Freshpet Leads Innovative New Market in Premium Dog Food Products

The idea of treating the pet dog like one of the family is nothing new; and this idea is, naturally, overflowing into the dog food market, giving companies like Freshpet the chance to really innovate and shine with new premium dog foods.

Freshpet is the maker of the only industrially produced refrigerated dog food available to consumers at this time and strives to create wholesome, fresh dog food made with healthy ingredients and a lack of preservatives.

The company’s products are sold in branded refrigerated cases in almost 15,000 locations, including those in mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Whole Foods, and company sales climbed 37 percent in 2015; however, the company is still posting a loss. After all, using fresh ingredients is expensive and investors have their doubts that the company will be little more than a fad in the dog food market.

Others, though, disagree with Wall Street. Major dog food companies, such as Purina, have definitely taken notice of the rise in premium dog food sales and launched themselves straight into the market. Purina launched lines such as Beneful and Bright Minds, branding these foods as wholesome premium alternatives to more traditional dog foods.

Their Beneful line is a real meat dog food accented with an array of healthy ingredients, such as carrots and peas, and is designed to promote the overall health of the dogs consuming it.

Purinastore purchased Merrick Pet Care, the first certified producer of organic wet and dry dog food, in order to support their Beneful premium dog food lines.

Other major players have also taken note of the increasing profit to be made in the $23.7 billion dog food industry, including Colgate-Palmolive and Mars Petcare, and have launched premium dog food lines. Others have made costly acquisitions of smaller companies, such as J.M. Smucker Co’s $5.8 billion purchase of Big Heart Pet Brands earlier in 2015.

With such major players investing so heavily into the premium food market, it seems likely that, despite the opinion of Wall Street investors, premium food is here to stay.



The Recap of BMG’s Chief Executive Officer

For the past 40 years, the present and the future of technology have always been revealed at an annual event which has always been held in the month of January in Las Vegas. You will always find anything current and advanced at this event.

As it had initially been reported, the CES 2016 didn’t actually change the world, instead it showed how the globe was transforming. A drone was being headlined with space for cameras attached, electric cars and passenger during this year’s Fair Consumer Electronics according to Marcio Alaor.

The Electric Cars

One of the major attractions in the electronics fair was electronic cars which are currently the trend of the automotive sector. Marcio Alaor, the final version of the Chevrolet Bolt was introduced by GM back in 2017. The aim is that the car will be on sale by the end of this year at an initial price of $30,000.

The Smart Home

The cameras which Sfas were connected and attached to almost everything were also the new objects. For example when you wanted to purchase milk at the grocery store and can’t remember if there the refrigerator will always send you a picture of the interior and help you solve the problem.

The 184 Ehang Drone

Some of the major attractions during the CES 2016 were the drones. However, none of the drones have been acclaimed as the Ehang 184 which has been designed to be occupied by a passenger and provides us with the impression that cars which are flying have arrived finally.

It is not a must that you fly the drone, all you have to do is preprogram, sit back and enjoy your trip. Currently the flight capacity is only 23 minutes and capable of reaching a height of 3.5 kilometers. There are advance plans the Chienese firm will be coming up with a control center which will be able to take command of the drone whenever there is need. You can also find a similar article at

About Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor BMG is among the BMG executive group who are also the major sponsors of the Brazilian football. BMG is also known to be responsible for printing uniforms of 39 different clubs where its mark usually appear on either the chest, at the back or in the shirtsleeves. The firm has also been funding three different men’s volleyball teams, three basketball teams, Vitor Belfort fighter and gymnast Jade Babosa.

Kate Hudson grants an interview with Elle Magazine

Kate Hudson grants an interview with Elle Magazine. In the interview, Ms. Hudson talks about her family, her fashion line Fabletics, and her time on the show Glee. Ms. Hudson says she wanted women to have active clothing that isn’t going to break the bank, but the clothing had be the same attribute as high priced athletic clothing. She also wanted active wear you can wear going out in and not just working out. Ms. Hudson tells how trainers motivated her into working out when she doesn’t feel like it. She also says she grew up in a very active family life. Ms. Hudson talks about her fashion line Fabletics. She says the important part of her line is that all the active wear needs to fit every body type. Her favorite pieces pf the line are the multi strap sport bra and the snakeskin leggings. Ms. Hudson gives a fitness tip which is start get motivated first and then try other things. The important key is to keep at it until you learn to relish it.

