The Madness of March Madness

Nothing excites the senses like the buzz around the NCAA tournament. Heralded to be one of the most exciting tournaments to date, this year’s field is already causing waves of excitement from the sports betting public. It seems that no team can hang onto the number one ranking for very long.

March always brings to mind the thought of a Cinderella story and this year will be no exception. We are not even into conference play yet and already the talk of the town is identifying weaknesses in big name teams and what it takes to upset them.

The usual mainstays of the tourney will be in play once again and are certainly the backbone of the tourney. They will surely garner most of the television audience. But nothing disrupts the office pool like that of the underdog, going against all odds, to show up the likes of a megaton favorite like Duke, Kansas or even Kentucky.

Filling out a winning bracket is the ultimate goal of sports betting for most people. Countless office hours have gone to waste when employees have gone chasing fool’s gold. Not to be outdone, this year’s tourney will surely hold the same promise.

Sticking with the idea of putting your money on the hometown favorite and rolling the dice has always been a long time favorite proposition for many and certainly the main topic of interest around the water cooler. While the outside chance is always there, the safest and most lucrative bet would be to invest early on your team by placing a future bet on them. The usual stalwarts of March Madness odds such as Duke are priced fairly correct at 7 to 2 and Kentucky at 13 to 2. Some of the most overlooked teams in the field are fetching the most astronomical returns in the futures market such as Butler at 75 to1 and Arizona State at 2000 to 1.

Do your homework on all the teams where you can depend on the accuracy of information and the latest updates on every team. You might just be able to hone your skills throughout the season enough to ferret out that Cinderella team long before its tournament time.
College basketball odds are always elusive because the nature of the game focuses on the big named teams and tends to overlook the ones who don’t have the hype and television exposure. This makes for a perfect opportunity, if you do your homework, to uncover that overlooked team with all the makings of a champion. You can do tons of research with the help of the expert handicappers at