Andy Wirth Continues to Give Back

Andy Wirth is an American-German businessman that has gained a significant amount of success working in the United States in the hospitality industry. Andy Wirth was initially born in West Germany, but moved to the United States to further his education when he went to Colorado State University.

After working for several years in the hospitality, outdoor recreation, and other related industries, he earned his big professional break when he got a job working for the Steamboat Ski Resort in Steamboat, Colorado. While working for Steamboat for over 20 years, he worked in a wide range of different positions including hospitality services, sales, finance, and marketing. Read more: Julia Mancuso opinion: My friend Andy Wirth is a good guy

After the resort was acquired by Intrawest in 2006, he was promoted to President of Sales and Marketing. Wirth was heavily involved in the development of Steamboat’s international reputation, which included hosting several official send-offs for the US Olympic Ski team.

According to KCWR, Due to his success working for Steamboat, Andy Wirth was highly sought after by the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in the Lake Tahoe region of California. He was ultimately hired as the CEO of Squaw Valley in 2010 and has helped to oversee significant positive changes for the resort.

While working for Squaw Valley, he was able to oversee a $72 million expansion and redevelopment program, which included major improvements to both the skiing experience and the resort.

Andy Wirth was also the head of Squaw Valley when the company merged with the nearby Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which was a competing resort in the area. Following the official transition in 2012, Wirth was named the CEO of the new expanded company.

Beyond his professional success, Wirth has also spent a lot of time and effort giving back to the community. He has been the head of a variety of charities, been involved as the Board of Directors of several charitable causes, and even worked as a volunteer fireman.

A Water Balloon Battle Of Epic Proportions To Celebrate South Carolina

It is a history lesson with food, drink, and a water balloon fight. It is the Second Happy Hour Water Balloon Battle in Columbia, South Carolina. On Friday, August 19, combatants can pick a war and learn some military strategies from active drill sergeants. It is $15 for Historic Columbia members and $20 for the general public. Drinks and light appetizers are included.

This event is happening with beer and wine for maximum fun. Contestants will be divided into two teams. They will learn the evolution of military strategies and will recreate some famous historical battles. Three time periods will be featured. The first time period is the Revolutionary War. The formations were tight and unmoving, pretty much rigid. The second time period is World War I, where trench warfare will be explained. The Korean/Vietnamese Wars cover the third time period and guerilla warfare will be featured.

1700 water balloons will be used for this epic war adventure, as reported by It takes place at a historic site, the Robert Mills House and Gardens. This is a Revolutionary War site. Tours are offered when there are no water balloon fights. Contestants can learn and incorporate war skills while having fun. The first year of the Happy Hour Water Balloon Battle was so successful that it will be an annual event.

There many reasons why war play is good, besides taking the edge off aggressive tendencies. Increased libido is one of the effects of play. There is an overall improvement in physical health. Playing also helps the brain to function better. Creativity and mental acuity are sharpened and honed. De-stressing while laughing and playing is guaranteed.

Brian Bonar Receives Award

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Brian Bonar has had a lot of success in various areas of his career. He recently received an award for his lifetime achievements. Anyone wanting to have a great career should look at his success and emulate it. There are a lot of great lessons that people can learn from his life. Not only does he have a great work ethic, but he also cares about people. This is why so many people want to ask his advice on sales and networking.


Starting a Business

Brian Bonar wanted to own his own business for many years. Starting a business takes a lot of time and money. Brian Bonar developed a great work ethic during this time that would serve him well later in life. As he started networking, he worked more hours than anyone else in his company. Working in sales means that you must be willing to work when other people are not.


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Giving Back

One of the biggest reasons that Brian Bonar stands out from other investors is his willingness to give back. Over the past few years, he has started to invest in a variety of charities. A lot of people feel like this is the biggest way to impact the world. Brian Bonar is passionate about giving to education. He feels like many of the schools in his area lack proper funding. In order to properly serve students, these schools need more money. Brian Bonar wants to invest his money wisely in the system. Instead of just giving money, he is also involved in changing policies within schools.