Fabletics started as an athletic clothing line in 2013. Kate Hudson teamed up with the CEOs of JustFab, Inc when she saw a void in the active wear market. In 2014 Fabletics branched out into the UK, Germany, and France. Later that year, they branched out again to Canada. By January 2015, Fabletics had shipped out a million purchases. In February, Fabletics began shipping to Australia. In June 2015, the clothing line expanded to have separate men’s line. That during that same month, they also began shipping to Spain and the Netherlands. In September and October, Fabletics embarked on opening six actual stores in the U.S.

On the Fabletics website, customers can get to see what Kate Hudson’s favorites of each month on the Kate’s picks section. They can also order what Kate picked out. Customers can also become VIPs. Being a VIP, you get a personalized outfits picked by their stylists on the first of every month in your email. You can look at the clothing up until the 5th of the month and you can buy what you like. If you don’t like the clothing, you can skip the month, but you have to do it before the 5th. If you don’t by the 5th, you will be charged the 49.95 for the items.

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Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital Investments In The Natural Resources Industry.

Since Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2009, its has been very successful. Solo Capital has been able to grow in terms of market, assets and revenue. It is less than a decade since the firm was formed and already leading the business way for other investment and financial firms. Solo Capital has it’s headquartered in London, U.K. where it was incorporated in 2011. Though the company currently manages its operations in Dubai, it operates on a global scale. Solo Capital made one of the biggest profits in its business history after it placed a correct bet on the Greece economic debt crisis. Solo Capital, the Sanjay Shah firm owes much of its success to its staff who strive each and every day to make the company successful. This staff maintain high levels of professionalism and combine it with the good market knowledge to offers the firm’s clients unmatched services.

Recently, this Sanjay Shah’s firm was on an expansion expedition and managed to acquire Old Park Lane Capital as its owner. Old Park Lane Capital is a stockbroker firm that trades in natural resources industry stocks. Looking at the current business market, the natural resources industry is one on the best performing industries currently in the market. Solo Capital says that for a while it has been considering to join the natural resources industry, and it is very glad that that opportunity finally showed itself. Old Park Lane Capital on the other side expressed its gratitude to Solo Capital for saving it from their financial troubles through the acquisition and it hopes it would soon be able to be up to its legacy in the natural resources industry. Solo Capital, is a firm which offers a variety of financial services, and this acquisition move would put the at a better position in the world of business. Proprietary trading, business consultancy, and professional sports investments management are among the leasing services being offers by Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and owner of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks charity. He is a well-recognized business person and entrepreneur due to his Solo Capital firm and 36 other firms around the globe. Sanjay Shah also owns the another firm which controls Solo Capital Holding; this is the firm that is mandated to oversee operations of Solo Capital. As a philanthropist, Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks charity organization to raise funds to fund awareness programs and research on the autism. This organization also donates therapy equipment to autism centers and takes care of the treatment of autistic children from less fortunate backgrounds. Sanjay Shah has devoted all of his time to this organization, and his joy is seeing it making a difference in lives of children with autism.

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White Shark Media’s Effort to deal with Client Reviews in a bid to Boost its Service Delivery

White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in rendering online promotion solutions, which are customized to serve the small and medium-sized businesses. In terms of growth in North America, it ranks highest among other digital agencies. White Shark Media has played an instrumental role in the success of various companies in both North and South America. Primarily, this is because of utilizing White Shark Media’s proprietary marketing tools and online tactics.

A testimonial to White Shark Media’s success is the award by Google as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner in the United States. This came by after meeting the stringent training and eligibility requirements created by Google in a bid to pick the best strategic partners for its AdWords division.

Driving force to Clients Success

It utilizes various components that allow its clients to achieve the desired results. Tracking down its clients marketing endeavors has been one of White Shark Media’s success formula. It utilizes proprietary reporting software, keyword-level call tracking, competitive intelligence and the Google Analytics integration.

White Shark Media’s Customer Reviews and Complaints

White Shark Media receives various facebook reviews for its services delivery or operations. Primarily, this is in a bid to acknowledge the services offered by the company or issue out suggestions for the company’s growth.


Various clients have recommended the White Shark Media agency for its responsive communication with clients. The company has addressed complaints leveled against due to unresponsiveness in the past by enhancing its communication with clients. Through prompt responses to queries, clients have been able to boost their sales by a significant margin.

Service Delivery

The company has received commendable remarks from certain clients such the Davek Accessories for being highly accommodating. The Davek Accessories also praised the White Shark Media’s team for its professionalism in helping it update and revise its marketing or promotional campaigns. Consequently, its orders or sales have increased tremendously.

