Carolina Panther Fans Show Support

The States of North and South Carolina are proving that they have a proud heritage in supporting their local sport franchise. The Carolina Panthers of the National Football League were treated to record crowds the past two weeks during the practice sessions in Wofford, North Carolina near Spartansburg. The initial Carolina Panther Kickoff Practice barbeque drew over 22,000 fans. However, the Panthers were blessed to see over 135,000 fans attend their practices over the past fourteen days. This exceeded last years record by over an average of over 9,000 new Carolina Panther patrons per day.

Most fans agree that their faith in their beloved team has not wavered since the Panther’s devastating loss to the Denver Broncos during the 2015 Super Bowl. Most fans were crushed that the Panther’s were not able to finish the job despite finishing the regular season with a 15-1 record.

The Carolina Panthers enter the season with a lot of confidence and the team looks again to ride the coat tails of their star Quarterback, Cam Newton. Most of the Carolina Panther football team is returning for the 2016 season with the exception of star cornerback Josh Norman. Norman signed a tender to play for the Washington redskins this season after talks broke down with the Panthers.

Panther’s head coach Ron Rivera is not concerned about the recent loss of Norman. The Panther’s are still a very well balanced football team and should easily make the playoffs again this year. Many believe that the only teams that can stop the Panthers from repeating their presence in the 2016 Super Bowl is the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys.