South Carolina Legend Dies At 85

Johnny Gramling is a former football player who passed away at the age of 85. He played for the Carolina Gamecocks from 1951 to 1953 and is a considered a football legend in South Carolina. He was the first quarterback in the state to exceed 2,000 yards. The Carolina Gamecocks were undefeated the entire time that Johnny played for the team. He was named Outstanding Senior in 1954. He was also inducted into the University of South Carolina Hall of Fame.


Johnny’s football career did not end after he stopped playing for the Carolina Gamecocks. He played in the Canadian Football League in 1954. After he left the Canadian Football League, he joined the Air Force and served for two years. Johnny returned to Orangeburg, which is his hometown, after he left the Air Force.


Gramling’s football career started when he was in high school. He played for Orangeburg High School. He broke a record when his team played against Laurens High School during his senior year.


Not only did Johnny have a wonderful football career, but he was also only injured once during his career. He was injured during a 1953 football game. He collided head-on with another player. He was knocked out and could not see the scoreboard again until halftime.


Johnny ran a family farm that produced soybeans, wheat, cotton and corn. He was married to Betty Lane Cherry Gramling. She is a former Miss USA. She was also first runner-up in the 1956 Miss World pageant.