A Water Balloon Battle Of Epic Proportions To Celebrate South Carolina

It is a history lesson with food, drink, and a water balloon fight. It is the Second Happy Hour Water Balloon Battle in Columbia, South Carolina. On Friday, August 19, combatants can pick a war and learn some military strategies from active drill sergeants. It is $15 for Historic Columbia members and $20 for the general public. Drinks and light appetizers are included.

This event is happening with beer and wine for maximum fun. Contestants will be divided into two teams. They will learn the evolution of military strategies and will recreate some famous historical battles. Three time periods will be featured. The first time period is the Revolutionary War. The formations were tight and unmoving, pretty much rigid. The second time period is World War I, where trench warfare will be explained. The Korean/Vietnamese Wars cover the third time period and guerilla warfare will be featured.

1700 water balloons will be used for this epic war adventure, as reported by TheState.com. It takes place at a historic site, the Robert Mills House and Gardens. This is a Revolutionary War site. Tours are offered when there are no water balloon fights. Contestants can learn and incorporate war skills while having fun. The first year of the Happy Hour Water Balloon Battle was so successful that it will be an annual event.

There many reasons why war play is good, besides taking the edge off aggressive tendencies. Increased libido is one of the effects of play. There is an overall improvement in physical health. Playing also helps the brain to function better. Creativity and mental acuity are sharpened and honed. De-stressing while laughing and playing is guaranteed.