Autism Rocks Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah found a way to contribute to autism research after an afternoon of visiting with Snoop Dogg. He has since began to set up gigs around the world with some of the most sought after music artists, geared towards raising funds for autism awareness and research. Lenny Kravits and Price are just a couple of the artists that have helped raise awareness for the Autism Rocks campaign.

Hedge fund, Sanjay Shah is a millionaire who found himself studying medicine at King’s College to become a doctor. He soon found that he did not want to be a doctor, and became an accountant. He wanted more freedom after working the normal hard earned hours for someone else, and decided to open his own brokerage business. He grew up in Central London, but was originally from Kenya. After five years of owning his own business, he had reached a net worth of $280 million. His company is called Solo Capital and has businesses located in Dubai and London. He eventually was able to get to the point where he could just let the businesses run, and retire, to focus on something else.

Sanjay Shah and his wife found out that their son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. At that point, Sanjay’s efforts began to take a turn and lean towards donating and spreading awareness for the cause. Autism Rocks is extremely close to his heart because of his son, and he would like to be able to help others in need. He fortunately had the funds to get the best doctors and help for his son, but understands that many families do not have the money nor the resources to get the help that they need. He is geared towards find the cause for autism and is happy that he can raise money for the research as well as contribute his own money.

The music concerts gigs have ben a great way to raise money for autism research and data. Because of his experience in the music industry, he knows many artists and most of them are more than happy to support the cause, Autism Rocks. Now that Sanjay has his own charity, he is able to direct the money to different areas that need more research or more help. Sanjay’s ultimate goals is to gather artists that are willing to cooperate and have them donate a track, which will help the cause tremendously.

Sanjay’s efforts are highly appreciated by many, and the work that is being done with the charity, Autism Rocks, is phenomenal. He has invested much of his time, money and efforts into finding the cause for this unfortunate disorder and has high hopes of someday finding a cure.

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Fourth Quarter NYC Real Estate Analysis

When it comes to residential real estate in New York City, one of the leading companies for sales, marketing, and obtaining market data is Town Residential. Town Residential compiles data of sales and market listing and prepares an analysis on a quarterly basis. The company has recently completed its analysis for the fourth quarter, and year-end, of 2015.

The data that Town Residential compiled has conclude that the New York City housing market, particularly that of Manhattan, has continued to do very well. Sales in Manhattan overall increased by 5.2%, based on the average sales price of $1.98 million. At the same time, the median sales price increased to $1.15 million, which is about a 16% gain compared to the same median price one year ago. This means that more and more sales are shifting to higher-end real estate than ever before. The median price per square foot also increased dramatically and is now approaching $1,500 per square foot, which would continue to make Manhattan the most expensive place to live in the country.

The price appreciation seems to have taken place across all different types of condos and single-family homes, but the most significant increases occurred in the higher end of the real estate market. Three and four-bedroom homes increased by near 16%, while one and two-bedroom homes had a much lower appreciation rate.

While real estate in New York is increasing dramatically in value, it still seems that it may be a buyer’s market. With more condo developments coming online in the near future, supply remains high. There are currently about 8,000 properties listed for sale, many of which are listed for more than $2 million. Sellers that are listing their properties too high will likely find that they will see their homes staying on the market for a considerable period of time.

George Sorros Believes That Germany is Key in the EU Refugee Crisis

George Soros claims that Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is the key to solving the European migrant crisis. Mr. Soro’s wholeheartedly agrees with the German Chancellor Merkels’ open door approach and believes this is going to be the only way to save the European Union from collapse.

Mr.Soros has assessed on FX Street the Middle East migration crisis as one of the greatest challenges that the European Union has ever faced. The situation in Syria, has driven millions of refugees to try to enter Europe. Mr. Soros has come up with a fairly simple, logical and executable plan. There are six components for a comprehensive plan to help solve the Middle Eastern, and mainly Syrian refugee crisis. The first part is to accept at least 1 million asylum-seekers at every-year for the foreseeable future. In this part of the plan all member countries of the EU share in the burden fairly. He proposes that each member provides €15,000 per asylum seeker for the first two years to help are the cost of housing and healthcare and education. He also suggests that by issuing long-term bonds that the EU would only be able to fund this crisis but when actually be able to benefit from the economical stimulus to the European economy.

He also would like to see a global effort to help with funding host countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. He would like to see up to 4 million of those refugees relocated there. With an average cost of €5000 per refugee were looking at about €20 billion. He also proposes that the EMA commitment €8-€10 billion and would like to see the rest provided from the US and the rest of the world. Mr.Soros also advocates that a set of global standards should be created so that all refugees of the Syrian Middle Eastern crisis, asylum-seekers and migrants are treated in any uniformly fair, just and humane manner. The establishment of global standards for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants propels this plan and makes it more appealing on a global level.

