Donald Trump Sees Support Slip In Traditional Republican State Of South Carolina

The state of South Carolina has been one of the safest in elections for Republicans for the majority of living memory, which has seen embattled GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump look to the state as a sign of his remaining support. has reported the latest polls for August commissioned in South Carolina have shown a move away from Republican leaders towards the Democratic party candidate for President, Hilary Clinton. The question many are now asking is why the change in politics views in a traditionally red state is taking place, and the missteps of the Donald Trump campaign are not the only reasons people are finding for the changes.

In South Carolina the Democratic Party commissioned the latest poll on the Presidential election in the state, but the poll was conducted by the independent PPP group. The poll shows the lead of Trump in the state has been cut to just two percent with the Republican at 41 percent and former Secretary of State Clinton on 39 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is also polling higher than expected at five percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at two percent.

The biggest shock facing Republican officials is the fact young people in South Carolina look set to vote largely in favor of Clinton, with the former First Lady holding a five percent lead over Clinton with voters aged under 65; over 65s still give Trump a sizeable lead in the polls with a 58 percent rating compared to Clinton’s 30 percent.

Many experts are pointing to the changing population of the south of the U.S. that is seeing new business and employment opportunities for people who are moving to the area in many southeastern states. The same polling results are being replicated in the surrounding states of North Carolina and Georgia where the migration of people from northern states is changing the political viewpoint of traditionally Republican states.