Turmoil Continues In Venezuela As Rioting And Looting Increase

With over 400 individuals arrested for looting and inciting riots, civil unrest continues throughout Venezuela. Turmoil continues to plague the country nationwide as failed economic policies, political chaos, and energy disruptions tighten its grip on the frustrated population. The murder rate is increasing as government security forces seek to control crowds engaged in political demonstrations, violence, and looting.
Several social media sites like Twitter report deaths in the Sucre state capital of Cumana, but local officials dismissed the deaths being associated with widespread looting. Interviewed by a local television station, regional governor Luis Acuna remarked, “There were only 400 people arrested and the deaths were not linked to the looting.”

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, a prosecutor in Merida, started an investigation into the death of a 17-year-old teenager during looting rampages in the western state of Andrean. The civil unrest is not limited to just civilians, with a law enforcement official and soldier arrested in two separate murder investigations. The local Socialist Party office came under attack, with furniture destroyed.

As Venezuela continues to endure rolling blackouts, food shortages, and political anarchy, looting continues, according to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, a monitoring organization, overseeing the nationwide chaos.

Political opposition leaders point the finger of blame, for the current state of the country, at President Nicolas Maduro. They claim that socialist economic mandates are driving the country into depression and are demanding a referendum to recall Maduro from office.


Operations at Solo Capital by Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a financial hedge fund brokerage fund that was created by Sanjay Shah. The firm is based on London, England and operates with Shah acting both the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. In one of the company’s most recent endeavors, Solo Capital aided several notable businessmen and investors to maintain hedge funds and purchase stock options that would benefit their particular portfolios. The endeavor led to a large amount of coverage by the media due to the success of the project. The project was credited with the successful development of several businesses and stock portfolios, and helped to project the reputation of Solo Capital in to the general business environment.

Sanjay Shah was at the forefront of this new project. As the head of the company, it is important for Shah to be specifically involved in every major project that is managed by his company. He has, infant, had an enormous amount of experience leading these types of business hedge fund accounts. Having worked for notable financial institutions for over a decade, Shah is more than fully equipped to lead projects at his company. By contributing his expertise in the area of finance to the accounts that are managed by his firm, Shah is ensuring the success of the projects that his company takes on.

In addition to personally managing large accounts for his brokerage firm, Sanjay Shah has also taken up to role of educator in his company. Shah believes that it is his responsibility to train his team to adequately manage the accounts that the company is hired to manage. Shah has often stated that he believes that when he takes the time to adequately train a member of his team, he is making a personal investment in his own company and in the future of the business which he holds so near to his heart. He is training his employees to ensure that the company that he built from the ground up will be able to remain in operation if, for any reason, Shah is unable to oversee day to day processes.


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George Soros Cites Imminent Global Economic Crisis and EU Collapse As The Main Reasons Of His Increased Bearish Investment

George Soros has affirmed his worries about the world economy with bearish investments. Before the recent investments, he had taken a long break from trading according to people close to the matter. Currently, Soros Fund Management manages about $30 billion dollars on behalf of George Soros after he had refunded all the third party investors share and left Soros Fund Management to manage only his investments. The most recent bearish investments include selling stocks for buying gold and shares in gold miners citing future economic crisis caused by the current China’s problems.

Before going bearish, George Soros cited that China was going through hard economic times and the problems have just started for China. As the government of China implements modalities to drive the next economic giant, Soros cited adjustment problems experienced by the authorities due to the rising debt problem. China’s government is trying to change the growth of the Chain’s economy from manufacturing and investment generated by the growth driven by consumer spending and service industry.

With many of the industries using debt to finance their start-up companies and businesses, the debt problem according to Soros is a serious concern for China and the world as a whole. He believes that The current debt problem in China significantly reflects what caused the economic crisis of 2007/2008 in the U.S., and China cannot avoid a hard landing when the bubble bursts. China’s has however been angered by remarks by George Soros saying that Soros has no basis on his comments and that he had predicted similar economic crisis before that never happened.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The point is, Soros may not be perfect but considering his most predictions in the past, one cannot ignore the fact that he might be right in China and then he ends up making a fortune out of the global economic problems. In a recent interview by email with Wall Street Journal, George Soros expressed particular concerns over capital outflows from China as well as how the China’s government are ignoring the rising debt problem in the country.

Soros is also very concerned about the state of Europe and the pending Britain referendum to stay or exit the European Union. He has in the past expressed concerns that, if Britain exits from the European Union, the stability of the Union will be affected and prompt other countries to follow the exit. Soros has even written an article about Britain’s coming referendum urging the country to unite with other European countries and avoid a messy break-up.

According to Soros, the EU is a project of European states that have sacrificed part of their sovereignty to form an ever-closer union based on shared ideals and values. He believes that those shared values are under attack and its time for Britain to realize that. Reflecting on the problems facing Europe such as Russian aggression and refugees, Soros believes it is time to unite.

