Are you feeding your furry companion the best?

Over the years I have tried several dog foods with my dog. I tried the high-end brands and low budget alternatives. All of these had great benefits but my dog just wasn’t happy with it. One day I stumbled upon Beneful at a local pet store and decided to give it a shot. It was love at first taste for my dog charlie.

Beneful is a dog food brand on Purinastore with the dog in mind and not the profits. Many other brands spend millions of dollars on advertising and could care less about what is in the dog food. Beneful is not that company.

Beneful has been around since 2001 and serving our pooches as a top contender. Beneful has a strong team of researcher and nutritionists ensuring our dogs are receiving the best. Beneful prides itself on giving our pets only the best ingredients for their development. Brands like this are one that I will stand by.

Beneful is not just a competitor in dog food, it’s what your dog deserves. Beneful has strict standards on what goes into each and every one of their bags of dog food. From the brand new pup to the old guy you’ve had since you were a kid, Beneful has a flavor just for them. The beneful brand offers different flavors from chicken and veggies up to exotic salmon. And what dog doesn’t want salmon in his bowl?

I know my dog Charlie sure does. I have been feeding him Beneful for the past 3 years and he loves every bowl. I wouldn’t serve my dog something that he doesn’t like. He is healthy and I credit it all to Beneful daily.

Beneful is a brand that stands behind what they serve. A great dog food that both you and your dog can appreciate.