How Cotemar has specialized in the Services that it offers

Cotemar is a Mexican firm that has majored in the provision of various services. They include shipping of commodities that need special handling, oil services, maritime services, and offshore construction and maintenance. The enterprise was established in 1979, and the variety of services that it offers has been growing over the years. One of its main clients is the Petroleos Mexicanos, which has hired it to conduct its offshore shipping undertakings. The company owns a couple of specialized vessels that maintain semi-submersible infrastructures that are located in off-shore facilities. It has been offering safe services for the past three decades.


The company has majored in the transportation of various commodities and personnel. Its vessels have been designed to be used in ferrying material, people, oil, and also towering vehicles and machinery into large structures. Cotemar’s boats are inspected and maintained according to the standards and safety measures that it has created.


The firm offers jobs to various professionals who have skills to handle its transportation process. Other services that it provides include catering, cleaning, and laundry when its vessels are offshore. Individual who have competencies in these fields can also seek for jobs at the company. Cotemar’ boats offer accommodation in small cabins that can accommodate about two to four people. The also provide amenities that are used for recreation, and they include a theater, TV rooms, and a basketball court. The catering services that they offer are outstanding, and its space can hold up to 4000 people. The company also provides a safe working environment since it operates by the safety and health control regulations. It takes care of the welfare of its employees by setting high operations standards.


Cotemar has been striving to be the leading provider of offshore services for both the oil and gas sectors. The enterprise has a vision of ensuring that its services in the international oil business are sustainable. It has been devoted to increasing the scope of services that it offers every year and is keen on adopting new innovative technologies. The company is privately held and has been recognized for the outstanding services that it offers in the petroleum industry.


Cotemar S.A. de C.V. was created as a business that majored in the provision of offshore transport, catering, and lodging services. The company stood out since it had vessels could transport employees, material, and other commodities that are needed for people to sustain themselves when they are away from land. By 1985, it had become a full-fledged offshore hotel that offered all services that people could need. Over time, it acquired vessels that have specialized in transporting different types of materials in the petroleum industry.

The Triumphs of Brian Bonar in the Financial World

February 27, 2017 – The CEO of Trucept, Brian Bonar has been working hard to make his information more accessible to the public. To get to know Brian a little better, check out his profile.

In 2010, the CEO of Dalrada Financial Group, Brain Bonar scooped the Executive of the Year in Finance in the Cambridge Who’s Who annual list. Every year, the selection committee picks two females and two males for the executive of the year honor, depending on the academic accomplishments, leadership skills, and professional achievements. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar has been in the financial sector for over 30 years and has amassed a wealth of knowledge during that time. Under the leadership of Bonar, Dalrada Financial has cemented an impressive legacy in the field of finance.


Dalrada Financial Group provides employee programs for different companies across the nation with the objective of increasing business efficiency. The entity has enjoyed significant success by customizing services that include insurance, business process outsourcing, and finance that cater to the needs of a particular client.

Under Bonar’s command, Dalrada has helped numerous clients manage their finances and protect their assets. The growth of the company and its commitment to providing businesses with top-of-the-line aftermarket products is one that mirrors the passion that Bonar has shown throughout his career.


Bonar got his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, and a graduate degree and doctorate from Stafford University in the UK. Brian Bonar was the Director of Technology Sales for the period between August 1992 and April 1994. His dedication and work ethic saw him rise the ranks with one promotion after another.

He was promoted to Dalrada’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing in April 1994, a position he held for only a few months as he became the Executive Vice President in September of that year. Bonar served as the Director of Dalrada from 1995 until 1997 when he was the President as well as the Chief Operating Officer. Brian Bonar took the reins of CEO of Dalrada Financial in 1998, and 1999 was when he was declared as the Chairman of the Board.  Read more: The New Frontier

Bonar’s Vast Experience

The Scottish financial expert has held positions in various institutions in the course of his illustrious career. Besides his positions at Dalrada Financial, he is also presently the CEO and Chairman of Trucept Inc., formerly Star-Tek Solutions, which is a title he has held since 2010.

He is also the CFO and acting CEO of Amanda Co. Inc. Before that, he was CFO, Treasurer, and Secretary. Bonar was also Benzier Systems’ VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing since 1991 to 1992. From 1990 to 1991, Adaptech Inc. had him as its Worldwide Sales Manager. Other companies that Brian Boner has served in different capacities include; Rastek Corporation, QMS, Inc. The Solvis Group, Inc, Greenland Corp, and Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc, just to name a few.

Rick Shinto Leads InnovaCare Health to Provide the Best Services

Update – Feb 27, 2017 Rick Shinto was awarded by Ernst and Young as Entrepreneur of the Year for New Jersey due to his work with Innovacare.

InnovaCare Health is an institution that provides managed physician practice services and Medicare Plans. The healthcare company has done very well since it was established because it integrates sustainable and cost efficient models with advanced technologies. The institution is known for providing consumers with high quality and very affordable healthcare through Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and several other healthcare provider networks.

