The District Attorney, George Gascon

As the San Francisco’s District Attorney, George Gascon recently made criticisms concerning the police department that he has been too close. According to Gascon, he believes that there are cases of racism and homophobia in the department. Gascon claims that this may be evidently seen in the text messages the police had been sending to each other. One may wonder why Gaston makes these serious allegations to the police department yet he has been the chief of the police during his time in the police department.
Garry Dalagnes, who is the former president of the Police Office Association (POA), presented an affidavit showing how Gascon allegedly set up a task force to investigate the Police Department on cases related to homophobia and racism. Exactly a few days after Gascon’s appearance during the panel, Dalagnes presented his declaration while testifying that the police union can influence a police commission or the police chief to implement reforms.
The former POA president further claims that George Gascon made a false testimony before the panel, insisting that they were all lies and lacked thorough evidence to prove what he meant. The district Attorney’s weaknesses are seen since he failed to look into these allegations when he was the chief of police.
As far as the police department is concerned, Gascon firmly believe that these assertions can negatively affect the police department when enforcing policies. He added that the law enforcing processes would be derailed in one way or the other. The other allegation made was concerning how Gascon promoted some few African American during his tenure. Dalagnes wondered if a proper due process was considered in the qualifications of the captains in the various ranks.
The former president claimed during Gascon’s time in the police department. He believed that biased treatment based on gender, racial, sexual orientation infiltrated the office. Therefore, Dalagnes vehemently complain that Gascon paid little attention to such issues and never raise his eyebrows to rectify the weaknesses in the department. It is rumored that Union believes George Gascon was rescued from the panel he made.


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A Global leader Company in Technology Announces New App “the Securus Video.”

Secure Technologies was founded in 1986 with an objective of connecting inmates with their loved ones, enabling learning environment to understand civil and criminal justice technology solutions. It is the world leader in offering Public Safety drawing the effort through innovations and acquisitions that furthered their goal in providing Higher and keeping pace with the changes in today’s technology. Secure Technologies has corrective and law administration agencies offering cooperative intellect that makes them unchallengeable lead generation.

Securus is second to YouTube in offering the world’s largest communication provider platform embed with unique features that is compatible with many devices and creates a user-friendly environment. Secure Technologies distances itself from competing partners by being committed to improvement accommodating 140 patents and giving edge by investing in research and development. It offered incident management and emergency response when needs arose and ensured secure public information delivery. Presently Secure Technology involves serving more than 1.2 million inmates across North America and rendering services to over 3,400 corrections facilities, law implementation agencies, and Public Safety.

Recently as reported by Crunchbase, Securus Technologies unveiled an application that is secure for making video call that offers features that are compatible with Android and iPhone tablet and mobile users. The App is designed for inmate video phone calls giving visitation processes that allow room to include family and friends in the video call. Russell Roberts, the Vice President of Secure Technologies, points out that the Application offers a new dimension in serving and connecting with relatives and friends in a user-friendly environment.

Securus has invested massively in including a variety of options to the user like enabling mobility in video calling visitation that governs the rigidity found in jails and prisons during inmate phone calls making the call straightforward and helpful. According to PR Newswire’s app review, Securus app is free in google play and was rated most downloaded with over 60,000 downloads for Android users in less than six months and 5,000 times within one week for iPhone users.


Dick DeVos; The Pride of Michigan

Dick DeVos has achieved so much in his career and social life over the past three decades. He is a very busy man and is mostly dedicated to philanthropy. However, Mr. DeVos hasn’t got there by chance but determination and purpose.


Dick DeVos and his wife Elizabeth have maintained and expanded the family empire. They have devoted their whole vocations to the strengthening of underprivileged families in Michigan and past. A large degree of their endeavors is coordinated at the training part which gravely required changes to address imbalances. The couple has taken the lead in matters of charity and general strategy making processes.


The money related fortunes of the DeVos family are attached to the Amway partnership to which Richard DeVos Sr. was a prime supporter. He was DeVos’ father. The undertaking uses deals systems to appropriate wellbeing and restorative items. Throughout the years, it created massive conveyance chains and made immense fortunes.


Dick joined the privately-owned company in 1974. He took as much time as necessary to take in the ropes around the business under the tutelage of his accomplished father. In the end, Dick turned into a VP at Amway and propelled the firm to AN extraordinary development and accomplishment in new markets. Sales increased, and Dick earned a reputation for being a quick business person.


Around the same time, he established a capacity organization named Windquest. Upon his dad’s retirement, Dick took up the CEO’s part at Amway where he managed another restructuring phase aimed at worldwide strength. Dick DeVos never proposed to wander into governmental issues. However, he looked for political office to be in a superior position to campaign for changes in his key areas of interest.


One of such areas is the education sector where a large number of people could not afford quality learning. In the last three decades, the foundation has gathered policy makers and government authorities to make education accessible to all. Dick managed to gain ground as a member of the State Education Board in Michigan.


Politics and philanthropy eat up much of the time meant for Dick DeVos and his family. He has to make sure his companies are in able hands of professionals. To handle this, he appointed Phil Dolci to head The Stow Company, a constituent of the Windquest group.


The new CEO has more than two years of involvement in advertising and generation. He will, however, have significant gaps to fill, as he takes over from the former CEO; Frank Newman. More details on the appointment are available at DeVos Company gets new CEO at MLive.


Venezuela Looking For Answers To Address Oil Crisis

A recent report by Latino Show Magazine revealed Venezuela’s oil industry is going through a rough patch right now. Because of this, El Guri, Venezuela’s largest hydroelectric power facility may suffer a drop in output. Nearly 1/4 of the country would be impacted by this development.
Venezuela’s government has no solutions at the moment, but is openly looking at turning diesel run power plants into those fueled by natural gas. The rainfall has provided some semblance of relief, but not enough. The country needs more oil to be exported in order to receive an increase in foreign currency earnings to help prevent a financial crisis.

Venezuela has the natural gas to run its power grid using the second largest reserves in the Americas. While offshore gas production has begun, it is not enough to cover the current gas deficit. However, the cost of developing natural gas, along with installing infrastructure and converting power plants to run on natural gas is too expensive.

Many experts like Ms. Luque have speculated that foreign firms will have to pay more in order to keep their production rights. If this happens, even more questions will arise. It seems likely that the government will rely on rainfall to alleviate the situation instead of OPEC.


How Better Reputations Can Help With Marketing

You started your business because you had an idea. An idea is useless if it does not produce anything. Many people become entrepreneurs because they want to contribute something to their industry. They want to affect the course of history. However, there is more to being an entrepreneur than producing a great product or service. Marketing is central, and it is not easy. In fact, marketing is an intellectual discipline in which many people need to acquire a degree. So for the entrepreneur to gain expertise in marketing is a daunting task. That is why this article suggests that it is so important to use the services of companies such as Better Reputations.

What people think of your brand is important. You might have heard or even recited the old mantra that you do not care what people think. But in business, you should care what people think. They are going to help your company to stay afloat and prosper in the future. If your company does not have a favorable public perception, then it will not last very long.

Similarly, if you, personally, have a poor reputation on the Internet, you should expect that you are going to have to reap the consequences of that. People will not hire you. Significant others will be skeptical about dating you. Any time you engage in an endeavor with another person, they will be wary of your history. There will always be a negative mark on your personal history. However, fortunately, there is something that you can do to combat that. You can use Better Reputations.

Who is Better Reputations, And What Do They Do
If you were to conduct a Google search of Bill Gates, you would see that this man has a reputation for innovation, tremendous wealth, and brilliance. When you perform the same Google search of a controversial individual, you will not receive the same positive report. What about you? What do people find when they conduct a Google search of you? Better Reputations can help you to repair your Internet reputation so as to illuminate your strengths.

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