Client Campaign Follow-ups

After receiving a complaint about a client who had lost track of his or her AdWords Campaign, White Shark Media boosted its services to allow clients to stay updated. It has ensured that all clients are aware of the various aspects of each new marketing campaign to enable them to assess the performance of a given ad or keyword.

Campaign Account

A complaint about the creation of campaigns on White Shark Media’s account has resulted in the digital agency team carrying out various improvements. An Ad that had an excellent performance in the past can still be worked on in a client‘s account instead of creating a new one.

Sanjay Shah’s Successful Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah used to be a medical student. He is now an industry leader in the world of finances in the London area. He has made a name for himself in the finance sector and has been able to keep his clients very happy with the work that he does for the financial community. He is also dedicated to the charity work that he does as well as the work that he does for his business, Solo Capital.

When Sanjay first started out, he worked to help his clients with their trading opportunities. He advised them of different ways that they could invest and gave them the advice that they needed to be able to get the most out of the trades that they did. This gave them a great deal of confidence as well as success. He made sure to always help his clients get the most out of their business and to give them the most. He told them how to trade, how to sell stocks and which ones they should not buy.

As a financial professional, Sanjay generally advises his clients to invest in professional sports opportunities. He knows that there is a lot of money in this and that the clients can reap great profits from investing in these opportunities. He also knows that there are not many consulting firms who know a lot about investing in professional sports. Because of this, he provides his expert advice to clients who may not be able to get advice on this type of investing from other firms.

Businesses are often successful because of the clients that they serve. The clients are the main driving factor behind the business and they are one of the most important parts of most businesses. Because of this, Sanjay Shah focuses the majority of his business efforts on making the business better for the clients. He is dedicated to customer service and he makes sure that all of the clients that he has are well taken care of. This also means that he works to train his employees to do the same when dealing with clients.

Consulting firms are a large part of the success that most businesses see. The consulting firm that is within Solo Capital is something that gives clients the advice that they need to run their business more successfully. Consultants at Solo Capital know how to help their clients and they know the best ways for dealing with the issues that businesses could face on a daily basis. They are dedicated to making the business portion of their own business better for the clients who they work to serve. This also increases the customer service that they have for clients.

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US Money Reserve Helps Raise Money For Lone Sailor Sculpture

Gold and silver distribution company US Money Reserve in conjunction with the US Memorial Service Foundation is proud to announce on the unveiling of a plan to install a Lone Sailor monument at the mouth of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The statue which will be created by the US Navy’s official memorial sculptor Stanley Bleifeld.

The sculptor plans to create the monument in two parts. The first part of the monument includes a 7 foot US Navy sailor figure. The second part of the monument includes the sailor’s sea bag which sailors often hauled into war and while on duty with them and a cleat. The sailor statue is estimated to weigh around 1000 pounds. His accessories which include the sea bag and the cleat are estimated to weight around 700 pounds. The base of the statue will have steel from the US Navy Warship USS Arizona, which was famously destroyed and sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. The statue will be a fitting tribute for the men and woman who served in the US Navy, who want to serve and the future generation who will serve the country and protect it against threats.

US Money Reserve has released special edition gold and silver Pearl Harbor coins to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The coins will commemorate an event that changed American history forever and brought the United States into World War II. A portion of the sales from the special edition Pearl Harbor coins will go towards the U.S. Naval Memorial Foundation. All of the proceeds from US Money Reserve that go the U.S. Naval Memorial Foundation will go towards helping to fund the construction and opening of the Lone Sailor statue in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Goldnewsnetwork reported, US Money Reserve is proud to be able to contribute to the commemoration and is proud to honor the brave sailors of the US Navy. For more information of the Lone Sailor monument and US Money Reserve’s contribution check out this article on Yahoo Finance.

Private Equity Firms Playing a Big Role in the Brazilian Real Estate Development

The Brazilian real estate market is currently very lucrative. Since 2005, prices of properties have been rising steadily. Interest rates are currently at a historic low. To top it all up, the middle-class majority have enough money to buy houses. This has seen many people purchase homes within the last few years making the market inventory quite low. This has created an investor frenzy as everybody wants a bigger piece of the pie.

The high demand for housing coupled with increased prices has attracted many real estate companies both foreign and local. However, the real driving factor behind the amazing growth of this emerging market is the injection of capital and liquidity from private equity and venture capital. With big names like Warren Buffet showing interest in this market, one can be sure that capital is not an issue. There is a large number of real estate companies operating in the market.

