An Idea is Born: Don Ressler Has Created an Empire


There are many reasons why a person would start a business. One of those reasons is that the person finds an issue in their life, and they want to find a way to find a way to solve it. This is the story for Don Ressler and the company he co-founded, Fabletics.


As he told Brandettes, Don Ressler and his wife are very active and spend a lot of time in athletic clothing. They noticed that there was not a lot of variety when it came to these types of clothes. Most had the same shape and there was not a lot of variety in the color choices. Mr. Ressler wanted to see athletic clothing that was more on trend and that was fun to wear. Athletic clothing that is fun to wear can be motivational as well.


CrunchBase’s timeline shows us that Don Ressler began Fabletics in October of 2013 and has seen substantial growth since the beginning. The company began as an online company. All products were listed online, and customers were able to come to the website anytime of the day or night. The types of products that are available are like no other. There are bright colors and different designs for the traditional pieces that are worn by the masses.


The idea behind Fabletics was that the clothing could be worn by anyone no matter where they were. From an early morning workout to running errands later in the day, these clothes would be trendy and comfortable to wear. That approach is what sets Fabletics apart from the competition.


Fabletics began as a solution to a regular problem he was having in his personal life. Instead of waiting for someone else to find a solution, he went for it. Fabletics has only been in business for three years but the success of the company is amazing. The approach this company is taking is different from the rest and is paying off in a big way. Fabletics is here to stay.  LinkedIn shows that Don Ressler’s history is unprecedented, making his companies something to watch.