about the market and the level of responsiveness some individuals have displayed.

Market analysis and the dissemination of relevant information have been factors that have allowed BBMG to rank highly in the market. One of the professionals who have been able to offer solutions to many issues the company has been facing is their president Ricardo Guimarães. He has been especially relevant when it comes to hiring. Ricardo Guimarães has been available to ensure the kind of professionals absorbed to join the company are qualified enough to handle different issues.

Ricardo Guimarães has also attended major conferences that seek to answer issues affecting business and he has communicated this information to experts within BMG to ensure the company takes the right measures. Ricardo Guimarães is a celebrated professional with a clear business background and his contribution towards allowing communities to enjoy the benefits of having BMG within Brazil. He has ensured the welfare kitty that supports sports and environmental conservation is well used for the benefit of the community.

Investment Banking with a Pro

Investment banking is necessary in assisting individuals, corporations and government agencies with their financial inquiries. These financial institutions called investment banks are used by many in raising financial capital by underwriting or acting as the client’s mentor in the issuance of securities. An investment bank differs from commercials banks and retail banks because they do not take deposits. Kenneth C. Griffin is the found and CEO of Citadel and operates two primary businesses. Citadel is one of the world’s biggest alternative asset managers worth more than $26 billion in assets. Citadel Securities is one of the well-known outstanding market producers in the entire world. They deal products that include funds, equity choices, and interest rate trades for dispensing market information for customers. Citadel’s success has been extreme, boasting that it is in the top three percent of hedge funds that have been operating in the investment banking world for more than 20 years. Citadel is recognized for its investment performance which sites that the firm oversees resources for many of the world’s greatest institutional shareholders. This includes but is not limited to autonomous wealth funds, pension, and university funds. Kenneth C. Griffin is the man responsible for founding and growing Citadel. It is best known for its enhanced performance and dependability. He was born on October 15th, 1968, in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is an American hedge fund manager, which is an investment business known to have a higher than average risk that gathers funds from many investors and in return, they invest in securities and other mechanisms. Citadel’s society of hedge funds compass among the most prosperous hedge funds in the world. Griffin was recognized by Forbes as one of 2012’s highest earning hedge fund managers in the world and was listed as one of the Forbes 400. In May of 2015, Griffin had an estimated net worth o $6.6 billion. In the beginning of 2014, Griffin made a generous donation in the amount of $150 million to the financial aid program at Harvard University. The donation is known as the largest single donation ever to be made to the institution at that time. Griffin has contributed to other donations throughout his career that have totaled approximately $500 million. Investment banking has become a crucial step for many institutions and individuals. Griffin started to invest during his freshman year attending Harvard University. He had read a Forbes magazine article and decided to start a hedge fund focusing on convertible bong arbitrage. This was the beginning to his success in the financial industry and investments. Kenneth C. Griffin’s success has become worldwide knowledge and he is very much known for his businesses. He has voiced his opinion on issues regarding financial regulations and market structures. Griffin has also been credited for implementing a collaborative work culture by providing perks for his employees and making his business successful with each step he took. He has made the financial institutions and investment banking world a complete success by being diligent and working hard to achieve his dreams.

Amazingly Gifted Art Collector Adam Sender Makes A Fortune After Selling Contemporary Artworks

The asset management expert turned art collector Adam Sender plans to liquidate the numerous masterpieces he’s amassed for a generous fortune. Sender recently abandoned his hedge fund practice. It’s become apparent that he’s ending his love affair with art too. If it’s a permanent decision or just a phase, nobody knows. For now, Sender doesn’t intend to keep his precious contemporary art collections around. As part of a two-man team, working alongside Todd Levin, his former curator, Sender amassed a vast collection of elegant masterpieces.

He began collecting art at an early age and his latest auction included over 400 masterpieces. It included the works produced by 139 established and modern artists. At the Miami Beach Art Basel venue, Sender exhibited his most treasured private collection. Honorable mentions include works by prolific artists like Rashid Johnson, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Chris Ofili and more. Sender commissioned Sarah Aibel, an established contemporary art curator. Adam’s recent collection consists of an impressive 400 masterpieces. He didn’t want to keep these handsome creations all to himself. This isn’t quite the route other art collectors take. Sender started a humble journey not imagining that what he considered a hobby would bring him this enormous fortune today.

