Public Transit Improvements Coming to Lowcountry:

New bus shelters and new buses highlight proposed improvements to the public transportation system in Lowcountry. This is thanks to $500,000 in funding administered by Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority, or CARTA. This money comes from the South Carolina state Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism and became available thanks to the efforts of State Senator Marlon Kimpson. His senate district, number 42, covers North Charleston. Kimpson said this money will help enhance the public transit system for both residents and visitors.


According to CARTA officials, the money will go toward the construction of 20 new bus shelters for commuters and the purchase of three new buses. The funding from the state also makes available $900,000 in matching federal funds. Senator Kimpson said much of the Charleston area’s economy revolves around the tourism and hospitality industries, and new bus shelters and buses will help make the public transit system a comfortable, first class experience for both people who call the city home and those who are visiting from elsewhere.


CARTA Board of Directors Chairman Mike Seekings praised Senator Kimpson’s efforts to improve public transportation in the Charleston area, a primary goal of the organization. Your text to link… Formed in 1997, CARTA is South Carolina’s largest public transportation service, and averages more than four million riders a year. It also provides services for bicyclists, park and ride users, and the disabled.