The Manse on Marsh and Why they Got the Caring Star Award this Year

At a certain point in life, and after a life of going on about our beloved family members and guardians become elderly. At such a stage of life, we are of the biggest help to them. We become their reward and their joy. Most of the elderly around us are people that we know and have come to love. And at a certain point of life, it becomes hard not to admit that they need a little more help than they would usually require. However, due to many other reasons beyond our controls, we are pulled away from them for periods of time in which they might have urgent need of us. In such cases, through the respectful and loving concerns of our society, we have created adult homes.

The Manse on Marsh adult home is a splendid paradise away from home designed to fend for the needs of older adults. It is a superb place with a homely feel. An older adult brought to the Manse on Marsh does not feel far away from home and does not have his or her needs carefully tended to. No wonder it got the Caring Star award for the second time in a row.

The staff members in Manse on marsh have a meticulous work and ethic system and are present day and night. They endeavor to develop a friendly and professional relationship with the clients and the families for a smooth running of the adult home. They work together to ensure the facility is kept squeaky clean, that meals are healthy, prompt and of high standards and that the clients are very comfortable in all their needs.

The facility is set on a very lush environment and the clients are encouraged to take part in activities they find interesting. There are theater style setting for watching movies, wellness and fitness programs, and a library. The clients form friendships and indeed Manse on Marsh is a community of its own. It is indeed a loving, wholesome fulfilling community of its own. It is for these reasons and many others that it was awarded as the premiere Independent and Assisted Living community in California Central.  Read more about them in the in depth review on

Organo Gold Continues To Push Forward to New Countries

A fresh cup of coffee always seems to give its users a morning lift and an extra boost during the day. Some folks feel they couldn’t get through the day without a cup of Joe. But now, active enthusiasts of this magic brew feel even stronger about the latest improvements to their favorite beverage. The hottest craze sweeping the universe is a product marketed by award winning marketing pro, Bernardo Chua under the name, Organo Gold.

If you haven’t heard of Organo Gold, it’s only a matter of time before you do if Bernardo Chua and his group have their way.  Bernie is definitely giving it all on Twitter. The filipino marketing whiz has taken this relatively unknown, infused beverage on a wild ride of discovery that has seen Organo Gold open successful markets in over 35 countries in just a few short years.

His masterful use of social media, Twitter and Linkedin have served his multi media efforts well. So well, that his product has gained enough worldwide attention to earn him and his multi level marketing company a Napoleon a Hill Foundation Gold Medal award. His certified organic line of Ganoderma Lucido infused coffee, tea and nutrceutical products have become a standard for a wide audience of active health conscious individuals looking for a better lifestyle alternative to add to their diets.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold, the gourmet coffee company. He has spearheaded Organo Gold’s huge success as a network-marketing expert and guru. For his efforts, Bernardo Chua became a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient and has brought wild success to the multi-level marketing industry.Follow Bernardo Chua on Twitter and LinkedIn, or read his full bio available on Crunchbase.

The key to the Organo Gold’s huge success story can be traced to the strategies of Bernardo Chua’s independent distributor network, a group of motivated, hand selected marketers who along with Mr. Chua’s Connoisseur Coffee Club have brought incredible sales gains to his privately owned organization along with unprecedented success to its healthy Organo Gold brands.

About Organo Gold

Interestingly, it took a modern approach to an ancient Chinese herb to develop a holistic infused product that treats a number of modern ailments.

That herb is Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidium, which when infused into a variety of coffees, teas, and other popular beverages brought Organo Gold and its suite of holistic products to the forefront along with well deserved recognition and awards to Mr. Choa’s team. His organization has been awarded the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal for its efforts.

Where Lacrosse Entrepreneur Jon Urbana Draws His Inspiration

Jon Urbana is a name known to the majority of people in the lacrosse community, but he now wishes to be known for much more than simply his sporting prowess. Urbana first came to the attention of the public because of his abilities as a defensive star at Villanova, where Jon Urbana made his name as a lacrosse star.

This love of the game of lacrosse has also made its way into the everyday life of Jon Urbana even after he retired from the game. Amongst the community based projects he has become involved in is the Next Level Lacrosse Camp that is designed to offer young people the chance to learn the game of lacrosse, and to become better citizens. The business executive for the Ellipse Technologies organization has also been at the center of a number of fund raising initiatives, which include a crowd funding page developed to fund a no kill cat shelter.

Jon Urbana has been looking to share his activities and passions by becoming more active than ever before ion the various social media sites he has opened in recent years. One of the areas Jon Urbana has become most active in has been in producing a series of blogs that detail the life he leads. The many blogs and social media accounts produced by Jon Urbana include a series of photographs reflecting his love of food and outdoor activities.