Many art lovers admire Sender’s ability to judge the integrity of the rarest collections even when others aren’t as appreciative. He’s supported a handful of young, hopeful artists. Besides having a flair taste for exquisite art, he’s successful as a collector because of his unrivaled networking skill. He’s kept a balanced between his life as a socialite and art lover. Today, he’s attracted a generous following and female artists particularly trust in his brand. Sarah Lucas, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Cindy Sherman, Wangechi Mutu and Mickalene Thomas are some of his favorite female artists. At Sotheby’s, Sender made record-breaking auctions and earned an impressive income. He’s loaned some of his most exquisite pieces in his collection to art exhibitions and museums. He launched a website dedicated to encouraging endless interaction between fans and collector.

Sender began investing in art mainly for the financial opportunity. As a successful hedge fund management expert, he understood the nature of art collecting. He’s a passionate art collector who respected the duty and stuck his head out to keep the culture alive. Sender kept adding pieces until his collection grew considerably large. He engaged in random auctioning to make room for the newest additions to his collection. Sender’s complete art collection has over 1,000 masterpieces valued at a $100 million fortune. At his Miami home, he put “Home Alone” on an exhibition, which included 85 art pieces in 2011. Adam gathered the most interesting artworks that are an epitome of appropriation, conceptual art, and minimalism.

Save Your Business With Crisis Expert Darius Fisher

Your brand and online reputation is extremely important. Social networks have changed the way people voice their opinion. A few bad reviews or complaints can spread like wild fire and damage your business. There are over a billion Facebook users and hundreds of millions that use Instagram, Twitter and Yelp. Your job and years of hard work could be in jeopardy thanks to the unhappy customer and social media. This is where online reputation management companies come into play. Their job is to constantly monitor and making sure the perception of your business stays on the positive side. They boost positive content on the internet, thus decreasing the visibility of the negative. These days customers and potential buyers rely on forums and other sites to read reviews. They will trust the word from even strangers. Studies have shown that 75 percent of potential customers will check reviews online before they make a decision or purchase.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that will establish where you currently are reputation wise, as well as your goals. They will fix any damage and continue to work diligently to accomplish your goals. Lastly their job is to make sure your goals are met. What damage control has been accomplished, it’s important to continue your relationship with Status Labs. It’s essential to continue to monitor and track constantly. Status Labs understands that the first page of Google search is your first impression. They are able to rank your business’s homepage on page one to help drive more traffic to your web site. Some people for whatever vindictive reasons, even competitors will post negative comments that are simply unfounded. Status Labs can completely remove libelous, accusatory posts from search engine results. They can also create blogs, social media accounts, and bookmarking sites that will reflect your brand in a positive light.

If you are a business or individual that is looking for a second chance, then Darius Fisher is your man. Yes that’s right, business’s aren’t the only ones that need to save face. When top CEO’s and other Executives get into trouble, a quick internet search could decide their fate when it comes to finding a new job. If they are going through a messy divorce, information on that will pop up as well affecting their career. He is the President and co-founder of Status Labs. They have offices in New York, Ustin and Sao Paulo. Darius Fisher has received a top honor of being named one of PRWeek’s Innovation 50. It’s a list recognizing rising stars in 2015 in PR and digital communications. Darius along with Status Labs is responsible for turning the negative into the positive for more than 1500 clients in 35 countries.

South American Literature: Jaime Garcia Dias

People have an insular existence. Most are stuck in the climes wherein they were born, and never transcend those climes. However modern technology is doing much in the way of augmenting such a lifestyle. In modern times, things like telephones, planes, trains, cruise ships, automobiles, television, fax machines, cellular devices of a “smart” variety, and the internet have condensed the world. Suddenly people from the middle of Africa are able to get on Facebook and randomly add people from places like China and California. Suddenly people in South Korea are the tourists coming through Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park.

