Brian Bonar: Financial Leader

Brian Bonar is a business leader who has worked in technology and finance primarily throughout his career. He is now the head of the board at Dalrada Financial Corporation, acting as chairman. Before that, however, he was in a number of other senior positions. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

His career began first with IBM, the large technology giant out of Silicon Valley. He was working for the UK division of the company, where he remained for 17 years building up experience in the field and preparing him for later ventures.

After that, he relocated to Huntsville, Alabama in the United States in order pursue a position with QMS – company specializing in printer controllers and ink technologies. He ran the engineering department to great success as the executive director of that division. Read more: Brian Bonar –

After that, he remained in Alabama but took a position in which he performed sales for Rastek. This company was again based around printer controller technology. After aiding the sales for this organization he made his move to San Jose, California. Here he was brought on board Adaptec to lead their marketing and sales as the worldwide manager of sales operations and strategy.

From there, he was well prepared to take a position at Bezier systems. This company was in the printer field, but focused on laser printer technology, especially the software systems. He leveraged his knowledge of previous positions in the industry to become the vice president of sales and marketing. It also acted as the springboard that led him to become the director of Dalrada.

For over twenty years, he has been at Dalrada. However, he was not always at the top. He instead began as director of sales before moving on to vice president, then COO (chief operating officer). Finally, he was awarded with the coveted CEO role in 1998 because of his numbers and loyalty he showcased until that point.

In recent times, Brian Bonar has shown that he can invest in different vehicles that you don’t always find in finance. For example, he started and ran two restaurants. Both are in the prime location of San Diego, California. One is called Bellamy’s, which his relative now manages.

The other is called Bandy Canyon. The head chef here can create the menu to his needs, and feels more free here than ever before, according to the chef. Bonar attributes the success of this restaurant to the fact that he grants the chef “100% freedom to create.”

It’s rare that a business expert can also pursue passions in the culinary arts. But Brian is a unique character who has managed to do both. With his hard earned experience in the tech and financial sectors, he is wise about investment. And he has used this to create new opportunities for those around him as well.

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