Coastal Carolina Is Still Riding High

For the past few days and weeks, the rise of South Carolina’s own Coastal Carolina Chanticleers in the College World Series has been a prominent story throughout sports journalism. More exciting is the fact they won, marking the first championship the Conway, S.C. school has earned in any sport, ever.

This is great news for many in South Carolina who have been pulling for the Chanticleers for generations, and is a positive end to an electric season no one could have expected this team would play. Those athletes played remarkable baseball all throughout the postseason as well. Remember Game 2 of the finals when Connor Owings’ had an RBI single that allowed the Chanticleers to make three runs in the eighth inning? That kind of baseball is what these athletes have been playing this entire time, and it has been such a pleasure to watch them dominate the mound.

Arizona had been the favorite, a continual favorite in college baseball. Many analysts did not expect the World Series to even make it to a must-win Game 3. Yet again, the underdogs proved the narrative wrong. We should all be proud of that team, and the coaches and university that have supported them throughout this grueling journey. The Chanticleers have just opened up room for a new dynasty in college basketball, and I think this Conway team is perfectly fit for that.