Mullen Lowe Brazil CEO Highlights the Pitfalls of Inbound and Content Marketing

The Maxim advertising company is now the focus of business. It has gained comparison in content marketing. With each passing day, more companies adopt the content marketing. Inbound marketing is her partner. Entrepreneurs expect that the results will come quickly as they go with the headquarters at the pot. They think that the strategy will yield the necessary solutions for advertising. Let’s take a look at inbound and content marketing.

According to Mullen Lowe Brail CEI, Jose Borghi, inbound marketing is an attractive strategy for an audience that works through delivering material that solves their challenges. For instance, you can deliver content relevant to the problem. While using this commitment, the market is acquired by the brand. Therefore, the brand gains authority over the market and consumer trust. For this reason, content marketing enters this process with proper material construction.The consumer will certainly contract a service or make a purchase if all goes well. Strategy development is the main question. You will get more customers when excited about the possibilities of the strategy. When in a hurry, you will end up making a poorly planned strategy.Some concepts under content marketing spread the wrong message. This leads to immediate solutions for marketing. They include:

Try to look smart. The company will publish on their advertisig blogs and website on original texts coupled with original content to be shared on social platforms. The brand will sell. However, it is not enough with content marketing strategies. There has to be an outlined plan at the end of the content. This plan stretches beyond the interesting content. SEO optimization is certainly needed as well as buying journey and buyer persona study. Only a published text will be the country-s salvation. This action can be disappointing.

Try to be useful. For a fact, this is the main reason for advertising and content marketing. However, you should know your readers and outline the most useful information to them. Whom are you writing for? For instance, do not present the testimony of another consumer about the benefits of a product. However, you should talk about the advantages gained by purchasing the products. This can be useful when the consumer is still researching the market. Before making a purchase, the consumer today has good information through the internet. For this reason, the company has to provide information on the products importance. Companies should also have solid presences in the social platforms.

A Look At The Career Of José Borghi

Jose Borghi is the creator of the Mullen Lowe advertising agency. The company used to be known as Borghi Lowe. It is one of the most prominent and influential advertising firms in Brazil now. Mr. Borghi is the mastermind behind a highly popular Brazilian advertising campaign that featured children dressed as stuffed animals and singing a hit Brazilian folk song called “Is Love” by the group Zeze di Camargo and Luciano. This ad created by Jose Borghi is still remembered by many Brazilians today.

The successful career of Jose Borghi in advertising began with doubts and many hurdles to overcome. In school Jose was unsure which profession he should pursue. This all changed when his sister took him to a screening of the most popular ads in the world at a local theater. The screening showcased the ads that had won Lions Awards at Cannes. The young Jose Borghi would not know it at the time, but he would go on the win multiple Lions Awards for Brazilian advertising himself in the future. Seeing the ads and the way they can evoke emotion led Jose Borghi to decide to embark upon a career of marketing as his profession.

Jose Borgi went on to study marketing at Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas in Sao Paulo State. He would immediately find work after graduating in the area. His first job was with a marketing firm called Standart Ogilvy. Borghi would work for several Brazilian advertising firms such as DM9/DDB, Leo Burnett, FCB and Talent before he would go on to create his own ad agency. Partnering with Erh Ray, the duo created their own marketing firm called BorghiErh, named after themselves.

The two had to start from scratch and absolute zero to build up their advertising firm and pick up business says Jose Borghi on They had no investors, no financial support and nobody to guide them. The only way to breakthrough was through hard work, diligent planning, careful content creation and lots and lots of coffee.

The success of the firm led to BorghiErh being bought by fellow Brazilian advertising agency, Lowe in 2006. Erh Ray, the partner of Jose Borghi was bought out of his share of the company and was no longer involved in the company. Borghi Lowe as the company was now called, would eventually turn into Mullen Lowe. The change occurred when Lowe and Partners merged together with the Mullen Group.

Nizan Guanes: A Natural Born Copywriter

Advertising, on the Internet, television and in print, is an important part of marketing, which also includes market research, public relations, distribution and sales strategy. Creative types gravitate toward advertising since they are skilled at engaging readers and listeners and encouraging them to take action, while being entertaining at the same time. Copywriters, who compose the speech or text in advertisements, are generally recognized by their peers when consumers find their advertisements memorable.


Nizan Guanaes co-founded Grupo ABC, an advertising and specialty marketing company, along with Guga Valente. By 2012, Guaneas helped propel the company to the 19th largest marketing and content firm in the world. Always working in advertising, Guaneas started out as a copywriter after college in his hometown of Salvador, Bahia. He moved he moved to Rio de Janeiro, and later to São Paulo, building his reputation as a creative copywriter as he went until he received international acclaim at the Cannes Festival for “Hitler,” a television ad for a newspaper. Nizan Guanaes has earned multiple marketing awards, including Communication Entrepreneur of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, a Jeca Tatu award for copywriting and a Poder ABC Business Award for his entrepreneurial vision. Advertising Age named Guanaes one of the “21 Global Influencers On Media” as well.


Guanaes also believes in giving back; his favorite causes include HIV prevention, preserving Brazil’s culture and empowering women and girls. He is a Goodwill Ambassador at UNESCO and a member of The Women in the World Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime Makeup Products

Doe Deere is the creator of the Lime Crime makeup company. The makeup brand has sparkly unicorns and contains beautiful, poignant colors that can be worn for nearly any occasion. The packages come in a beautiful pink shade with unicorns so there is no mixing it up with any other makeup that you might already own. The audience that she has are intrigued by her and are very passionate about their makeup.