Helping Others

One of the things that makes Brian Bonar unique from other successful people is his willingness to help others. Throughout his entire career, he has always made a point to give back to his local community. This has allowed him to connect with others in various industries.


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Donald Trump Sees Support Slip In Traditional Republican State Of South Carolina

The state of South Carolina has been one of the safest in elections for Republicans for the majority of living memory, which has seen embattled GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump look to the state as a sign of his remaining support. has reported the latest polls for August commissioned in South Carolina have shown a move away from Republican leaders towards the Democratic party candidate for President, Hilary Clinton. The question many are now asking is why the change in politics views in a traditionally red state is taking place, and the missteps of the Donald Trump campaign are not the only reasons people are finding for the changes.

In South Carolina the Democratic Party commissioned the latest poll on the Presidential election in the state, but the poll was conducted by the independent PPP group. The poll shows the lead of Trump in the state has been cut to just two percent with the Republican at 41 percent and former Secretary of State Clinton on 39 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is also polling higher than expected at five percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at two percent.

The biggest shock facing Republican officials is the fact young people in South Carolina look set to vote largely in favor of Clinton, with the former First Lady holding a five percent lead over Clinton with voters aged under 65; over 65s still give Trump a sizeable lead in the polls with a 58 percent rating compared to Clinton’s 30 percent.

Many experts are pointing to the changing population of the south of the U.S. that is seeing new business and employment opportunities for people who are moving to the area in many southeastern states. The same polling results are being replicated in the surrounding states of North Carolina and Georgia where the migration of people from northern states is changing the political viewpoint of traditionally Republican states.

8 Rules of Entrepreneurship Which You May Learn From Adrian Jose Velasquez

If you are a young entrepreneur in Panama, you may have heard about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. You may even want to be like him. If this is your dream, here are some of the ways you can do exactly that.

There are many young people who would like to be entrepreneurs but they do not know how to. There are also those who have the capital and drive but for some reason, they cannot get out of their comfort zone. There are rules which could help any young entrepreneur make it in business and reach their ultimate potential. Here are some of the rules for successful young entrepreneurs by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa.

The first thing which you need to do is to strive and be the best in the game. This basically means recognizing and finding your own space or niche in the business industry. You should also focus on your unique skills and experiences like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa.

The second rule entails mastering the useful art of mobility. This means that you should be able to set goals for your own business and model the business around those goals. As Tim Ferris, some of the low maintenance jobs are the ones that are easiest. Therefore, choose a business such as one which is internet based as opposed to one where you need to get labour.

The third rule is to seek the most perfect match for your situation on You need to network a lot and get the right people on your team. the perfect business partners will ensure that you get to achieve your goals in no time.

The other thing which you need to know is that you need not be the top of your class academically. There are many successful businessmen who did not get good grades but they still make it. You need to be smart in your business strategy however.

Another rule is to plan to fail. Making any mistakes is part and parcel of learning and making it in the world of business such as Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. It is also alright when your plans do not work out. This way you learn through such failures. Also, it is important to accept criticisms from people and change where you are wrong.

Being a student of the game is also very important. Always try to find a mentor who can show you the ropes and correct you when you go wrong. Nobody made it alone and you can learn from the best and be better.

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Danilo Diaz Granados Co-Founded The Toys for Boys Boutique In Miami, Florida

August 30th, 2016 Just In: Danilo Diaz Grandos recently held an event in Miami for his new luxury boutique, Toys for Boys.  The event was meant to drum up interest from Miami’s elite, featuring helicopter rides, and bottles of extravagant wine.  Danilo played host, and the event gained Toys For Boys many new fans.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a man on a mission. Danilo knew that he was destined to make a difference while he attended Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts. He earned a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, and he decided to use that knowledge when he moved to Miami. Granados realized that the Latino community in Miami needed a luxury boutique that offered contemporary art, fine watches and jewelry as well as exotic automobiles in one unique store. Danilo decided to start The Toys For Boys Boutique based on that luxury concept.

