George Soros: Image Control

According to a recent article on Snopes, the claim that businessman and investor George Soros stated that he was financing the famous Black Lives Matter movement in order to “bring down the United States” and that he said “the black community is the easiest to manipulate” is false. These alleged quotes were featured on a meme that was all over social media. While Snopes does not actually deny that the political activist and magnate gave BLM money or that the black community has been/is easy to manipulate on, no evidence has been found proving the billionaire said these things in a September 2014 interview with the German newspaper Bild.

Snopes cannot even confirm the interview took place. They did not find the quotes referenced anywhere in Bild’s archives or in any other reputable publication. They did, however, locate one of the quotes in on a 2016 Tumblr page titled “Overpasses for America”.

Sources at Snopes feel it is “highly unlikely” Soros would be that honest and open if he was planning to manipulate the black community and various “Black Hate groups” in order to rip asunder the U.S. for financial gain. They presently consider the quotes to be “fake” and that the source was falsified to give the quotes legitimacy. Interestingly, they also say that the various viral quotes credited to businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump are also the result of this same tactic.

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They point to the alleged People magazine interview in which Trump allegedly said that Republicans were the “dumbest group of voters”. They found no evidence that Trump ever said anything like that. Soros, Snopes implies was a victim of a smear campaign.

Anonymous sources in the Soros camp note that a quick search on Google reveals that George Soros also has some philanthropic interests. One example is his international charity organization, the Open Society Foundation. The OSF was founded in 1993.

With a name that was originally inspired by the 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies by author Karl Popper, it is a grant-making network that funds various civil groups across the globe on, with the goal of furthering the causes of education, independent media, justice and public health. Headquartered in New York City, New York, The Open Society Foundation has offices in over three dozen countries. As this piece goes to press, the Open Society Foundation report expenditures of more than $11 billion.