Roberto Santiago’s Domus Hall is a Tribute to the City

Roberto Santiago is known for many things as he has been a successful entrepreneur for a long time. Still, one of his most exciting developments happened recently when he was able to place the Domus Hall on top of the Manaira Shopping Center, which is perhaps one of the largest malls in the country.

Santiago was born in July 16, 1958, and he went to Marist College Pius X. He studied business administration, which landed him at the University Center of João Pessoa (UNIPÊ). It was there where his dreams began to take form. No one knows how long Santiago dreamed of the Domus hall, which was established in November 2009, but one thing is for certain, the people are in love with the entertainment venue. Who would have imagined that his humble beginnings at Cafe Santa Rosa, where he got the idea to invest in his own carton company, would take him this far?

It should be noted that the Domus is situated on the roof of the shopping center. Santiago was a true visionary to make this call, because it gives the hall a touch of prestige and magic. Venue visitors get a glimpse of the sky as they ascend to the entertainment hall; this venue was designed with no expense spared.

Most visitors find the venue enchanting and love that it sits on top of the Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping center and near beaches on the north coast of João Pessoa, which are said to be some of the most pristine beaches.

The design of Santiago’s playhouse is ultra-modern. It is very large and has the best air-conditioning systems. The temperature is controlled to make sure that no area is cooler or warmer than another. In essence, optimal comfort is of the utmost importance.

Acoustics are very important to Santiago and his design team. A stereo system with optimal sound was installed. This was accompanied by insulation, which was installed in the walls, floors, and ceilings of the structure to make sure sound was controlled.

There is no doubt that the playhouse was intended for great musical acts or shows. There is plenty of room on the two floors. The mezzanine has private cabins that allow ten people to fit easily. There, they can enjoy lounge music in an intimate setting complete with dressing rooms.

The first floor of the hall can house tables, chairs, and it can be tracked. Santiago’s hall can comfortably fit four thousand people when seated or ten thousand when standing.

Much was expected for the Domus Hall, but Roberto Santiago had his own ideas. For one, he wanted his hall to attract both national and international artists. He understands that there is a growing number of musical styles out there, and he wants all of them to have a home at the Domus Hall. This includes styles like samba, MPB, axe, rock, raggae, rap, and many others. The concert hall has already hosted Ana Carolina and Seu Jorge, just to name a few artists.

Of course, music is not the only thing that Santiago wants to attract. He also wants stand-up comics to use the venue and other performance artists. In essence, he wants the Domus Hall to be a magnet for artists, because he understands that art is the foundation of change and growth. Some people might not notice, but artists and those who love art tend to drive cities and communities to new heights, which could be what Santiago is attempting to do.

It should be noted that the hall is also available for weddings, presentations, graduations, and trade shows; these events need to be scheduled in advanced.

The only question is if his plan is working. Well, since he opened the Domus Hall, there has been an influx of new companies and business owners opening up shops within the shopping center or its surrounding properties. No one can officially make the connection between this phenomena and Santiago’s playhouse, but one can certainly speculate.

Many of these shops have also reported an increase in profits. The shopping center’s growth has provide hundreds of people with jobs within the community. It has turned this area into one of the strongest shopping cities in the state. Everyone knows that communities with more employed individuals means that the economy is going to revitalize itself even further. It makes sense that the more people have, the more people will spend.

There is no telling what else Roberto Santiago has up his sleeve for the city and for his beloved Manaira Shopping Center. It is clear that Santiago’s connection to the city where he was born and where he studied has made an impact on the direction of his investments. There may be more to come, and the people of João Pessoa will just have to wait to see.