George Soros Cites Imminent Global Economic Crisis and EU Collapse As The Main Reasons Of His Increased Bearish Investment

George Soros has affirmed his worries about the world economy with bearish investments. Before the recent investments, he had taken a long break from trading according to people close to the matter. Currently, Soros Fund Management manages about $30 billion dollars on behalf of George Soros after he had refunded all the third party investors share and left Soros Fund Management to manage only his investments. The most recent bearish investments include selling stocks for buying gold and shares in gold miners citing future economic crisis caused by the current China’s problems.

Before going bearish, George Soros cited that China was going through hard economic times and the problems have just started for China. As the government of China implements modalities to drive the next economic giant, Soros cited adjustment problems experienced by the authorities due to the rising debt problem. China’s government is trying to change the growth of the Chain’s economy from manufacturing and investment generated by the growth driven by consumer spending and service industry.

With many of the industries using debt to finance their start-up companies and businesses, the debt problem according to Soros is a serious concern for China and the world as a whole. He believes that The current debt problem in China significantly reflects what caused the economic crisis of 2007/2008 in the U.S., and China cannot avoid a hard landing when the bubble bursts. China’s has however been angered by remarks by George Soros saying that Soros has no basis on his comments and that he had predicted similar economic crisis before that never happened.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The point is, Soros may not be perfect but considering his most predictions in the past, one cannot ignore the fact that he might be right in China and then he ends up making a fortune out of the global economic problems. In a recent interview by email with Wall Street Journal, George Soros expressed particular concerns over capital outflows from China as well as how the China’s government are ignoring the rising debt problem in the country.

Soros is also very concerned about the state of Europe and the pending Britain referendum to stay or exit the European Union. He has in the past expressed concerns that, if Britain exits from the European Union, the stability of the Union will be affected and prompt other countries to follow the exit. Soros has even written an article about Britain’s coming referendum urging the country to unite with other European countries and avoid a messy break-up.

According to Soros, the EU is a project of European states that have sacrificed part of their sovereignty to form an ever-closer union based on shared ideals and values. He believes that those shared values are under attack and its time for Britain to realize that. Reflecting on the problems facing Europe such as Russian aggression and refugees, Soros believes it is time to unite.

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Understanding Investment Banking Sector

Investment banking are companies that provide advisory services to financial transactions like M&A, and also helping public and private companies to raise additional funds in the capital markets. However, Investment banking firms have evolved over the years and are performing a wide range of roles in order to satisfy the needs of investors. For example, investment banking firms provide services like security research for clients, public and institutional brokerage services among others. Beyond their usual services, Investment banking specializes in private banking, bridge financing as well as foreign currency exchange. The major function of investment banking firms is to provide financial advice to investors. Companies normally increase their funds through private placement as well as capital markets. Investment banking experts can advice companies to raise funds by debt issues or selling their available equities through initial public offering in the stock exchange market.
An Insight on Kenneth Griffin
Ken Griffin is a famous individual in the financial industry across the world. In 1989, Griffin received his degree in economics from Harvard University, where he had managed to start two funds during the course of his studies. He founded Citadel LLC in 1990 with about $4.5 million, and today it has grown tremendously to more than $20 billion in investment capital. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Due to his potential, Ken Griffin was offered $1 million for investment by Frank Meyer after graduation. In fact, his performance surpassed what Meyer expected and he repaid Meyer with a 70 percent RIO. Indeed, this was just the beginning of a very successful career on Market watch of Ken Griffin.

Griffin has played major role of supporting educational programs in Chicago in order to drive and improve community developments. Griffin and several of his foundations have donated over $250 million to fund and support other members of the society that are not privileged like him. Griffin is a member of many organizations including Economic Club of Chicago and the G100. He is very active in buying artistic work to an extent of paying large amount of money when buying these artifacts.



How Does Marcio Alaor Guide BMG Bank Into The Future?

Marcio Alaor is an executive vice president at BMG Bank, and his company has been at the forefront of Brazilian culture. The country has revived itself in anticipation of the Olympic Games, and the country wants to put on a good face for the rest of the world. The face that Brazil shows to the world is paid for with the money that is given in loans from the BMG Bank staff. Marcio helps his company choose the right places to offer loans, and this article shows how each loan will make Brazil a better place for everyone to live.