George Soros’s plan is based on the premise that the only way that this issue can indeed be managed in a fashion that will empower the European Union, would be to help the refugees become better integrated into their new homelands. George Soros is a billionaire financier who believes that by helping the refugees integrate, prosper and find jobs is what will keep them from becoming radicalized. Mr. Soros sees the absence of an asylum policy as something that further aggravates the migrant issue. He would like to see a comprehensive plan that would involve all of the European union and possibly beyond. Without effective governance, a comprehensive plan and will to help migrants become integrated in the societies of their host countries, radicalization can occur in this would perpetuate terrorism globally.

Sorros argues “The EU should provide 15,000 euros ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health-care and education costs argues that high schools are pressured to act as “social service centers, and they don’t do that well” qtd. in Market Watch/opinion

Avi Weisfogel: GoFundMe

Avi Weisfogel’s dentistry practice has been a leader in the industry. His dedicated serivice and quality care that he provides to all of his patients has certainly made his practice a noteworthy one. However, an exceptional reputation in the dentistry community is not the only thing that this committed medical professional can be proud of. Not only does he have a heart for his patients, he also has a heart for those less fortunate.

Operation Smile is a charitable organization that provides life changing dental procedures to people in need and in countries that may not otherwise be able to afford such medical care. Repairing birth defects that affect the dental area, treating oral diseases and educating about the importance of oral hygiene are some of the crucial services that Operation Smile provides to those in need along with cavity fillings and regular teeth cleanings. The ability to maintian proper oral and dental health is imperative to nutrition in many countries. The absense of teeth can lead to the inability to have a healthy, balanced diet. Malnutrition can lead to disease and even death. Operation Smile has committed to making sure that importance of oral and dental care is conveyed along with providing the care that does not just change the way a person looks, but the way they live. It is with this oraganization that Dr. Weisfogel has contributed his support.

Understanding the important role that dental care plays in nutrition and health, Dr. Avi Weisfogel decided that he was going to lend his support to this philanthropic organization both domestically and globally. While his dental practice requires his full-time attention and focus, he has partnered with Operation Smile to provide the underpriviledged with the dental care they deserve. He also created a GoFundMe video that urges those in support of the cause to donate financially to the organization. The page was created as a gift by Dr. Weisfogel to the organization. He explains his involvement and strongly urgest the involvement and support of others. It seems that Dr. Weisfogel is not only in the business of repairing smiles, but making them, as well. Follow Avi on TwitterFacebook, and Vimeo to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign. You can even see his favorite video below!

Handy Cleaning Services Keeps Trucking As HomeJoy Runs Out of Gas

Handy Cleaning Services is one of the top cleaning service businesses in the country, and many customers are loyal to this business. There are some other companies that specialize in cleaning, but few companies provide the different types of services that Handy Cleaning Services specializes in. It is true that this is a cleaning company, but it has evolved into so much more over the years. People are fans of Handy Cleaning Services because this business has handy contracted workers that can do an assortment of things.

HomeJoy possessed the same type of skilled workers, but this company took a wrong turn and now HomeJoy is filling for bankruptcy and closing the doors. It was a sharp blow for a company that had so much promise, but it was inevitable because the company tried to change the rules after the game had already started. Some employees left; other employees became disgruntled. In the end HomeJoy would become an organization that would fail because the company lost the original identity that it started with.

Handy Cleaning Services, by contrast, has expanded in such a huge way. This company has become one of those organizations that is moving forward with new clients. All of this is the result of the company leaders and the way that they have chosen to run this business. Handy Cleaning Services is expanding through the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. People are thrilled about having the ability to book services online, and it shows that this company has built solid teams of contractors around the globe.

Sometimes it can be a rather daunting task to have so many workers with so many different personalities that are required to perform the same tasks. Luckily, the hiring executives that are in place are connecting with contractors that have a good work history. Solid background checks are being done and customers feel safe when they have Handy Cleaning contractors in their home. This is what has allowed the company to expand so easily over the years. It would seem that the best is yet to come for Handy.

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Charles Koch Dismayed By the Republican Field of Candidates

The Koch brothers are known for their free enterprise economic views, savvy business sense, and their politics. However, lately they have not been as attached to the Republican Party as they usually are given the fact that the candidates are not of the same caliber that Charles Koch is used too.

In the past the Koch brothers heavily contributed to the Republican party and used wealth to help support candidates they find worthy, but Koch stated that he does not think that the candidates are worth what they used to be. He especially has some concern over the agendas that he is seeing addressed by Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Koch stated in an interview that he finds it hard to get enthused about this particular set of candidates because he does not see his passionate policies being addressed.

Koch also stated that there are things being discussed that are directly what the country does not need instead of what it does. When asked specifically about his view on Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from the US he simply said it’s antithetical to the meaning of America. He explained that doing this would wreck the free society.

