The Five Best Beneful Dog Foods

We all know Beneful is a trustworthy company with great dog food…but do you know which of their foods are the best? Read on to discover which varieties consistently get a five-star rating! We will start with the wet foods, of which I have chosen three. The first is the Mediterranean Style Medley. Packed with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach, these little flavor bombs come in 3oz cans that can be purchased as packs of three. They are perfect for mixing into your dog’s regular meal, or as a treat all on their own. The second wet food is the Prepared Meals Beef Stew – who can resist a good stew? This 10oz tub is full of beef, peas, carrots, rice, and barley. This flavorful meal is a good, healthy choice for any dog. The last of the wet foods is the Chopped Blends with turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. Available in Amazon a 3oz and a 10oz size, you can choose the best fit for your pup to fill them up. In the dry foods section, we will first take a look at the one and only Originals in Salmon. Supplemented by sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots, this mix will keep your pet’s coat shiny and soft while providing all the nutrients needed for a healthy life. This deliciousness comes in 3.5, 6.3, 15.5, 31.1, and 44 pound bags for your convenience. The last food we will talk about is the dry Playful Life with Beef and Egg. Enhanced with blueberries and spinach, this is a more unique flavor blend that is bound to be a hit with your dog. Rich in protein, this is a food that supports strength and overall well-being. It is available in the same sizes as the Originals. These are just a few of the food varieties Beneful offers that score 5 star ratings over and over again. The fact of the matter is, all of Beneful’s foods are loaded up with real ingredients that you and I eat every day, which makes this a hearty brand of delectable offerings for your cherished pet.