Doe Deere is a light hearted individual who is very soft spoken. She is very much outspoken about things that she is very passionate about, things like her makeup line. She is all about business and holds her makeup line above anything else.

People who know about the makeup line know that it is known for the bright colors that most people do not have the desire to wear. Those who do wear them, wear them with honor. They chose the makeup line because when no one else wanted to make colors as bright as them, they created them. Doe Deere decided to think outside of the box and to make the colors no one else wanted to. She wanted to make sure that people who love color and love to stand out have options available to them to wear.

Doe Deere makes it very clear that she only uses Twitter and her blogs to communicate with her followers. There are Facebook pages that are ran by her people and those people will place specials and feedback about the products but comments that are made by those who make rude and unruly comments are not made by her and this is one thing that Doe wants people to know.

She used her power to build her company through the internet and used her connections online to make her company bigger and better. By use of the internet, she is able to reach a broader market and therefore can reach more people. The makeup line is created without the use of harsh chemicals as well as being free from animal cruelty. Most of the other brands are unable to say this and many other brands will cause your face to breakout from the chemicals that are used in the makeup brand.

The makeup creator has created blogs where you can see her create a lipstick as well as a YouTube video in which she creates a eyeshadow to show that the makeup that she creates is in fact her makeup and not from companies that she pays for their services and products. That does not mean that she will show you how to make each and every one of her eyeshadow colors but to only showcase that she does in fact place her makeup on the internet for sale and that she is in charge of who manufactures and creates her makeup line not just some wholesale company that she resells. Most of the other companies will not be so upfront and open about the makeup they create and therefore she sets the standards higher for her customers.

Get a Hand with Handy

Saving money doing everything from cleaning, to yard work, to repair, to working full time is just too much for one person sometimes. It is not necessary to get married just to share the bills and the chores, although it can be great for two people who want to share life’s challenges and burdens. But really, it is not necessary to get married just to share the chores. That does not always work out anyway. So the real solution to the home chores and home cleaning problem is Handy! Handy has professional cleaners and professional handymen at the swipe of the mobile app that is easily installed on a mobile phone.

To solve the problem of living in a mess or not having time to clean up the mess, busy singles are enhancing their great happy lifestyle by making easy appointments with the many vetted professionals that Handy has on its pre-screened independent service professionals list. When a client requests a home cleaning professional, the Handy app will instantly hook up that client from thousands of professionals that can be trusted to do the job from the pool in that particular city or regional area. This is a world-wide system that is easy to access by becoming a member with a log in. It takes no more than one minute to be book a professional to clean up the house with a secure payment that is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

There is really no more convenient way to manage the household chores that end up piling up to the point where the place is basically uninhabitable. If mother is coming over for a visit, what better way to spruce up and freshen up the bachelor pad than to book Handy, the ultimate home service app that sends over ‘Helen,’ or ‘Roy,’ to clean up and fix up home so it really is a sweet home.

Itunes’ Handy is the place to book most kinds of fix it up services, assembly, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, and of course cleaning. Handy was founded in 2012 by two students from Harvard that met doing a business project, just like in the movie The Social Network. The pragmatic situation gave way to the serendipitous invention of Handybook. Oisin Hanrahan was selling real estate as a 19 year old college student in Ireland and wondered how he could hire trustworthy professionals to clean up and fix up the properties he was trying to sell. He later met Umang Dua and as roommates they found themselves buried in disassembled furniture and dirty dishes. So for their project at Harvard they created Handybook with some clever code and algorithms to match up professionals in those areas with all kinds of home projects.

Today the company that was funded by Highland Capital Management and General Catalyst Partners is now booking $1 million dollars in bookings each week. The project was far more successful than these two students ever thought was possible. Their headquarters in New York now holds just over 50 employees. They book freelance jobs for thousands of workers each month worldwide.

Heads Propaganda: How To Choose An Ad Agency

Are you considering hiring an advertising agency for your next promotional project? Wondering why so many marketers and companies in Brazil choose Heads Propaganda to handle all of their advertising campaign?

When it comes to running a successful ad campaign, it’s not a good idea to just pick any advertising agency to handle it for you. It’s important that you select a well established ad agency that has a track record of rendering top notch advertising services.

Heads Propaganda is a leading advertising agency in Brazil, providing services to some of the nation’s high profile companies and individuals. If you are in need of effective advertising, it’s extremely important that you contact Heads Propaganda for assistance.

Advertising agencies offer many benefits to businesses and individuals that need to reach their target audience. If you have a message or product to promote to your audience or prospects, it’s extremely important that you consult a reliable advertising agency. A good ad agency will work with you to develop a campaign.

Most ad agencies provide services that involve everything from brainstorming a promotional theme, deciding on the proper media for your ad campaign, creating the ads, and handling the price negotiation with the various media. As you can see, utilizing the services of an ad agency can be very beneficial to you if you have little or no advertising experience.

While you may be an expert in your particular field, you may have little or no knowledge of how to create an effective, attention-grabbing ad copy. Heads Propaganda is staffed with people who possess the skills to develop innovative ideas and strategies that can be completely unique or original, or based proven themes. This can also help you if you are not inclined to think creatively.

You may not be well versed in market research. Heads Propaganda can handle much of the task in this area by helping you to identify your target market and its key demographics. In order words, Heads Propaganda can help you to figure out the most effective type of advertising for your offer, as well as the right audience to target.

Cláudio Loureiro is a popular advertising expert in Brazil. He has been working and providng top quality advertising services for more than 25 years, and is considered one of the best in the industry. Cláudio Loureiro is CEO at Heads Propaganda, one of Brazil’s most successful advertising agencies. Heads Propaganda is highly dedicated to ensuring the success of his clients.