21st Century Biotechnology To Fight Cancer with Clay Siegall

Biotechnology has been around for many years dealing with food production, medicine, and agriculture, but during the late 20th Century to present time; bio-tech has expanded into science, immunology, and pharmaceutical tests. One of the most prominent and influential companies dealing in Cancer Therapy is Seattle Genetics Inc.
Seattle Genetics is an industry leader in antibody drug conjugates and focuses on the development & commercialization of antibody therapies for treating cancer. The company uses advanced technology (ADCs) Antibody Drug Conjugates, that delivers cell-killing properties straight into cancer cells. (SEA) Sugar Engineered Antibody Technology compliments (ADC) by increasing it’s potency of monoclonal antibodies inside the body. It’s like giving cancer cells a more powerful one-two punch. This innovative and empowered type of therapy truly improves the lives of people who suffer from cancer.
Operating a company under such high standards begins with great leadership and Seattle Genetics’ very own Dr. Clay B. Siegall has a resume of excellence to back-up any claims. Being the president and company CEO; Dr. Siegall built the foundation of scientific innovation. The passion for research and drug development has excelled the company to it’s present apex position for the development of (ADCs). Under the good doctor’s leadership, the company has licensed it’s ADC technology along with other prominent companies like Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKlien to generate over $325 million in sales to date.
Seattle Genetics live by one of their many mottos for “Moving From Promise To Practice In The Clinic.” –Clay Siegall That very motto is personified through clinical trials in areas such as treating autoimmune disease, solid tumors, blood cancers, and leukemia. All in all; The company further pushes for excellence in the world of cancer treatment therapy.

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Sea Turtles In South Carolina

Loggerhead sea turtles are adorable animals, and they have recently made nests along the coastline of South Carolina. There have been over 4,900 nests discovered in the sand. These are record numbers, and the count isn’t over as researchers discover more nests that have been made. The turtles will go to the shore to lay their eggs before going back to the ocean. After some time, the eggs will hatch, and the babies will migrate to the ocean where they will live their lives.

This is a crucial time for the turtles as there are eggs that are already hatching. It’s a time of the year when many families gather at the beach for vacations since school is out for the summer in many locations. Those who are at the beach need to be mindful of where they walk so that they don’t disrupt a nest or injure an egg. Most of the time, turtles will lay their eggs far enough below the surface so that they aren’t disturbed. However, there could be a chance that an egg is left partially exposed. The egg could become damaged, or the turtle might not develop while inside the egg, causing the egg not to hatch. Researchers are asking that people turn off lights at night that shine on the nests as this can cause the nests to be lost. The turtles will become confused and start to migrate toward the land instead of going toward the ocean.

Pictures With Clinton

Hillary Clinton has shown that she is a person who enjoys being in the public spotlight. She took pictures with supporters at a rally held at Central Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, in February of 2016. There were people of all races at the event, but that didn’t stop Clinton from showing that she loves all of her supporters. She is a woman who wants to have friends no matter where she goes and wants others to know that she will do everything possible to unite everyone together instead of keeping a division of races that has been seen across the country.

One of the pictures that Clinton took was with a group of African-American women who were smiling from ear to ear. For Clinton to take the time to take a picture with supporters shows that she does mingle with the public instead of sitting in a chair all day behind a desk or on the phone talking with political figures. This is what the country needs more than ever. The United States needs a leader who will join with the public, discovering what others want in a leader and what they want in the way of a better country. If Clinton can continue working with the public, then she has a better chance at winning the race for the White House in November.

Maybank Highway Improvements

The Charleston City Council is working with Charleston County and the Department of Transportation for continued traffic improvements needed on Johns Island. The entire project is one of those that voters approved in November 2006 with a bond referendum on Transportation Sales Tax that authorized the County to issue bonds in an additional $205 million with repayment through those tax revenues.

The three phases of the Maybank Highway project are resurfacing, widening sections, and improvements to an intersection.

Phase one has been completed, and now a start is desired to widen sections of the road to make it easier for the traffic coming off the Paul J. Gelegotis Bridge and up to the right turn lane that exists at the River Road intersection. That area gets congested because two lanes coming off the bridge merge into one lane on Johns Island.

The project also plans to create access for walkers and bicycles. Phase three would greatly improve traffic at that intersection by the creation of two location-parallel routes that would go from Maybank Highway to River Road.

Johns Island is a picturesque destination for a home on waterfront lots that overlook the Kiawah and Stono Rivers, Wadmalaw Sound, or other waterways and tidal creeks. It is only a 10-minute drive to downtown Charleston, and there is a four-lane expressway to Kiawah Island, an executive airport, and two brand-new bridges. Be sure to see Angel Oak, a 1,500-year-old live oak that is a towering 65 feet high, is 25.5 feet in circumference, and offers 17,000 square feet of shade.

Police Chief presents plan for new station and higher salaries

Ken Miller, Police Chief in Greenville, South Carolina, is pleased that the police officers should hopefully receive body cameras by the end of this year, but he is also quite far-sighted and presented to the City Council a strategic plan that covers the coming five years.

His major request is for a new police station since his department and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office have had to share the Greenville Law Enforcement Center for years. That has meant having to spread out and “play merry-go-round” with different rooms. He suggested leasing so that it could be accomplished sooner rather than waiting to build, which would make it later.

Chief Miller also wants to raise officers’ starting salary since his department’s current starting salary is $32,000 while it is $36,000 at the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and $37,000 at the South Carolina Highway Patrol. He has been working with the HR director and the city budget director to address this issue.

Another of his goals is to increase the number of minority police officers since only 11 percent of the officers are African-American. However, he has found the pool of candidates limited even though they go to job fairs, black universities and colleges, the African-American community, and have even reached out through NAACP.