Granados also developed a love for films while he was in school. He took film courses and promised himself that he would start a film company when he had enough money, and when he had the right concept. Thanks to his job as a private investment manager, Danilo was able to save enough money to start Edge of Glory Films, a boutique film company that focused on Latino interests. Granados had the knowledge to edit, promote, direct production and set up a distribution network for his company. His goal was to bring a new media format to the United States that addressed Hispanic interests as well as issues.

In 2015, Granados was offered a job with Fireman Capital Partners. Danilo’s job at Fireman Capital Partners is to analyze Latino social and demographics and develop an investment strategy for his clients. Granados has the knowledge and experience to help his clients invest in one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. As an astute investment advisor, Granados is able to recognize trends and identify opportunities in the Hispanic world before other investment managers.

Friends say Danilo is a workaholic that aims high and always hits his target whether that target is a new investment venture or a deal on an exotic car. Granados is a self-motivated individual that knows and appreciates the finer things in life, and he helps others see the value that others overlook. No one is sure what Granados will do next, but whatever it is he will do it with style, grace, and appreciation.  Check out Danilo’s WordPress to see some tips from the man himself.

Controversial Financial Tactics: The World of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is an Argentine who has socialist tendencies. Many suspect him of this ideology because he has a close relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina. De Kirchner’s so bad with money that the country has faced double-default. The time frame? Only thirteen years. Additionally, Kyle Bass’ hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management, is located in Austin, Texas; a city so leftist it’s been described as the Portland of the south. If that weren’t enough, consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This group uses underhanded tactics like lawsuits and petitions from the infirm and their families to force stock-drops among pharmaceutical companies Bass can short-sell. He makes millions, the companies lose Research and Development funding, and the sick stagnate; cures on the horizon lost indefinitely.

With all these things in mind, when Kyle Bass makes remarks like he did in April for FOX, they must be considered in light of his career. Bass has said that 2016 will see an economic decline in America. He predicts this with forty to fifty percent accuracy. Which, combined, is a 45% chance–that’s 5% less than 1 out of 2, or the flip of a coin. So…Kyle Bass has essentially made the safest prediction possible. It’ll either happen, or it won’t; just like anything in life.

Now, additionally, Kyle Bass has predicted that when this economic drop happens, America will lose 20% of her economy. So that means if his prediction is correct, and the billion dollar investment he has tied up in a bet that American currency will supersede that of China’s comes through, then his win comes directly at the expense of both China’s and America’s loss. If that weren’t enough, he’s been getting on news outlets regularly since 2015’s fourth quarter warning against China’s economic losses on the horizon. He says they’re going to come within 2 to 3 years, but he doesn’t know exactly when. If that’s the case, why is he saying things like a “forty to fifty percent chance of collapse” by the end of 2016? It seems like he’s got a subterfuge strategy in play aimed at spooking possible investors, facilitating a quicker collapse.

Beaufort County Schools Are Attracting More Students

In recent years, there have been innumerable news stories about rising poverty, an inability for children to get the education they need and many other factors that may leave readers afraid for the country’s future. While these statistics and trends should not be ignored, it can be comforting to see areas that are bucking them. One such area is Beaufort County, SC. This week, the week of the 17th of August, the new school year has started for Beaufort County Public School students, and there are more students than ever.

The number of students enrolled in Beaufort County public schools has increased by 2,500 over the past four years, and this growth is expected to continue this year. In an interview with the local CBS affiliate, the district’s superintendent, Dr. Jeff Moss, said that there will be anywhere between 150 and 500 more students enrolling in the county’s high schools and middle schools this year than there were last year.

While it is, of course, a good thing that all of these children will be able to receive an education, the rapidly expanding student body in these schools could be a cause for concern. With too many students, the district could simply run out of space or staff to handle the new arrivals. Luckily, unlike in many other areas of the country, Beaufort County has the resources to expand. There are construction projects already ongoing at local middle and high schools to add new wings to help deal with the influx of new students. Additionally, two completely new schools are being constructed in Bluffton, a Beaufort town.

These new expansions help to provide choice for Beaufort County parents and caregivers. Moss expressed a desire for the public schools of Beaufort to be not only a viable choice for parents when compared to alternatives like private school and homeschooling, but also a palatable one. He sees the continuing growth of their schools as an indicator that this goal is being met, and that parents are more able to have their children educated in the way that they want.