Despite the many activities Jon Urbana has been involved in recently, he has also made sure he keeps up his activities he has been enjoying for a number of years. One of the many loves Jon Urbana has maintained throughout his life has been flying. Despite not being a professional pilot Jon Urbana has pushed himself to become one of the best aviation experts in the world. Jon Urbana has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Authority as one of the top pilots in the world and included on their list of the best trained experts actively flying.

Sam Tabar’s Successful Career

Sam Tabar is an investment manager based in New York City, as his lists. He is also the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycleFund, New York. Previously, Sam has been operating as the Chief Operating Officer at some companies including Merrill Lynch, Sparx Group/PMA, Arps, Skadden, Meagher & Flom LLP & Associates. Sam Tabar acquired his University education from Oxford University where he graduated with Honors. He is a capital strategist and a popular attorney.

Sam Tabar joined Columbia University Law School after graduating from Oxford University. At Columbia University, Sam worked as an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. In 2001, he graduated from Columbia and went on to serve as an associate at Skadden, Arps, and Meagher & Flom LLP. Meagher & Flom LLP is one of the world’s most prestigious and popular law firm.

Sam Tabar served as an associate at Skadden until 2004. While at Skadden, he was able to counsel clients on different legal issues. Some of the issues include investment management agreements, issues to do with employment, side letters, and private memoranda among many other legal issues. He later quit Skadden to join PMA Investment Advisors. PMA Investment Advisors is a branch of Sparx Group Co. that is based in Hong Kong. His initial position at PMA Investment Advisors was a counsel; he was later promoted to the post of Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. Sam was in charge of all facets of global marketing and investor relations that were running for a two billion dollars hedge fund. Another big achievement Sam had while working at PAM Investment Advisors was the marketing plan he was able to introduce. The strategic marketing plan, targeted large family offices, investors from big institutions and clients whose net-worth is ultra-high. The company was able to raise 1.2 billion dollar worth of assets under the management of Sam Tabar.

Sam Tabar has also worked for the Bank of America which he joined in February 2011. He held the position of the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia Pacific region. Sam Tabar used to offer counsel to the institution’s hedge fund clients. He was also in charge of the whole capital allocations cycle that revolved between firm managers and investors. He was able to quit the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the year 2012 after which he joined Adanac LLC, BVI as the Director. While working at Adanac, he was able to invest in assets and American-Startups such as THINX and Verboten.

In 2013, he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He served as the Senior Associate where he was able to offer counsel to fund building and structure, side letters together with regulatory issues. Sam Tabar left the firm in March 2014.
Sam Tabar has invested in THINX, a start-up company whose goal is to assist women from Africa and America. THINX major activity is the production of fashionable under wares to help them during menstruation and incontinence.

He also remains a member of the music community, and has even dabbled in photography through Instagram.  But what Sam Tabar has really become known for lately is his commitment to helping others through his investment tips.

Becoming a Human Rights Activist

Human right activism is not a vocation but a passion, and in recent times, people like Yeonmi Park have set quite an example for the world. Yeonmi Park, a youtuber, who is merely 21 years old, understood at an early age that her passion was helping people and even when she was declared a North Korean defector, she found a way to help her nation become better. Currently majoring in Criminal Justice from Seoul’s Dongguk University, she is also a member and volunteer of NAUH. She volunteers to teach refugees of North Korea at another organization.

So, how does one become a human rights activist like Yeonmi Park? Here are a few tips for beginners –

Find Motivation – It is impossible to become an activist without knowing what one is passionate about. It should be made clear – there are a number of issues in the world and one activist can take up multiple causes. However, just because an activist chooses to go for one cause does not mean that others are worthless. For instance, a women’s right activist does not think that men’s causes are unimportant. However, they have chosen to fight for women’s rights. This isn’t an “either or” situation. To find motivation, the best place to look around is the internet and social media sites where various activism forums, groups and pages can be found.

Research Activist Organizations – Most causes would already have an organization that is wholeheartedly pursuing the issue. This organization could be at a local, national or global level of operation. The trick is to find out about the organization. Again, for this purpose, internet is an activist’s friend. It can also help fellow activists meet with one another and research about different organizations that support a particular cause, how good they are, funding requirements, volunteer programs, and so on.

Get Educated and Spread Education – First of all, many activists wrongly assume that they are completely educated about a topic when they start human right activism. This is a field of learning where new things are realised every day. It is not just about educating other people but educating oneself. For instance, men can join women’s rights organizations if they believe that women deserve the same status as men. However, many male women’s rights activist realize that their role in such organizations is to act as a supporting pillar. Their job is not to drown out the voices of their fellow activists. Information like this is only revealed after spending ample time as an activist.

Activism is not for those people who pick up passions left, right and center and give them up quite quickly. For some people, it is a lifelong journey. Staying involved and keeping abreast with latest developments is, thus, extremely important. People like Yeonmi Park are rare that they have found their passion at an early age and continue to balance their personal life, studies and career while volunteering for their organizations.