The Koch brothers take a large roll in financing campaigns and helping to shape issues that are focused on and last year stated that they had political nonprofits, donors, and Super PACs that could combine to spend as much as $900 million on 2016 candidates. The figure is much higher than what the Republican Party will end up spending, and is noteworthy for this reason and the power of the donation.

For Charles Koch however who is estimated to be worth about $36 billion it is worth it to get the message out. Along with his brother, Koch took over his dad’s oil refinery and turned it into the second largest privately held company in the US. They expanded it to include many more industries and purchased many businesses including Lyrca, Dixie Cup, and Quilted Northern. Charles is known for advancing his free enterprise economics with regular contributions to educational institutes and more that educate students on free enterprise. He believes that by giving people tools to help better their lives they will go farther and learn how to actually achieve their dreams.

Therefore, he feels that the donations and the list of issues he presents to candidates is just one more way to help get issues addressed that he believes will help improve life in the US.

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How Is Alexei Beltyukov Creating The Future Of Education?

The future of education rests in the hands of Alexei Beltyukov, and he is creating new platforms that will help teachers and students have better experiences. Students are often stumped by the homework assignments they receive, but Alexei’s new creation called SOLVY could change the homework conundrum for students around the world. This article explains what SOLVY does for students, why Alexei created it and how it was released.

#1: Why Did Alexei create SOLVY?

SOLVY is a creation born out of Alexei’s own frustration with school. He remembered many hours spent struggling over homework assignments, and he used his business prowess to pay for a program that would help students and teachers improve homework assignments. The program manages every homework given to a student, and teachers may insert or grade assignments in the same platform.

#2: Students Get Instant Help

SOLVY allows students to ask questions of their teachers through the portal. Teachers may quickly respond through the SOLVY portal to their students, and kids no longer need to wait until the morning to get their questions answered. Frustrated parents need not find the answers, and teachers answer questions before class even starts.

#3: Grading Becomes Simpler

In a Vimeo post Alexei points out that grading for each assignment becomes much simpler for teachers who are using SOLVY. SOLVY is the sort of platform that helps teachers get their grades completed instantly, and students will immediately know their grades. There is no reason for either side to avoid homework in the future, and both sides get instant feedback for their homework assignments. Teachers will learn if the assignments are helpful, and students will learn their proficiency level.

#4: SOLVY Release At EdSurge Conference

Alexei released SOLVY at the EdSurge Conference in Los Angeles where thousands of teachers and administrators were in attendance.  As an experienced executive, Alexei wanted as many people to see the program as possible, and he wanted to give teachers an easier way to manage their classrooms. Administrators have found a new program to recommend to their teachers, and school systems may adopt the platform for their teachers universally.

The SOLVY platform is a brilliant education tool developer by entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov. Alexei’s passion for education is evident in his new program, and students around the world will improve their learning with help from SOLVY. There is no need for frustration from teachers and students over homework assignments, and both sides get the simplest platform possible for educational advancement. More information can be found in Alexei’s page, which has a full biography.

A Bad Year In 2015 Could See 2016 Become A Better Year

As 2015 came to a close, the stock market is right where it was as the year began. The flat line capital gains performance, however, has a silver lining: a shift in the psychology of investors. This is where the good news for 2016 lie.

The first half of 2015 being calm can be attributed to good fundamentals as well as investor optimism. As fundamental concerns began to build up, the happy attitude did not last, as was evidenced by the August-October mini-crash. This unfortunate turnabout saw the return of growth worries that led to investor skepticism and risk focus. Following the subsequent recovery of the market from the lows of October, investor confidence was however not rebuilt.

After the turn of VIX as the indicator of fear, both its amount and interest dissipated, all this occurring as the market reestablished itself in the fourth quarter of the year. This was not enough to improve the attitudes of investors. Instead, the investors turned their focus on the price of oil, the most obvious example that portrays negativity and worry. As oil prices fell to new lows, the sense of both uncertainty and risk was on the rise. This was aided by the explanations given by Goldman Sachs and others as to why the oil prices could fall even further.

There are plenty of uncertainties in the market as well as the market appearing to be caught in a rut. Investors have a feeling that the stock market will see a repeat of the same in the new year. Analysts and prognosticators support these fears. They have settled for outlooks that have been built on trend extension as well as ‘conservative optimism.’ This leads us to why 2016 could be prosperous. The stock market is in an excellent position to bring about positive surprises in 2016.

At a time like this when the stocks appear weak/risky, it is a wise idea to invest in ‘safe’ stocks. These stocks seem to have a conservative value and yield good dividends. If the market produces surprisingly positive returns, there will be a significant improvement in the attitudes of investors, meaning that the demand for successful growth companies will be high. Therefore, now seems to be a good time to invest in leading growth companies.