Set 150,000 ladybugs free!

Children and their parents are invited to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina, on Saturday, July 23, 2016, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM for the third annual Ladybug Release. Hundreds of children, encouraged to come in ladybug costumes, are expected to take part as each family receives a container with several hundred ladybug inside. The children let them fly free throughout the 60-acre gardens when a red Volkswagen beetle, made up to look like a giant ladybug, will arrive and signal the start of the release at approximately 10:00 AM.

Ladybugs are natural predators to harmful small insects. The night before, they will be held in a cool place so that they will be less active when they are released, won’t fly away quickly, and will easily take to their surroundings.

In addition to the release, the event will include a costume contest, face painting, story telling, interactive demonstrations, and many nature and educational and nature displays. Admission will be $15 for adults, $10 for children ages six to 12, and free for ages five and younger.

Travel + Leisure Magazine has named Magnolia Plantation and Gardens one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens”. It is also America’s and the Lowcountry’s oldest public gardens with thousands of beautiful flowers and plants.

South Carolina Fans Cross Fingers for Muschamp Success

The 2016 SEC Media Days have drawn to a close and, for the first time in a decade, fans of the South Carolina Gamecocks are wondering just how good the team can be with a new guy pacing the sidelines. Long-time head coach, Steve Spurrier, decided he could no longer perform up to standards and retired in the middle of last season. Along with him went the most success the South Carolina football program has ever seen: three 10-win seasons, an 11-win season, multiple Top-10 poll finishes, and its only SEC Championship Game appearance.

New Gamecock head coach, Will Muschamp, isn’t a completely unknown quantity. He was a high-paid, head-coach-in-waiting at the University of Texas, but ended up taking over the reins at the University of Florida before Texas coach, Mack Brown, ever retired. Four mixed-result seasons at Florida led the Gators to part ways with Muschamp. South Carolina hopes that their new coach can return to the winning form that made him a one-time rising star in college football.

The grueling SEC schedule doesn’t offer the Gamecocks much time to catch their breath. Muschamp holds an overall 28-21 head coaching record and a 17-15 conference mark. He was named SEC Co-Coach of the Year in 2012. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, next season is a box of chocolates for Gamecock fans. They have no idea what they’re going to get.

South Carolina Credit Union Provides Free Document Shredding

For many South Carolina residents, identity fraud and theft are major concerns. One of the quickest ways would-be identity thefts steal identities is through simple document snatching. By stealing credit card applications, personalized advertisements or any document with identifying information on it, a malicious person can quickly access important personal details.

This is why some banks, such as the South Carolina Federal Credit Union, host regular document shredding events. The Credit Union, located in Charleston, will be hosting a free document shredding event this Saturday, July 23. During the event, community members can bring personal documents to the site for free shredding services, provided by Shred It.

The South Carolina Federal Credit Union recommends shredding most financial documents prior to discarding them. This includes tax documentation, investment and bank records, canceled checks, pay stubs, credit card statements, insurance documents and ATM receipts. Credit card receipts may be safe to discard without shredding, though utility bills, appliance and manufacturer warranties and pictures are likely to be safe to throw away. Their website gives guidelines on the length of time recommended to save specific financial documents. This is important to review to ensure that tax documents or other required financial information is not discarded before it is needed.

Participants can bring up to four file boxes, or 100 pounds, per person, and are eligible to win a $100 gift card.

Zika Virus Case Reported in South Carolina

As just reported by WYFF4, authorities have officially diagnosed the 18th case of the Zika virus in South Carolina. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control confirmed that the patient has been diagnosed with the virus but refused to confirm where the virus was contracted. Information from various media outlets reveals that the patient had traveled to a county in South Carolina where the Zika virus has already been reported as active.

The Zika virus has no known vaccine so far. The major side effects of this virus manifest in birth disorders, such as microcephaly, which involves babies being born with major neurological disorders along with misshapen heads. While the virus is typically transmitted through infection from a mosquito, there have been no cases reported in North or South Carolina so far of transmission through a mosquito bite. So far, the cases of the Zika virus in this region have involved travelers to counties where authorities have confirmed that the virus was already active.

Authorities state that the best way to prevent contraction of the Zika virus is to avoid contact with mosquito and to not travel to areas that have been affected by the Zika virus. If you are in an area with mosquitoes, use repellent and try to stay inside. Also, pregnant women with male partners who have been in an area exposed to the Zika virus should use a condom during intercourse as an extra precaution, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Charges Against Greek Ship Engineer in Charleston

As recently reported in an article by The Post and Courier, tensions are high regarding the detention of a chemical tanker crewman in South Carolina under a material witness law. Panagiotis Koutoukakis, a Greek citizen, has been charged with two felonies for his participation in a conspiracy to falsify records and hide illegal pollution discharge from a tanker. He is set to be arraigned along with four other men on charges in Charleston next week. Koutoukakis served as the chief engineer on the tanker when the pollution was allegedly discharged illegally. He is accused of ordering the ship’s crew members to improperly pass the discharge overboard between May and July 2015. In addition, Koutoukakis is also accused of failing to record the ship’s discharges as part of the ship’s official record as required by law.

Through his public defender, Koutoukakis alleges that the U.S. government forced him to live in a homeless shelter while he awaits the charges. His family remains in Greece, and the U.S. government has refused to turnover his passport to allow him to return to his family because of weak Greek extradition laws that would not compel his return for the trial. Koutoukakis alleges that he cannot support his family back home and that he cannot find employment in this country. The judge declined to grant Koutoukakis’ request to retrieve his passport from the U.S. Justice Department’s Environmental Crimes Section so that he can return home. Koutoukakis’ attorney said that the government remains unwilling to provide adequate accommodations until the trial.