Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital Investments In The Natural Resources Industry.

Since Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2009, its has been very successful. Solo Capital has been able to grow in terms of market, assets and revenue. It is less than a decade since the firm was formed and already leading the business way for other investment and financial firms. Solo Capital has it’s headquartered in London, U.K. where it was incorporated in 2011. Though the company currently manages its operations in Dubai, it operates on a global scale. Solo Capital made one of the biggest profits in its business history after it placed a correct bet on the Greece economic debt crisis. Solo Capital, the Sanjay Shah firm owes much of its success to its staff who strive each and every day to make the company successful. This staff maintain high levels of professionalism and combine it with the good market knowledge to offers the firm’s clients unmatched services.

Recently, this Sanjay Shah’s firm was on an expansion expedition and managed to acquire Old Park Lane Capital as its owner. Old Park Lane Capital is a stockbroker firm that trades in natural resources industry stocks. Looking at the current business market, the natural resources industry is one on the best performing industries currently in the market. Solo Capital says that for a while it has been considering to join the natural resources industry, and it is very glad that that opportunity finally showed itself. Old Park Lane Capital on the other side expressed its gratitude to Solo Capital for saving it from their financial troubles through the acquisition and it hopes it would soon be able to be up to its legacy in the natural resources industry. Solo Capital, is a firm which offers a variety of financial services, and this acquisition move would put the at a better position in the world of business. Proprietary trading, business consultancy, and professional sports investments management are among the leasing services being offers by Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and owner of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks charity. He is a well-recognized business person and entrepreneur due to his Solo Capital firm and 36 other firms around the globe. Sanjay Shah also owns the another firm which controls Solo Capital Holding; this is the firm that is mandated to oversee operations of Solo Capital. As a philanthropist, Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks charity organization to raise funds to fund awareness programs and research on the autism. This organization also donates therapy equipment to autism centers and takes care of the treatment of autistic children from less fortunate backgrounds. Sanjay Shah has devoted all of his time to this organization, and his joy is seeing it making a difference in lives of children with autism.

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Autism Rocks Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah found a way to contribute to autism research after an afternoon of visiting with Snoop Dogg. He has since began to set up gigs around the world with some of the most sought after music artists, geared towards raising funds for autism awareness and research. Lenny Kravits and Price are just a couple of the artists that have helped raise awareness for the Autism Rocks campaign.

Hedge fund, Sanjay Shah is a millionaire who found himself studying medicine at King’s College to become a doctor. He soon found that he did not want to be a doctor, and became an accountant. He wanted more freedom after working the normal hard earned hours for someone else, and decided to open his own brokerage business. He grew up in Central London, but was originally from Kenya. After five years of owning his own business, he had reached a net worth of $280 million. His company is called Solo Capital and has businesses located in Dubai and London. He eventually was able to get to the point where he could just let the businesses run, and retire, to focus on something else.

Sanjay Shah and his wife found out that their son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. At that point, Sanjay’s efforts began to take a turn and lean towards donating and spreading awareness for the cause. Autism Rocks is extremely close to his heart because of his son, and he would like to be able to help others in need. He fortunately had the funds to get the best doctors and help for his son, but understands that many families do not have the money nor the resources to get the help that they need. He is geared towards find the cause for autism and is happy that he can raise money for the research as well as contribute his own money.

The music concerts gigs have ben a great way to raise money for autism research and data. Because of his experience in the music industry, he knows many artists and most of them are more than happy to support the cause, Autism Rocks. Now that Sanjay has his own charity, he is able to direct the money to different areas that need more research or more help. Sanjay’s ultimate goals is to gather artists that are willing to cooperate and have them donate a track, which will help the cause tremendously.

Sanjay’s efforts are highly appreciated by many, and the work that is being done with the charity, Autism Rocks, is phenomenal. He has invested much of his time, money and efforts into finding the cause for this unfortunate disorder and has high hopes of someday finding a cure.

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