Seattle Genetics & The Future of Bio-Tech

Cancer has become a full blown epidemic and issue over the past 20 years. With so many known illnesses related from these debilitating diseases, bio-technology institutes has more than enough work on the dockets. There is one company that has taken the bio-tech industry to new levels and produces some of the most successful medicines to date. That company’s name is Seattle Genetics and it’s revolutionizing the effects of breakthrough cancer therapy.

Headquartered in the Seattle suburb of Bothell, Washington; the company has become the unanimous leader in antibody drug conjugates. Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are very effective and are designed to attack cell killing agents of cancer cells. One of the best things about these conjugates is that they tend to spare the non-targeted cells while directly decreasing toxic effects. The medicine is anti-tumor as well sense tumors are commonly present in these situations.

Why Is Seattle Genetics So Successful?
Yes, Seattle Genetics produces some of the best antibody conjugates in the business, but any great organization has to have strong leadership. Clay Siegall runs this entire operation and has become an industry in his own right. Siegel is known by many titles such as a scientist, doctor, or philanthropist. His mission is to serve the public by extending and saving lives through bio-technology. Being the CEO and President of this successful company, Siegel has changed the landscape from focus, discipline, intelligence, and technology. He will continue to use his knowledge and expertise for developing some of the best cancer killing drugs.

Seattle Genetics produces one of the most successful products on the market known as Adcetris. This powerful drug is used in over 50 different countries and is approved as a first in the new class of ADC. Though you may have never heard of these products, they’re actually saving lives and here are some more positive effecting medicines within Seattle Genetics pipeline:


The scientific numbers/letters may throw you off, but these are (ADC) drugs that are making huge differences in people’s lives. As you can see, Seattle Genetics has a lot going for itself. No matter the situation, this company is here to stay and will continue to strive for excellence.