Nonprofit Delivers Gifts to 2000+ Schools

Schools in South Carolina are getting Christmas early this year. This is due to the efforts of Charleston Hope, a local non-profit organization. It runs an adopt a class program in which all the children attending seven schools will get a gift that is newly wrapped for them. The program was founded by Emily Hoisington. She created the program six years ago while she was a high school student herself.


She was inspired to launch the program because of a situation in her own family. Her sister was an employee at a school with many low-income students. She was told that many students didn’t receive Christmas presents, and they couldn’t fulfill other basic needs in their homes. This made it difficult for the students to succeed in the classroom. Emily felt the need to make a difference.


The children get really excited each time Emily’s organization brings them presents. They have learned to depend on Charleston Hope. The majority of the volunteers are high school and college students. People from the local community also come out to help. Emily gets further inspiration from the memory of her boyfriend Chad Cooke. He passed away years ago, but before he did, he taught her the lesson that it is important to do things with your life that you believe have a purpose. It is also important to spend face to face time with the students. You can read more about Charleston Hope and contribute to the program here.