Since it was founded several years ago, InnovaCare Health primary mission has been to overcome the challenges in the health system and provide the clients with redefined health care services. The headquarters of the organization are found in Fort Lee in New Jersey. The institution has been able to meet the ever changing demands of the customers under the leadership of Richard Shinto, the President and chief executive officer and Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the chief administrative officer.

Read more: InnovaCare Health

Richard Shinto, President and Chief Executive Officer

Shinto is a very experienced professional in the medical industry. Shinto received his first medical degree from a New York-based university known as State University. Later on, he went for his MBA studies at the Redlands University where he graduated with first class honors. Shinto is a respected author too who has written several articles on healthcare and clinical medicine.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Richard Shinto had already worked in the clinical and operational healthcare industry for more than twenty years. His experienced in managed care enabled him to get an appointment to the position of chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare Health. Before taking this position, Richard Shinto was working as the CEO of an institution known as Aveta Inc. The company was sold in 2012, and this allowed him to look for greener pastures in InnovaCare Health. Shinto has also worked as the chief medical officer at NAMM in California. Source:

Rick started his successful career when he was appointed to work as a pulmonologist in South California just as an intern. After his internship, Shinto was selected to work as the Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optimal Health in California too. Rick Shinto was also working as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for a company known as Med Partners in the past.

Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer
Penelope is one of the individuals who hold key positions in InnovaCare Health today. She is currently the Chief Administrative Officer, a position she acquired in 2015. She got her master’s degree from the Columbia University School, and she has worked in several healthcare companies in the past.

For more about Penelope Kokkinides, check out her BizJournals profile

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta Says The Stem Cell Transplantation May Lead to Permanent Remedy to Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a major nervous disease that causes irregularities in the central immune system. Until recently, there was no effective medication for the disorder, but a recent development is giving a ray of hope to get an effective therapy, per Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta. The clinical trials showed that high-dose immunosuppressive therapy continued by transplantation of blood-forming stem cells (HDIT/HCT) from the patient himself induces remission of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS).

As many as 69 percents of the trial participants did not experience any worsening of the condition after five years of HDIT/HCT therapy. The trial was named as HALT-MS, and it was sponsored by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of National Institutes of Health. It was conducted by Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) funded by NIAID. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta confirmed that the onetime HDIT/HCT trial therapy gave better results than existing long-term medication. With this, more randomized and detailed trails would be encouraged to give much better results in future.

The varied symptoms of MS are generally relapses and recess in intervals, and hence it is creating physical and mental complexities in patients. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta says that usually over the years, MS gets advanced. The trial treatment is focusing to prevent the advancement of the disease and to suppress the current stage by removing ailment-causing cells and by resetting the immune system. It is working in such a way that doctors initially collect blood-forming stem cells from the patient, deplete the immune system by high-dose chemotherapy, and then returning stem cells back into the body.

1. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a neurologist practicing at Voorhees, New Jersey. He is keenly watching the results of the trail as it is expected to make a major revolution in the MS therapy. He has more than 40 years practice and also specializes in psychiatry. He completed the residency at Boston City Hospital.

Among The Worst Drivers

A recent study has shown that drivers in South Carolina are among the worst in the nation. This comes as no surprise to those who have traveled on the roads in the state. With the relaxed seat belt regulations, the lack of a requirement for motorcyclists to wear a helmet and the myriad of places where drivers can cruise up and down the streets without worrying about driving at a high rate of speed, it’s no wonder that drivers aren’t the most agile on the road in the state. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were used when creating the study that was used for the ranking.


Drivers aren’t very happy with the rest of the nation thinking that they don’t know how to drive on the roads. However, if there were fewer car accidents and fewer reports of motorists speeding, then the results might be a little different. If you’ve been on the roads, then you see that there are people on their phones talking and texting all day long. This isn’t the way that you’re supposed to drive. It’s also an indication that people really don’t care about what they’re focused on when it comes to being on the road. They care more about talking and getting their messages sent than they do obeying the traffic laws and regulations that are set forth by the state.

South Carolina Lawmaker Resigns After Accusations of Beating Wife

South Carolina Statehouse Rep. Chris Corley resigned on January 24 after being accused of aggravated domestic violence. He allegedly beat her bloody and could face up to 20 years in prison for this charge.


In response to the allegations, Corley issued a one-sentence resignation letter which reads, “I am grateful that the House did not have to take such extraordinary measures.” The statement was read by House Speaker Jay Lucas as he was reportedly preparing to submit legislation to expel Corley from the House. Corley saved him the trouble.


Corley is best known for his outspoken defense of the Confederate flag. He was re-elected to a second term in November with no opposition.


Initially, he was charged with first-degree domestic violence and pointing a firerm. The jury ended up returning a more serious charge, aggravated domestic violence, which is punishable by up to 20 years. The gun charge could land him an additional five years.