Emergence of Hospitality Groups and Mall Developers

Brazil is an emerging market with a lot of potential especially in areas like mall development and hospitality growth. Companies like BR Malls are busy raising capital from secondary offerings to fund their projects, and investors are pouring in by the numbers. This shows the incredible amount of investor confidence in this market. Today BR Malls is one of the biggest mall developer in the country. It is highly liquid and hungry for growth.

Many private equity firms have begun investing in hospitality companies. Brasil Hospitality Group (BHGR3) is preparing to develop a huge pipeline of properties in the country. The company has bought huge tracts of land along the Brazilian shore in Bahia. They have partnered with a large private equity firm called GP Investments. Under this new partnership, BHG has growing very fast. It currently boasts of huge acquisitions like Brascan Imobiliaria Hetelaria e Turismo as well as InterContinental Hotel located in Rio de Janeiro. Today BHG is the third largest hotel developer in Brazil.

Construcap in a construction company founded in 1944 and is one of the biggest construction company in Brazil. It has constructed some of the largest development projects in the country. The company boasts of huge projects like railways, airports, highways as well as other commercial and industrial developments.

Construcap is responsible for many social responsibility projects around the country. It is also environmentally friendly. It uses the latest construction technology to come up with top quality work. This privately held construction giant employs about 10,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Sao Paulo.

The Benefits of Using Talk Fusion for Communication

Talk Fusion is a new innovative video communication software where users can communicate with people all around the world through video chat. No matter what part of the world users are calling with Talk Fusion, they will still receive a clear picture with no glitches or pauses during the time that they are communicating. One of the great benefits to using Talk Fusion is the price is very affordable for users and is worth every dollar spent because of the software’s innovative structure that was creatively constructed by Bob Reina.

Bob Reina had created Talk Fusion to give people around the world the opportunity to communicate with their loves through video chat, without any hassles. With some video communication software’s, users will have numerous glitches in their screen such as a freeze up and the voices will cut in and out. By researching new studies on video communication, Bob was able to create a software program where users would not have these negative experiences. When a parent gets online to call there child who is thousands of miles away, the last thing they want is to not be able to hear or see their son/daughter. With Talk Fusion, that worry will never cross their minds.

Bob has always been well-known for highly popular software programs that are up to date with all the new styles on the market. Talk Fusion just so happens to be one his most highly ranked products he has ever created. It is widely used amongst parents whose children are away at college, wives whose husbands are overseas and married couples that are always split apart do to their work that requires them to travel. Without Talk Fusion, they could still communicate with their loved ones, but they would be hassled with frozen computer screens and jumbled voices on the other end.

Charles Koch Agrees with Sanders’ Economic and Justice Policies

American billionaire businessman Charles Koch has kind of endorsed Bernie Sanders. He wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that he agrees with Sanders on his stand on the reform of the criminal justice system and on corporate welfare. Charles Koch said that he agrees that the current economical and political climate doesn’t do much to help the disadvantaged in the society but is rigged in the favor of the privileged. He applauded the Democratic presidential candidate for being a voice for many Americans who are struggling against a system that doesn’t favor them.

The leftwing presidential candidate has on the campaign trail, long been critical of the efforts of the Koch brothers largely for their election expenditures. This prompted Koch to write that Sanders seems to think that he is running for office as well. However, the Koch brothers have funded a number of rightwing organizations like The American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation. They also played a role in the 2009 Tea Party.

Koch remarked on Sanders stand on criminal justice saying he agrees with the need to reform this sector and is an important issue for the president of the U.S. to tackle. In 2015, together with the Center for American Progress and other leftwing organizations, the Koch brothers founded the Coalition for Public Safety. This was to reform the criminal justice system.

He wrote that crimes committed by poor people, such as the possession and sale of marijuana result in them going to prison, ruining job and other opportunities for them in future. On the other hand, for the rich and connected different rules apply, which shows a flaw in the justice system. Koch also wrote against the costly federal programs, which he said doesn’t help the less advantaged improve their situations. He said it only makes the federal government more controlling, complex and costly.

Charles Koch is an American businessman born in 1935 in Wichita, Kansas. Charles is currently the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries the second largest private corporation in America and has been since 1967. Under his leadership, the company has experienced tremendous growth with operations in around 60 countries globally.

Koch studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned three degrees. A general engineering bachelor’s degree and nuclear and chemical engineering master’s degrees. He is also a published author: his book “The Science of Success” describes his business philosophy of Market-Based Management.