A Direct Selling Opportunity For Individuals Who Insist On Enjoying Their Job

Anyone who has ever considered a home-based business has probably researched direct selling, however, each option is unique. Not all direct selling opportunities have the distinct advantages The Traveling Vineyard offers its Wine Guides.

Even the word guide suggests that promoting the company’s wines is about educating potential customers, as opposed to strictly a sales position. Wine Guides hold wine tasting events, where, after trying five exclusive wines, attendees ask to order one or more of the wines, therefore, very little selling is required.

First, and most importantly, The Traveling Vineyard is upfront about the initial costs to become a Wine Guide. Participants buy a Success Kit, which contains supplies, including the wines, for their first two events and training materials. For each additional tasting event, Wine Guides purchase a tasting kit, however, they can earn credits to offset the cost with a specific number of sales. Finally, for a small monthly fee, The Traveling Vineyard provides Wine Guides with a website for repeat orders and building a team.

Individuals who join The Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guide program are assured of participating in a legitimate home business opportunity with a trusted company. All anyone has to do is hold educational wine tastings and take orders to earn a sliding scale commission and bonuses for reaching benchmarks.

Certainly earning money is the primary benefit of partnering with The Traveling Vineyard, nevertheless, the Wines Guides profiled on the company’s website and social media pages all say that they are having fun. Very few people get to make money doing something that they enjoy, which is why The Traveling Vineyard stands out as an exceptional direct selling prospect.

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