In today’s negativity-focused news cycle, it is good to hear about places like this where education and a focus on the future are being made, well, focuses. Many areas in the country could learn something from Beaufort.

Who is Editing Your Wikipedia Page?

Staying on top of information flow and online reputation is a critical part of a business and personal life in the twenty-first century. The days of post it and forget it are long gone and not monitoring information can cost a business their reputation or even cause the business to close. There are multitudes of information sites where potential consumers can learn more about a business, of these Wikipedia is the best known. Because of its status as an open-source community, anyone can edit or make a Wikipedia page. Since a Wikipedia page is usually in one of a Google searches top five spots, a good Wikipedia page serves as a free search engine optimization tool for businesses. While committed volunteers do edits with good intentions focusing on improving the compilation, the potential exists for malevolent Wiki edits, which can harm an individual or a company.

An example of how easy it is to edit a Wikipedia page is the Twitter account; @congressedits collects instances of anonymous United States Congress Wikipedia edits. Ed Summers, a software developer, created the Twitter account that collects every change made to Wikipedia pages by anyone anonymously using a congressional computer. His goal was open access to the work of Congress. Often the changes are simple and straightforward. If a congressional representative is not re-elected, an edit on their Wikipedia page notes the change. Occasionally, edits can be malicious and cause damage, if this can happen under the watchful eye of the United States Government, who is safe from the edits?

For this reason, it is wise for individuals and businesses to employ a service to monitor and update their Wikipedia page. Wikipedia frowns upon self-promotion and companies who make their own pages filled with too many advertisements and superlatives risk deletion. One reliable service with a proven record of accomplishment and success is Get Your Wiki. When you hire a Wikipedia expert from Get Your Wiki they will create, format, reference, and update a Wikipedia page for their clients. Monitoring is especially important, and the service offers the option of vetting edits to a page in real time. This confirms that every rewrite is correct. Because a Wikipedia page is a representative of an individual or business, it is critical that its information is up to date, and properly sited. Wikipedia is also an archive of information; therefore, historical accuracy is vital. Get Your Wiki also offers a translation service allowing multi-lingual attention to a page.

Online information is easily and quickly available to virtually anyone anywhere who has a computer hooked into the web. Do not risk becoming a victim, take steps to protect your Wikipedia page.

The world of Seattle Genetics with Clay Siegall

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotechnology firm that focuses on the commercialization and development of microRNA (miRNA) therapeutics. Recently, it announced the appointment of Clay Siegall as an outside director to its Board of Directors. Clay Siegall is a Ph.D. holder and is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and the leading Chairman of Board of Directors of Seattle Genetics.

Dr. Paul Lammers, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Mirna categorically stated that the company is excited to appoint Dr. Siegall into their distinguished group of directors. His accomplishments in building a successful oncology company and broad pharmaceutical industry experience will be invaluable to the Mirna board and team.

Dr. Siegall said that he was pleased to join the Mirna Board of Directors and is looking forward to working with the board towards its programs for the patients in need. MicroRNA-based therapeutics is a thrilling area of thorough cancer research and Mirna is in a strong position with able product candidates.

Seattle Genetics was co-founded by Dr. Clay Siegall in 1998. Through his uncompromising leadership, the company has built an assorted pipeline of antibody-based therapies to tackle unmet medical needs of cancer patients. It has entered into several strategic collaborations with principle pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology in oncology.

Dr. Siegall has lead Seattle Genetics’ capital raising activities with huge success. He has secured in excess of six hundred and seventy-five million from private and public financings. He is also on the panel of a private biotechnology company called Alder BioPharmaceuticals. He spent time in National Institutes of Health from 1988 to 1991 and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997. He is a well renown author with more than seventy publications and holds a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University.

miRNAs are approximately twenty-five nucleotides long and upset gene expression by networking with messenger RNAs. MiRNAs are encoded in the humanoid genome and are utilised as natural regulators of the global gene expression. MiRNA appears to normalise the expression of hundreds of different genes.


Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics Toward a Cure for Cancer