How ClassDojo Plans To Transform Classrooms

There has been a smartphone app created that is changing how children are taught and how parents are communicated with regarding their child’s education. Mrs. Rhodes, an educator in Tiburon, California, commented that the parents of her students like the pictures posted of what is happening in the class and in turn she enjoys the notifications the app provides when parents use the app to see her classroom.

The app, ClassDojo, launched in 2011 and has quickly spread into schools and classrooms across the United States and indeed the world. In the United States at least two-thirds of schools have a teacher using the app in their classroom. The apps first came to be of mass appeal when it gave a point system to teachers for the rewarding of students in good behavior. The app has evolved into providing instant communication between parent and teachers in the child’s learning. Just before this school year the app also added Student Stories, which lets students post their own photos and videos about what happened that day at school.

A difference maker about the app is that teachers can use the app without dealing with the bureaucracy of the school administration, and in doing so keep parents, teachers, and administration informed of what is happening in the classroom.   Read more on

ClassDojo has achieved enough success that they are now able to focus on way to generate revenues on the app. Instead of advertising they have concentrated on selling educational content such as educational videos. For this purpose ClassDojo has partnered with Stanford University to produce a collection of videos around the concept of “growth mindset”. So far the series has seen 25% of American Kindergarten through 8th grade students watch the videos. The second set of videos they are working on will be done in conjunction with Harvard University.

ClassDojo created their app with three goals in mind. The first was to help create a positive culture in classrooms. The second was to give children a voice and opportunity to share their work, and the third was to get parents engage through their children sharing videos and pictures with them during the school day.

Through April 2016 ClassDojo has raised $21 million in funds from venture capital firms. The co-founders of the company, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, have used this funding to grow their team and research what types of content is appealing to the teachers, parents, and students that will use the app.

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Talk Fusion Customers Now Have 30 Days To Enjoy Products

Talk Fusion, a video and email marketing company just announced they will be giving free trials for anyone interested in using their software. According to PRNewswire, Talk Fusion is doing this as a way to promote its brand and expose the company to even more audiences, as it’s now offered in over 140 different countries worldwide. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO certainly understands the “try before you buy” mentality that most customers have, and he’ll be allowing them to try the video email software, video newsletters, web conferencing, signup forms, and live video chat software all free of charge. Talk Fusion has also won awards for their proprietary WebRTC recorder. To signup for these Talk Fusion trials, you don’t have to use a credit card, just simply an email address.

Bob Reina is an aspiring entrepreneur and family man who founded Talk Fusion in 2007. Reina had been a police officer in the Tampa, FL community he lives in for many years, but he decided he wanted to run his own business and take charge of his life. So he got into the multilevel marketing profession, working several different business endeavors while doing so, and eventually he got the idea for Talk Fusion while simply trying to send videos through email while on vacation. He decided to build a software company that would allow users to send video emails as a marketing tool, and include newsletters and signup forms along with it. Talk Fusion went from concept to growing fast.

Reina also wanted to give others a chance to go into business at Talk Fusion, so he started an associates program that allowed people to earn commission for selling Talk Fusion products to customers. In addition to earning money as an associate, Talk Fusion also has a rewards program for associates who go the extra mile in sales volume each month. Rewards include paid vacations to luxury resorts in Hawaii and other dream locations, expensive jewelry, and even brand new sports cars. Bob Reina has encouraged philanthropy at Talk Fusion, as he himself has given away millions to local Tampa charity foundations and humane societies.

ClassDojo, Making Positive Contribution In Education.


ClassDojo has raised funds for tech that will enable communications between teachers and student’s parents. The easy-to-use app is a communication platform about student’s social and behavioral development and activities. Parents can know what their children are experiencing all the time, and they can support learning development at school and guide conversation at home. The free app is set to create premium content and features where parents will pay to use them.

ClassDojo could also include transaction features that will enable parents to pay for lunch, supplies and field trips through their phones. Teachers use the app to schedule daily activities and send photos and videos of student latest work to the parents. It is common to kindergarten through Grade 8 teaching and is used in over 85,000 schools in the US. Having been founded in 2011, ClassDojo has attracted new investors such as GSV, SignalFire and Reach Capital. In its series B of venture funding which was led by General Catalyst, it raised $21Million.