#1: The Loans Build New Communities

The newest communities in Brazil must rise where the oldest communities once stood. The oldest communities became too much for the country to look after, and Brazil must rebuild these places to ensure that everyone in the country has a beautiful place to live. A gorgeous new community creates jobs for its citizens, and the communities provide new places to live for the poorest people in Brazil. Everyone in Brazil must have a place to go, and the communities paid for with funds from BMG will help foster new communities.

#2: Marcio Markets The Company Well

BMG Bank has become a global name that is used in marketing around the world. Large soccer clubs are using the name of BMG on their jerseys, and large companies are investing in marketing from BMG. The name of BMG helps people market themselves, and the bank is using those funds to offer more loans to the people who need them the most. Marcio Alaor uses his influence to ensure that BMG Bank is at the front of the line when marketing around the world.

#3: The Finest Construction Projects

BMG Bank is helping the country modernize itself before the eyes of the world. Every new construction project looks like it came from the future, and the people who are investing in the country are seeing instant returns. Everyone who invests in the country is making money from their new developments, and BMG makes profit from all its interest payments.

The relationship between BMG Bank and the people of Brazil is strong. The people who are benefiting most from these projects are those who are most in need. The middle and lower classes of Brazil are receiving new places to live and work as part of Marcio Alaor’s marketing and loan programs.

Source: Exame Magazine

Protect Your Future With US Money Reserve

If you have ever heard about the US Money Reserve, then you already know how powerful it can truly be with respect to your financial future to listen to their words. When you think about the overall masters of the field of finance and investing, you can already know that anyone can talk the talk, but only certain companies like US Money Reserve have proven that they have the ability to walk the walk in addition. You don’t need to know the entire future, but by having a strong company on your side like the US Money Reserve you can truly position yourself for a long term financial gain.

The best thing about the US Money Reserve is that you truly get the best financial advice that you can find. It isn’t just about finding the right investment or asset class that comes out of nowhere to get you rich. If you were just looking for something simple and hope to win it big then you might as well waste your money on buying lottery tickets. What you truly need to do is to find the right partner who can truly help you overall. The best part about the US Money Reserve is that they not only stand by their investment choices because of what their results have been, but they also stand by you with all of their advice as well.

If you are looking for any sort of help when it comes to your investments, contact the US Money Reserve to find out more about gold in general. When it comes to truly having the investment protection you need for the long haul, why wouldn’t you consider gold. Not only can you truly be able to see your future continuing to be protected, but you also know that in no circumstances would you truly be able to see gold no longer a desired item. When you consider all of the potential options in the future, there aren’t a lot of assets that you can have faith in holding value over the long run; gold will certainly have a significant amount of value for as long as people appreciate rare items and jewelry in general.

At the end of the day, gold in general truly will be something that people will want for the forseeable future. Rather than playing games with your finances, look to the US Money Reserve to see how you can secure your future

Why Invest In Gold Now?

In times of economic uncertainty investors look away from the market and towards a commodity that has long provided a hedge against volatility—gold. There are many reasons to invest in gold coins at this juncture in time: Diversification, inflation, price, and valuation make a strong case for the investment.

Diversification is not only the best way to avoid non-systematic risk in an investment portfolio, it is the only way. A well-diversified portfolio greatly diminishes risk, and a portfolio cannot be truly diversified without investing in gold.

The global economy is in for a shock—inflation is coming. The U.S. government is actively trying to jump start inflation and the Federal Reserve is doing everything it can to see inflation rise above the 2% mark. With safe investments paying well under 1%, inflation levels over 2% will quickly erode any investment gains. Gold, however, is an excellent hedge against inflation; when inflation erodes value, gold prices rise. To protect against the effects of inflation, gold is a vital part of any portfolio.

The price of gold has retreated from its highs, but the market for gold continues to remain strong as investors look to hedge against inflation and a volatile market. For this reason, the price of gold will continue to hold strong and rebound as the economy continues to show volatility.

Closely related to its price, the valuation of gold as an increasingly rare commodity is poised to go up. The cost to explore and to mine additional gold continues to rise, increasing the base value of gold and making investments into the commodity more lucrative.

Gold is a vital part to every portfolio. Investors turn to gold in times of economic volatility, and gold makes an effective hedge against market downturns. But where can an investor safely go to purchase gold outside of funds tied to the market?