Another place that is very quickly becoming a worldwide prominent location is Rio de Janeiro. One of the reasons Rio is more quickly and powerfully stepping onto the global stage is because of people like Jaime Garcia Dias.

Jaime Garcia Dis is only forty-five years old, but he is already a downright prolific author and blogger. He has twenty different literary publications under his belt, and is exceptionally revered in Brazil and South American Literary circles in general. Dias is an intelligent man with an intelligent upbringing. His father was a writer, and his mother an architect. Between the two, his resume shows Dias was so well-informed he embarked on his first novelization attempt at the tender age of fifteen. And, while there are no shortage of teenagers who decide to be novelists around this age, there are a shortage of writers who manage to make such youthful ambitions successful. Dias is one of these writers. Within ten years of that fledgling attempt at writing, Dias was teaching literature at an academy specializing in teaching kids just out of high school how to become respected authors creating top-quality literature. Dias taught at this school five years, and later became president. In that time he continued to write, and at the current time his most recent work is a compilation of articles.

Dias doesn’t only write novels, he also tweets and is a part time journalist. A prominent newspaper in Rio commissioned him to write articles on a weekly basis, and after a year Dias compiled these into a single document that is now available for purchase.

Dias has become an exceptionally popular author not only in Rio de Janeiro, but throughout Brazil itself, and even into the surrounding South American countries.

There is great variety in Brazil. Every economic class can be found there, and the country is definitely in a period of flux. That’s why guys like Dias exist: they’re the witnesses, the heralds–the messengers of reality in a world going crazy. The populace resonate with such solid voices, and they should. Dias is at the top of his game, and has a career that boasts of many excellent future works, and a YouTube channel that’s in constant content production mode.

How Dan Newlin Is Transforming Lives

Accidents are inevitable in our daily activities. If you are injured, it is important to have the best and competent lawyer who will fight for your right and ensure you are compensated for your loss. Dan Newlin is a personal injury attorney who has represented many. He has top ratings for his outstanding works over the years.

In his early twenties, Dan started his career in the field of law enforcement. He served in the police and fire department in Indiana and later accepted a job in Orange County in the sheriff’s office. Even as a detective, he showed dedication in his work and was awarded by the United States marshal’s office.

In 1997, Dan joined Florida State College of Law where he worked hard and graduated in 2000. His previous career in law enforcement exposed him to human suffering making him decide to help them. Many people would be injured greatly and yet the insurance companies never fully compensated the victims. This situation was about to change for his clients.

Dan Newlin has changed the lives of many ever since he started his practice. In November 2014 Dan Newlin won $100 million for his teenage client. The damages were for both past and present medical care, pain and anguish and emotional agony.

This is the tragic story of a fifteen-year-old called Danielle Sampson. On the day of the accident, she was at the back of the family’s van. A stray bullet fired by a gangster called Tyrone Mosby hit her in the head. Tyrone and others were escaping the scene of a crime and were shooting at the homeowner. The event left Danielle paralyzed even after rehabilitation.

The fact that this girl received the justice she deserved is an encouragement to others. Another story involves a settlement of $950,000. Edward Krutsinger and his wife Trisha were hit by a pick up as they approached the Intersection. The police report showed that the driver of the pick-up was at fault. Three witnesses also supported the information.

Edward was greatly affected. He suffered several fractures including back and neck disc herniation, brain injury and scarring on the face. He underwent facial surgery that involved insertion of screws and plates on the skull. Medical experts presume that Mr. Krutsinger will need a walking cane all his life. In 2014, a lawsuit was filed and after a year, the family was compensated.

The Law offices of Dan Newlin have a team of experienced lawyers who are dedicated to serving their clients by ensuring to get maximum compensation for client injuries. The names include Joe Polich, Scott Liotta, David Kerce, Jason Herman and many others.

Contact Dan Newlin by simply dialing #Dan. You no longer have to cram a long sequence of numbers. The contact number has been encoded to for easy remembrance.