Betsy DeVos And The Spirit Of Giving

Betsy DeVos is the chairwoman of the Windquest Group, a company founded by her and her husband Dick DeVos in 1989 The Winquest Group invests in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy. DeVos is well known for her various philanthropy work around the country. In 2015 the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was ranked #24 on Forbes’ list of America’s top givers. Their foundation focuses on education, community, the arts and leadership to name a few. The couple also run the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation which is known for funding many socially conservative Christian organizations. Aside from her family foundations, DeVos is also a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and has served as chairwoman of the board of Alliance for School Choice.

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In addition to DeVos’ massive charitable contributions she is also a big advocate for education. DeVos is a strong proponent of both school choice and school vouchers. She believes education in the United States should be open for charter schools to operate for-profit and give parents more of a choice on how their children are educated. School Choice is another area that Betsy is considered an extremely strong proponent. School Choice would allow children to attend private schools while using public funding. This too would give parents more choice in the quality of education their children receive. I believe this would allow people living in oppressed or disadvantaged areas the opportunity to send their children to private schools when they might otherwise not be able to afford it. Check this related article from

I feel it is apparent that Betsy DeVos has certainly made her presence known since coming on to the Republican scene in the early 1980’s. Whether working for the family business or chairing one of her many charitable outfits, Betsy DeVos has always made her voice and beliefs known. Described by many as a fierce fighter and competitor, she is constantly striving to make this country better through both charitable giving and being a strong advocate for all that she feels will improve our communities. She uses her profile as a respected businesswoman and philanthropist to get her word out and to make strides toward progress which I feel is something we all should do if and when we are given such a platform.

Disaster Brings a Flood of Help and Kindness

Last October, LSU was scheduled to play at the South Carolina Gamecocks stadium, but widespread flooding forced a cancellation. So LSU hosted the game instead and then donated all the net proceeds to South Carolina flood victims. LSU running back Leonard Fournette even auctioned off his autographed game jersey for the cause.

“What they are going through reminds me of what we went through, my people in New Orleans, Louisiana, went through 10 years ago with Hurricane Katrina,” Fournette said. “We played a game today, but the people in South Carolina right now are in need.” Fournette also said he sent his prayers and condolences.

So this year the Gamecocks are stepping up and returning the favor as Louisiana deals with flooding in Baton Rouge. The university has set up several spots to collect donated items that will be sent for flood relief. Organizers are asking for diapers, baby formula, canned food, packaged crackers, socks, underwear, towels and blankets.

South Carolina athletics director Ray Tanner said, “I would like to encourage everyone to donate to help our friends in the Baton Rouge area that need our assistance.” And South Carolina president Harris Pastides added, “LSU was so gracious to assist us in our time of need. Now it is our turn to help our SEC friends. I encourage all Gamecocks to drop off items needed for the Baton Rouge flood relief.”

South Carolina and LSU have a history going back to 1930. Their overall win-loss record is in LSU’s favor, at 17-2-1 But the Gamecocks bear no ill will. When their in-division rivals need them, both schools are ready to wade in and help.

University of South Carolina Helps LSU with Flooding

Large portions of the state of Louisiana have been hit by devastating flooding in recent days. Louisiana State University has been no exception. However, the school is receiving help from an interesting location. It was October of 2015 that LSU allowed South Carolina to play a game in their stadium because their own stadium located in Columbia had been flooded out. Now South Carolina is returning the favor to pay back LSU for their kindness last year. They are organizing the collection of donations to be sent to the city of Baton Rouge to help the victims of the floods. Items such as blankets, canned foods and diapers can be donated in a variety of locations. The flooding is the worst that Baton Rouge has seen in its history.

The University of South Carolina was very grateful for the helping hand that was extended by LSU last year. Now they are happy to help out Louisiana in its time of need. Donations will continue to be collected for as long as the crisis is going on. The flood waters have shown no signs of subsiding in certain areas. One of the places where people can donate their flood relief items is Williams-Brice Stadium. This is the home of the University of South Carolina football team.

It should be noted that this bit of generosity from South Carolina was done without Louisiana requesting it. Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards has said that the flooding experienced by the state is unprecedented. More than 40,000 homes have been damaged in some way by the flooding. The governor has suspended all court deadlines in areas of the state where flooding has occurred.