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James Dondero Teams Up With Linda Owen to Direct Civic Activities

The president and co founder of Highland Capital Management has decided to collaborate with Linda Owen to help manage the firm’s philanthropic activities which consist of its charitable giving program. Owen is currently a civic leader in Dallas and is the former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Her contributions will help provide direction for the firm’s program and also help it expand as well. Linda Owen will now serve as the charitable giving manager and partner with The Dallas Foundation. This foundation manages the charitable giving fund that Highland Capital Management possesses. James Dondero recently stated that since the firm has expanded its charitable activities it has realized that it needs a professional who is experienced and is able to ensure that the firm’s charitable donations make a significant impact. He praised Owen’s track record and believes that her experience will help the firm achieve its goals when it comes to providing charitable contributions to a number of important causes.

Each year Highland Capital Management donates more than $3 million to a number of charitable organizations through The Dallas Foundation. These charitable causes include support for veteran’s affairs, education, health care and various causes in the Dallas community. As well as there being a number of causes that the firm makes contributions to each year, the firm donates to a number of organizations. These organizations include the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo and the American Heart Association.

James Dondero is the one who founded and who currently runs the financial management firm Highland Capital Management. He founded this firm back in 1993 and has established it as one of the leading finance firms in the world. Before he started up this firm he was first a credit investor and worked his way up to positions such as chief investment officer. Dondero received degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia and graduated with top honors. After working in the finance field for many years he decided to begin his own firm to help reach his full potential as a professional.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608006430/en/James-Dondero-Teams-Dallas-Civic-Leader-Linda

Keith and Keely Mann, Impacting The World One Scholarship at a Time

I have long been a follower of Keith and Keely Mann. It is because of this dynamic duo that I have been able to pursue the dreams that I have always had as a kid. It is because of them that my parents did not have to come totally out of pocket to pay for my education and only had to cough up maybe half of the money which was not only a blessing for me but a blessing to my parents as well. My situation is an alarming awakening to the financial aid crisis in America. Currently, thousands of students suffer because they do not have the opportunity to attend college because they can’t afford it.

Keith Mann knows first hand the struggle of being unable to pay for college and because of this launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. This scholarship is open to students at Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York. These students are given the opportunity to write essays about how a scholarship would help them achieve their personal and professional goals. You must be a full time student or will soon be attending college. The prerequisites aren’t that intense and it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

If you are not familiar with Keith and Kelly Mann they are the powerhouse behind Dynamic Search Partners a firm dedicated to helping meet the needs of the search executive world. They have long been philanthropic and work tirelessly to help make sure they are making their mark on the world.

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Eric Pulier Makes Kids With Terminal Illnesses Feel Better

Everyone who has had a child with a terminal illness has run into problems with those kids not being able to be around other kids who are just like them. These kids have been suffering because of their illness, and they needed a way to get in touch with other families that are just like them. There are a lot of kids who are in this situation, and the only way for these kids to get help is to work with someone like Eric Pulier.

Eric Pulier has been an advocate for people who do not have an advocate, and he has created technology that change the lines of all the people who use it. Kids need to get some kind of helping talking to other kids, and that is why Starbright World was started. The next step for Eric was to make sure that he was able to help adults who had the same problems.

He started People Doing Things so that he could help adults and kids with technology that would help them get jobs or get through school. There are a lot of people who are trying to make sure that they can get something that is going to help them make the most of their lives. Everyone who has encountered Eric Pulier has been able to have a better life because of the work that he has done. They can get through school faster, get a job or make their way into the profession that they want.

I am personally very proud of all the work that I have seen Eric Pulier do over the years, and I am even more happy that I was able to work with someone who has been privy to what Eric Pulier did in the early year. I got to see amazing technology that will help my students, and I have been able to change the lives of a lot of kids who are going to have a good time with these items because they feel more like games. Eric Pulier created technology that makes my classes more fun, and it helps my kids feel good about what they do at school.

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Emily McClure Reports on WEN Fig

Not everyone has the same hair type, and we won’t all react the same way to a certain hair product. This is why beauty editor and Wikipedia content writer Emily McClure decided to try it for all the fine hair ladies so they didn’t have to.
WEN Hair by Chaz Dean [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] is known as a great cleansing conditioner that cuts down on hair styling time because it is three products rolled into one. WEN cleansing conditioner includes a cleansing agent like a shampoo, a conditioning agent like a hair conditioner, and contains a magical mix of ingredients that makes it unnecessary to apply a styling product.

WEN Fig is the moisturizing version of Wen hair cleansing conditioner and when used on fine hair was ultra moisturizing. Emily found that the amount of moisture in the WEN Fig not only imparted a shine and vibrance to her hair that was unlike any she had ever experienced, but also imparted some weight to her hair that she was unused to.

Regular shampoo contains sulfates and lathering agents that can strip hair of it’s natural oils. The sulfates strip hair of dirt and yesterday’s leftover styling paste but also strip away the natural oils that impart shine and keep strands healthy. Emily was used to washing her hair at night and waking up for the morning with freshly washed hair. When using WEN she simply found that she needed to switch up her routine, washing her hair with Sephora Fig in the mornings, so that the natural oils in her hair didn’t weigh it down through her slumber.

Overall, using WEN was a great experience for her and she was starting to see some of the benefits of using WEN after only one week. One tip for the fine haired ladies out there was to wash in the morning for full volume.

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