James Dondero is a Dallas-based entrepreneur who is the President of Highland Capital Management. This is a financial services firm. Jim has an experience that spans over three decades in the credit and equity markets.

Jim has managed billions of dollars in funds in his successful career. He is involved in various works of philanthropy, giving to various causes that seek to improve the community.

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Organo Gold Continues To Push Forward to New Countries

A fresh cup of coffee always seems to give its users a morning lift and an extra boost during the day. Some folks feel they couldn’t get through the day without a cup of Joe. But now, active enthusiasts of this magic brew feel even stronger about the latest improvements to their favorite beverage. The hottest craze sweeping the universe is a product marketed by award winning marketing pro, Bernardo Chua under the name, Organo Gold.

If you haven’t heard of Organo Gold, it’s only a matter of time before you do if Bernardo Chua and his group have their way.  Bernie is definitely giving it all on Twitter. The filipino marketing whiz has taken this relatively unknown, infused beverage on a wild ride of discovery that has seen Organo Gold open successful markets in over 35 countries in just a few short years.

His masterful use of social media, Twitter and Linkedin have served his multi media efforts well. So well, that his product has gained enough worldwide attention to earn him and his multi level marketing company a Napoleon a Hill Foundation Gold Medal award. His certified organic line of Ganoderma Lucido infused coffee, tea and nutrceutical products have become a standard for a wide audience of active health conscious individuals looking for a better lifestyle alternative to add to their diets.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold, the gourmet coffee company. He has spearheaded Organo Gold’s huge success as a network-marketing expert and guru. For his efforts, Bernardo Chua became a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient and has brought wild success to the multi-level marketing industry.Follow Bernardo Chua on Twitter and LinkedIn, or read his full bio available on Crunchbase.

The key to the Organo Gold’s huge success story can be traced to the strategies of Bernardo Chua’s independent distributor network, a group of motivated, hand selected marketers who along with Mr. Chua’s Connoisseur Coffee Club have brought incredible sales gains to his privately owned organization along with unprecedented success to its healthy Organo Gold brands.

About Organo Gold

Interestingly, it took a modern approach to an ancient Chinese herb to develop a holistic infused product that treats a number of modern ailments.

That herb is Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidium, which when infused into a variety of coffees, teas, and other popular beverages brought Organo Gold and its suite of holistic products to the forefront along with well deserved recognition and awards to Mr. Choa’s team. His organization has been awarded the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal for its efforts.

Ricardo Guimaraes the Captain of Banco BMG.

BMG is a private financial institution majoring in credit lending to its customers. The bank started in early 1930’s by Ricardo Guimaraes’ grandfather Antonio Mourao Guimaraes. It started out as a credit building providing a variety of products individuals and other companies. BGM had or a long time focused on the financing of heavy and light motors and provision of funds in the wholesale and retail sectors.
In 2012, BMG merged with Itau Unibanco that led to an association agreement with the supply, distribution and marketing of payroll loans in Brazil. This merger resulted in the formation of Banco BMG, with Banco owning 60% of the total and voting capital and BMG holding the remaining 40%.
Ricardo Guimaraes is a respectable business investor, the heir and president of Banco BMG since the year 1988. He has propelled the organization over the years making it the most sought after loaning institution in Brazil. Mr. Ricardo, through his skills, innovativeness, and strategic planning has helped the bank to prosper progressively in the country market in the credit offering and provision of various products that are unique and fairly charged.
He recognizes the profile of the Brazilian entrepreneurs, which according to him include big dreams, vision and full of creativity but at the same time lacks proactivity. Through this benchmarking and use of use of proactivity has seen Mr. Guimaraes operations heightened to new levels like no other.
Banco BMG operated in a niche, dealing with customers having low percentage default rate. The bank offers loans at very low interest rates thus creating vast markets that guarantee short and long term returns to the business. Under the management of Ricardo Guimaraes, adopting an innovative strategy was the ultimate way to becoming a leader in consigned credit monitoring in Brazil. Operating through a creative and efficient team with consultants spread throughout the country to offer credit advice to the audience and timely accessibility of funds.

Guimaraes has the love for football, his favorite team being Club Atletico Mineiro. The need to market and publicize the business across the country, there was an opportunity to give sponsorships to football teams and athletes. The bank does not root for any particular squad; the funding is distributed to many groups.

The corporate social responsibility in the country has earned Banco BMG the customer’s confidence and a sense of stability. The institution is the biggest football sponsors in Brazil, along which it has a functional advertising field. Banco BMG has over the time sort out methods of keeping up with competition in the by having a well-planned introduction of new products.
Banco BMG provides efficient and services that its customers can relate to in short and long terms. It is undeniable that the bank remains undisputed in the provision of credit services.

As found on Agencia Estado.