George Soros Looks To Develop The Democratic Party After Trump Victory

During the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, major Democrat donor George Soros ploughed more than $25 million into the campaign of democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in a bid to defeat Republican Donald Trump. Soros could only watch as his donations failed to halt the election victory of the Republican candidate who the hedge fund legend has disagreed with over a number of issues during the election campaign; Soros went so far as to accuse Trump and former nominee Ted Cruz of doing the work of ISIS as the Holocaust survivor campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

The donations of George Soros reached more than $25 million during 2016 as he pushed funds into the Clinton campaign and a number of Super PAC’s supporting her during the Presidential election campaign. Soros had taken a back seat during the 2012 election after providing millions of dollars in funding for Democrats during the 2004 and 2008 campaigns; the former refugee set out to assist Clinton by donating a reported $27 million to the Priorities USA Super PAC dedicated to the campaign of the former First Lady. Many Super PAC’s courted George Soros for his funding following the start of the nomination process for the Presidency in 2015 with Priorities USA wining out as the major group given donations by Soros; a number of other Super PAC’s have also received funding from George Soros, including a $2 million donation to the American Bridge 21st Century group.

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’

Throughout the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle George Soros was an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, but also proved himself to be an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton who some aides stated he regretted not backing as the nominee on 2008. The 25 year association between Soros and Clinton played a role in his support of the candidate, but the 86 year old has not turned his back on the Democrat’s following the shocking Trump victory. A planned three day meeting of influential Democrat donors within the Democracy Alliance group was planned for the days following the election and was held with George Soros added to the list of attendees, a change that was announced on the morning following the election.

Soros, his fellow political donors, and senior members of the party are now coming together to review how Clinton lost the election and what can be done to change the Democratic party in the future. One of the main areas to be discussed in the planned conversation with George Soros on the final morning of the meeting is how best to combat the plans for the first 100 days of the Donald Trump Presidency, which will see a concerted effort headed by George Soros to protect the legacy of President Obama. George Soros does not plan to slip quietly away from the U.S. political scene, but instead will look to change future campaigns to fight on the issues the people of the U.S. wish to discuss and see change in the future.

George Soros Makes Donations Clinton’s Campaign

George Soros is a generous man and often spends some of his wealth to support Democratic presidential candidates and fight against dictatorship around the world. Some of his major donations include a $27 million donation to the Democratic Party to fight against the presidency of George Bush. After this donation, he stopped donating until recently during Clinton’s campaign. During the entire Clinton campaign, Soros donated over $30 million to help her unsuccessful bid for the presidency on Investopedia. The funds were also used to fund other Democratic candidates vying for various positions. The reports of these donations were revealed by the Federal Election Commission Records as well as some of George’s staff.

George Soros is currently 85 years old and has an estimated wealth of about $25 billion. Soros attended the London School of Economic after fleeing his native country Hungary in the early 50s. He has amassed his wealth through risky currency trades. Soros and Hillary Clinton have known each other for almost three decades and remain good friends. Earlier this year, Soros had planned to attend the Democratic convention but had to cancel that trip as he was caught by an urgent issue in Europe. Soros was an active donor of Clinton because she believed in Clinton and disliked Trump. Soros often termed Trump as doing the work of ISIS as he had a way of instilling fear in Americans.

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When speaking to the press, Soros political adviser Michael Vachon insisted as to why Soros was donating again after been quiet for a while. Vachon said that the stakes were quite high this time as Trump was against the things that Soros cared most about. Trump and Soros disagree on some issues such as Immigration and the reform in the criminal justice. The two don’t also agree on the issue of religious tolerance. George Soros donation was seen as a good thing by the democratic camp as it would motivate other donors to give to the campaign. This donation was followed by donations from other rich people such as Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban and finally Fred Eychaner. These are just a few as the gesture led to more small donations.

Soros was born in Budapest in 1931. As a child, he saw the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis before he ran away to England alone. He survived his childhood as his father would give him fake documents and identifications. While studying at the London School of Economics, he discovered his passion for finance. Soros first Job was at the Wall Street in 1956 before he was joined by his parents after the Nazi invasion. George Soros is currently supporting people fighting for democracy is Burma as the country has been subjected to dictatorship for a while.

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Donald Trump Sees Support Slip In Traditional Republican State Of South Carolina

The state of South Carolina has been one of the safest in elections for Republicans for the majority of living memory, which has seen embattled GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump look to the state as a sign of his remaining support. has reported the latest polls for August commissioned in South Carolina have shown a move away from Republican leaders towards the Democratic party candidate for President, Hilary Clinton. The question many are now asking is why the change in politics views in a traditionally red state is taking place, and the missteps of the Donald Trump campaign are not the only reasons people are finding for the changes.

In South Carolina the Democratic Party commissioned the latest poll on the Presidential election in the state, but the poll was conducted by the independent PPP group. The poll shows the lead of Trump in the state has been cut to just two percent with the Republican at 41 percent and former Secretary of State Clinton on 39 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is also polling higher than expected at five percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at two percent.

The biggest shock facing Republican officials is the fact young people in South Carolina look set to vote largely in favor of Clinton, with the former First Lady holding a five percent lead over Clinton with voters aged under 65; over 65s still give Trump a sizeable lead in the polls with a 58 percent rating compared to Clinton’s 30 percent.

Many experts are pointing to the changing population of the south of the U.S. that is seeing new business and employment opportunities for people who are moving to the area in many southeastern states. The same polling results are being replicated in the surrounding states of North Carolina and Georgia where the migration of people from northern states is changing the political viewpoint of traditionally Republican states.

Pictures With Clinton

Hillary Clinton has shown that she is a person who enjoys being in the public spotlight. She took pictures with supporters at a rally held at Central Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, in February of 2016. There were people of all races at the event, but that didn’t stop Clinton from showing that she loves all of her supporters. She is a woman who wants to have friends no matter where she goes and wants others to know that she will do everything possible to unite everyone together instead of keeping a division of races that has been seen across the country.

One of the pictures that Clinton took was with a group of African-American women who were smiling from ear to ear. For Clinton to take the time to take a picture with supporters shows that she does mingle with the public instead of sitting in a chair all day behind a desk or on the phone talking with political figures. This is what the country needs more than ever. The United States needs a leader who will join with the public, discovering what others want in a leader and what they want in the way of a better country. If Clinton can continue working with the public, then she has a better chance at winning the race for the White House in November.