U.S. Money Reserve is here to provide investors with the means to purchase U.S. government issues gold. Working with U.S. Money Reserve places a team of gold specialists to work on your behalf to strengthen your portfolio and protect you against uncertain economic times. Let U.S. Money Reserve’s experienced gold professionals put real gold coins into your hands so that you can sleep at night knowing that your money and your future are protected.

Holographic Performances and Digital People

John Textor is more than the computer nerd someone might think of when imagining a person who creates digital likenesses of human beings, he’s an entertainer.

Textor is the executive chairman for Pulse, the Port St. Lucie, Florida-based company responsible for for digital applications of human images in films like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Ender’s Game, and Flags of our Fathers. They’ve won academy awards for their ability to make believable digital characters in film. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button may stand as their greatest example, as the film’s protagonist is almost completely digital for most of the movie.

Before working for Pulse, Textor was chairman and CEO of digital Domain, and he oversaw the creation of the live performances of both Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson. Both artists have been deceased for years, and it was a joy for fans to see these men come back to life, even if it was for just one night.

Tupac appeared in 2012 at Coachella, along with Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, and Eminem. This was the first showing of what appeared to be a hologram. He rapped, moved around on stage, even appearing to interact somewhat with the other performers. Tupac’s appearance immediately generated a lot of buzz, as news stations around the world started covering the story, and internet users and 90’s rap fans began talking about seeing Tupac again, and how great the show was.

Two years later at the Billboard Music Awards, Michael Jackson also appeared posthumously to sing and dance “Slave to the Rhythm.” Jackson was a considerably more difficult person to animate, as he has a full head of hair, and dances to choreography, whereas the bald Tupac didn’t move around a lot.

The technology behind these performances is similar to that of the digitally created face of the Hulk on screen. It’s where the real magic lies, as the supposedly 3D images on stage were created by reflecting the light from projectors off a Mylar board, and is similar to a parlor trick known as “Pepper’s Ghost.”

Nonetheless, the images produced are impressive, and could lead to many more applications than just film and live music. Where John Textor and his team at Pulse take the entertainment world remains to be seen.

Susan McGalla Makes Me Want to Conquer the World

I don’t know what Susan McGalla envisioned for herself when she obtained that Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing. I am sure that she wanted to excel in the business world, but she may have never guessed that she would go on from her 1986 commencement to become a CEO and expert in the branding business. She has been such a powerful leader. Her expertise has inspired me so much. I feel like I could take on the world with all the motivation that she has given.

I had to research someone that has excelled in the marketing world for a business class and I chose Susan McGalla. I didn’t know much about her because she left American Eagle before I had ever set foot in an American Eagle store. I was impressed by her rise into the business world. I could not believe that she has transitioned to the role of CEO. For a woman, back in 2007, to be a CEO was a big deal. I could not imagine how many barriers she had to tear down in order to be taken seriously, but she did.

What Susan McGalla has made on me realize is that there are no excuses. A woman can defy the odds that are placed against her and rise to the status of president of an organization. Sometimes it takes the motivation from someone that has done it in order to know that this is achievable. I like the way that Susan McGalla has been able to prove that women can increase revenues and build a legacy of excellence through effective leadership.

Susan was so hot in the business world that she was sought after by other organizations. To me that is the sign of a truly effective president. She worked her way up in American Eagle Outfitters, but Wet Seal allowed her to come as a leader. That is something so boast about, but Susan McGalla has always seem to keep a level head. She did not rest and think that she had made it to the top. To the contrary, she continued to work hard and build an even greater presence in the business world. She would find herself looking for a way to present the marketing talents that she gathered at Mount Union College back in 1986. This zeal to put her marketing degree to use would give her the strength to start her very own business. This is something that I look at in awe. She could have easily stayed with American Eagle until she retired. They loved her leadership skills. She could have even found work as another CEO for another company. Starting her own business was something that weighed heavily on her mind though. This is why she chose the path of working for herself. She is an expert and she wanted the world to know that she could provide expert services. Susan McGalla does a terrific job of building brands. No one can deny that she knows branding.

The Prime Rock

Plymouth Rock Assurance Company is an auto insurance broker in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire that has just launched a new tool called “Prime.” This tool will allow consumers to buy auto insurance online and manage their account, all while staying in touch with their insurance agent. This gives consumers the freedom from having to go to an office to visit their insurance agent.
Through “Prime”, consumers can get a quote and then decide if they want to purchase the insurance policy. The insurance agent pays a onetime fee and after that, the policy is transferred to them, and they own the policy for life. (published by the Insurance Journal.)