Corley’s statement said his wife tried to hit him after accusing him of cheating on her. He then responded. This all transpired on December 26 of last year, when Corley’s wife claimed he only stopped hitting her after seeing she was bleeding and hearing the screams of their young children. The attack allegedly ended with orley pointing a gun at his wife and then locking himself in a bathroom. His wife then reportedly fled to her mother’s house with the children.


The 911 recording did him no favors when it was released to the public. His children can be heard on the recording saying “Please stop…Just stop Daddy.”


Corley’s bail has been set at $50,000. He is also being barred from contacting his wife and children without permission.


Don’t Buy Your BMW New

Everyone knows that BMW make some of the most luxurious cars that are always popular. While everyone and their mom wants one, nobody really knows what to look for when buying a BMW. Here’s a quick list to keep in mind to help you out.

When you’re getting a used bmw, make sure that you check out various places to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. Having someone at a respectable dealership can save you time and energy since they have more connections to find you a good deal. Having a professional means you can check if it’s CPO BMW certified, which means the car is legit, and other things.

Beverly Hills Auto Group is a leading used BMW dealership that’s located in New York. Their staff is customer oriented, making the whole BMW buying procedure easy while getting you the bang for your buck. Combine that with their 48 lenders that will aggressively bid to work with you and you’re sure to never go wrong.


Programs For Veterans In South Carolina Jails

There are several people in jail who are veterans. These are people who might not have a place to live and commit crimes in order to have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. Many prisons in South Carolina are now offering programs to help veterans who are in jail so that they can succeed when they get out. Veterans who have an honorable discharge can enter the program at the MacDougall Correctional Institution. About 10 percent of the inmates in the state are veterans. Prison officials want to make sure veterans have all of the support available to them so that they don’t end up back in jail.


Veterans have to be within two years of being released in order to get into the programs. Michael Cole will be in charge of the program. He is a retired commander of the Navy. This is a program that gives hope to veterans. There are many times when veterans might feel that they are pushed to the side after their services of protecting the country have ended. They don’t have access to healthcare, and they don’t get the support that they need in the way of housing and financial assistance. They are pushed under a rug, which is why many resort to doing what they can to get in jail so that they will have somewhere to live.


Haley Transitions From SC Governor to UN Ambassador

After serving as South Carolina Governor for six years, Nikki Haley became the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She was nominated by President Donald Trump, and on Tuesday, January 24, Vice President Mike Pence swore her in as the ambassador. Trump had announced his intention to nominate her in November, after he won the presidential race.


She faced little opposition during her confirmation hearings. Only four out of the 100 senators voted against her nomination. That small group included Bernie Sanders and three democratic senators.


Before becoming governor, Haley was a state representative in South Carolina from 2005 to 2011. When encouraged to run by then governor Mark Sanford, she faced tough competition. Endorsements from Mitt Romney, the Sanfords, and Sarah Palin helped her leap to the top of the pack. She became the first Sikh elected as a governor in the US. Both of her parents are immigrants from India.


Haley graduated from Clemson University and received a BS in accounting. Earlier in her career, she worked for FCR Corporation and her mother’s business, Exotica International. FCR is a waste management and recycling company, and her family business is in the clothing industry.


Her critics have called attention to her limited global affairs experience. She was able to earn the votes of almost all of the senators, though, with her answers to their questions.


She supports Trump’s proposal to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. She does not support the idea of creating a Muslim registry in the US, and she believes that diplomacy will be needed to keep the Russians and Syrians in check. They can be useful allies in fighting ISIS, and she and her UN colleagues will have to keep a close eye on how they wield power.

Don’t Do This If You’re An Investor

After the crash of the market in 2008 investors took a dim view of working with individual stocks or mutual funds. Instead, the pushed their money in index funds, these funds are passive in their management and are supposed to be less volatile than an actively managed fund. Timothy Armour, the Chairman of Capital Group, doesn’t recommend this strategy.

Actively Managed Funds Perform Better

Armour believes in managers having a direct impact on their funds. He said, “Our number one mantra is we will get you better returns over time. We believe in what we do even if at times the world doesn’t.”

Timothy Armour believes a good active manager will research a company and choose its stock for a fund based on its performance as a company and its stock in the market. Teeing the performance of a fund to an index is nothing more than following the lead of other managers. Armour believes this kind of investment strategy leads to average results with little regard for breakout opportunities and profits.

Captial Group With Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour became the Chairman of Capital Group after the death of the former chairman, James Rothenberg. Armour’s management style falls right in-line with Rothenberg, who also believed in active management of funds.

The Proof Is In The Bottom Line

Jonathan Bell Lovelace started Capital Management Group in 1931. Sine then it has grown to oversee $1.25 trillion dollars of assets. The majority of these accounts are in equity based funds. The group uses a multi-manager system for investing, a research-based style of investment.

A History Of Service

Timothy Armour joined the firm in 1984 after graduating from Middlebury College. He steadily rose through the ranks, from associate to fund manager to the executive levels. He is still active in the management of the company’s funds.