ClassDojo is a fast growing education technology that is used in US and 180 other countries. In 2013, it was recognized as one of 10 Most Innovative Education Company in the World by Fast Company. The promising team is made up of educators, engineers and designers who work together to deliver content and features that are useful to the parents, teachers and students. The app operates on any computer, Android, Kindle Fire and IOS. ClassDojo’s mission is to improve education by bringing progressive ideas and creating a community of parents, students and teachers.

Educators and parents can sign in with their emails while as students can sign in with their usernames. Teachers can engage parents by sharing classroom moments and updates through videos and photos. The parents can be messaged privately and may like and comment on things posted on Class Story. Parents can translate any message they receive into any language they want. The students through their portfolios can share and show photos and videos of their learning. Teachers can encourage students by sharing a digital high-five. ClassDojo has also been awarded 2015 Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup by Tech Crunch. The co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are indeed innovative and creative.

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For Talk Fusion Another Award is just Another Day

It isn’t easy finding your way to a product that seems to be so perfectly needed in the current market but so overwhelmingly underrepresented. However, that is exactly what Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina did back in 2007 when he founded his company. Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing solution for companies and entrepreneurs that need to take their game to the highest level while marketing their products to an eager customer base. In this vein it is easy to say that Talk Fusion has succeeded. They’ve also begun to rack up honors from high profile companies like Communications Solutions who presented them with their coveted 2016 Product of the Year Award.

The Product of the Year Award is another gleaming medal on the mantle of Talk Fusion’s already successful resume. This award is given out to companies who so completely embody their product within the needs of video, data, and voice communications. Talk Fusion has refined their message and their product over the past nearly 9 years and as a result they are now a well oiled machine, as well as one of the most popular marketing solution companies on the planet. Bob Reina said, in relation to the award, that this was “just the beginning”. He went on to say how much his IT crew was ready to implement their “big plans for the future” in order to stay ahead of the always changing curve. Talk Fusion’s CTO, Ryan Page, saw the award as a testament to “how efficient and innovative” the company has been.

For people who are on the edge about whether or not Talk Fusion is the right form for them there is a 30 day free trial going on that has recently been launched by CEO Bob Reina. This free trial opens up the entire program for potential customers to take a look at just what is on offer. They will be greeted by the immense library of information that Reina has made available as well as all of the video marketing tools needed to make a real push via email.


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The Benefits of Using Talk Fusion for Communication

Talk Fusion is a new innovative video communication software where users can communicate with people all around the world through video chat. No matter what part of the world users are calling with Talk Fusion, they will still receive a clear picture with no glitches or pauses during the time that they are communicating. One of the great benefits to using Talk Fusion is the price is very affordable for users and is worth every dollar spent because of the software’s innovative structure that was creatively constructed by Bob Reina.

Bob Reina had created Talk Fusion to give people around the world the opportunity to communicate with their loves through video chat, without any hassles. With some video communication software’s, users will have numerous glitches in their screen such as a freeze up and the voices will cut in and out. By researching new studies on video communication, Bob was able to create a software program where users would not have these negative experiences. When a parent gets online to call there child who is thousands of miles away, the last thing they want is to not be able to hear or see their son/daughter. With Talk Fusion, that worry will never cross their minds.

Bob has always been well-known for highly popular software programs that are up to date with all the new styles on the market. Talk Fusion just so happens to be one his most highly ranked products he has ever created. It is widely used amongst parents whose children are away at college, wives whose husbands are overseas and married couples that are always split apart do to their work that requires them to travel. Without Talk Fusion, they could still communicate with their loved ones, but they would be hassled with frozen computer screens and jumbled voices on the other end.

Handy Cleaning Is Helping Me Maximize My Time

I am the single soccer mom that has a lot of long days at work. I would love to say that I can do it all, but I can’t. I believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a cleaning service to keep the home clean. Handy is a wonderful company that has made my life easier. This is the type of organization that has saved me over and over again.

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The app makes it so easy to just book an appoint at any time. This is what I love the most about the site. I can book someone in less than a minute. That person will be able to come out within 24 hours. It could not get much easier than that. I get the deluxe services where they go from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bathroom. I like the crew clean the floors, scrub the tubs and take out the trash.

As a mom that has her hands full with work, school and extracurricular activities, I am thrilled for any chance to get my home cleaned by professionals. I like this company, and I believe that many moms would benefit from Handy.