James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance Company. In the early 1970’s he lectured at Harvard University while consulting with the insurance industry part time. In 1973 Mr. Stone was admitted to the Casualty Actuarial Society where he wrote a paper on the insurance of catastrophic risk. The paper went on to become a requirement of CAS at harvard University. He then became the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance from 1975 – 1979. In 1979 President Carter appointed him to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission where he served until 1983.
Stone’s Plymouth Rock Assurance Company, which includes several subsidiaries, manages 1 billion in auto and homeowners insurance policies annually. Stone is also a member of the New York based private equity investment firm of the Administrative Committee of Lindsay Goldberg. He is vice chairman of the Global Post and he also was co-founder of Cat Limited in Bermuda. Adding to these credits is his founding of Homesite Group Inc. and Response Insurance.

Source: Insurance Journal

Brad Reifler: The Making of a Great CEO

A Chief Executive Officer must have the knowledge, experience, and trust of those around him. Cultivating relationships with people far and near, always being willing to have an open mind, and continually striving to learn all they can about the business are crucial to success. Over the past 30 years, there have been many people in the business world who have done this and more. However, none have done it any better than Brad Reifler. As the founder and CEO of Reifler Trading Company, Pali Capital, and Forefront Capital Management, Brad has continually looked for new and innovative ideas to help his companies grow.

As one of the financial industry’s leading executives, Brad understands what it takes to succeed. Whether consulting with an executive from Wall Street or meeting with an economist to learn more about the latest world financial information, Brad always finds himself looking for a way to stay ahead of the competition. Believing that hard work and perseverance always pay off in the end, he works tirelessly to ensure his companies are offering clients the best possible services. And judging by how his companies have performed over the years, he has done just that. During his run as CEO at Reifler Trading Company, he started from scratch and eventually sold it to Refco, Inc. when it was considered one of the largest futures operations companies worldwide. And at Pali Capital, he simply took the company from humble beginnings and developed sales strategies that led to more than $1 billion in commission income over a 13-year period. Time after time, Brad has used his forward-thinking abilities and willingness to take a calculated risk to achieve results few others ever do. Twitter suggests that by continuing to do so in the years ahead, it’s clear Brad is poised for even greater success.

Eucatex, the Global Exporter of Building Materials

Flávio Maluf is a famous mechanical engineer as well as an established entrepreneur. His top entrepreneurial skills have seen him build a small business into a multi-billion dollar company posing significant competition in the building supply sector of the industry. Mr. Flávio Maluf has stepped up to the challenges like export restrictions posed by the government and the fluctuating currencies in different countries that the company exports to. Mr. Flavio proudly shares the company’s secret to its rapid growth over the past ten decades. Mr. Flavio was named the president of Eucatex in 1997 after serving in different positions in the company. Among his greatest achievements is how he managed to develop and nature the eucalyptus plantation in the State of Sao Paulo. This has been a smart move by the company’s officials since it is environmentally friendly. This eucalyptus plantation has adequately met the organization’s constant need for raw materials.

Eucatex, was incepted in Brazil, during this period Brazil as a country, faced many political challenges; these challenges are often common in third world countries. told this was the case for Brazil at the time; corruption in the government was a major drawback to the sprouting organizations, or even those were already in business. It was during this period that Mr. Flávio Maluf saw the gap that existed in the Brazilian market and coined the idea to use the eucalyptus to produce eucalyptus ceiling tiles. Eucatex started its operation in the state of Sao Paulo.

Americana Sawmill Americana saw mill was the mother company to Eucatex. This company mainly supplied wood domestically; it was in operation until 1951 when Eucatex was born. Eucatex was to produce the eucalyptus ceiling tiles to meet the demand of the domestic market, but the end product was so good the company started exporting all over Europe. Today Eucatex exports its products to 37 different countries worldwide. The company has branch offices in various countries that foresees the supply of their products; it has branches in the United Kingdom, USA, Holland, Mexico and Germany. The company has over 2,200 employees on its payroll. Eucatex mainly deals with the supply of paints, floor boards, wood finishes and furniture-making materials. Eucatex commands a large share of the building and supplies industry since it has been in the business for more than 60 years. Divilux partitions are among the most popular products from this company producing a variety of building materials.