Andy Wirth Continues to Give Back

Andy Wirth is an American-German businessman that has gained a significant amount of success working in the United States in the hospitality industry. Andy Wirth was initially born in West Germany, but moved to the United States to further his education when he went to Colorado State University.

After working for several years in the hospitality, outdoor recreation, and other related industries, he earned his big professional break when he got a job working for the Steamboat Ski Resort in Steamboat, Colorado. While working for Steamboat for over 20 years, he worked in a wide range of different positions including hospitality services, sales, finance, and marketing. Read more: Julia Mancuso opinion: My friend Andy Wirth is a good guy

After the resort was acquired by Intrawest in 2006, he was promoted to President of Sales and Marketing. Wirth was heavily involved in the development of Steamboat’s international reputation, which included hosting several official send-offs for the US Olympic Ski team.

According to KCWR, Due to his success working for Steamboat, Andy Wirth was highly sought after by the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in the Lake Tahoe region of California. He was ultimately hired as the CEO of Squaw Valley in 2010 and has helped to oversee significant positive changes for the resort.

While working for Squaw Valley, he was able to oversee a $72 million expansion and redevelopment program, which included major improvements to both the skiing experience and the resort.

Andy Wirth was also the head of Squaw Valley when the company merged with the nearby Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which was a competing resort in the area. Following the official transition in 2012, Wirth was named the CEO of the new expanded company.

Beyond his professional success, Wirth has also spent a lot of time and effort giving back to the community. He has been the head of a variety of charities, been involved as the Board of Directors of several charitable causes, and even worked as a volunteer fireman.