South Carolina Uses Popular Social Media Platform to Deter Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving has been a major problem in the United States for many years. Although penalties have increased and now include mandatory jail time as well as higher fines for offenders, people are still arrested everyday. The worst part about drunk driving is that it is responsible for many car accident fatalities. For this reason, South Carolina State Troopers are working hard to get the message out against drunk driving. In a recent article published by ABC news , Sergeant Bob Beres’ use of tweets is discussed. In addition to his use of tweets, which reach a younger and more technology-connected audience, he also uses emojis in his messages. Five simple pictures, such as a beer, a plus sign, a car, an equals sign and a police car, can let a driver know exactly what will happen if he or she gets behind the wheel in an impaired state. It will lead straight to an arrest, according to Beres.
The trooper has also realized that many drivers pay more attention to pictures on billboards than words, which is why he chose to implement messages to get the word out about drunk driving. With use of popular media outlets, he hopes to reach the next generation of drivers and bring awareness to the dangers as well as the consequences of drunk driving. South Carolina has also used emojis to get out other important messages in the past. When the state was flooded in October of last year, emoji messages proved to be very useful.