What Makes OSI Group a Leading Meat Processor Today?

Established in 1909 as a family meat market within the Oak Park, Illinois by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, the OSI group has grown to become one of the leading meat processors in the country today. The holding company is currently headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and specializes in processing such meat products as bacon, meat patties, pizza, hot dogs, poultry and fish for retail as well as for the food service industry in the country. OSI Group boasts of the required experience and creativity to produce the best meat products. The various OSI group plants within the U.S, including the Geneva, Geneva, Oakland, Iowa, West Chicago, West Jordan, Wisconsin, Utah, Riverside, California and Fort Atkinson plants, operate under the name OSI Industries, LLC.

Achievements by the OSI Group

Currently, OSI has about 60 plants in about 16 countries across the globe. Al these OSI processing plants produce an array of private label foods. Additionally, the company also co-packs several major brand products for its retail and food service clients across the world. OSI Group is also a major meat supplier for various western fast food chains situated in China. Some of the China-based western fast food chains served by the OSI group include Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks.

Owing to its consistency in offering high quality products on Forbes over the years, the OSI group has received various awards, including awards in the health management, environmental management as well as the safety and risk management fields. In August, 2016, the OSI Group acquired a controlling stake within the Baho Food Company. This was made possible by a merger control approval in the private Dutch company. Baho Food comprises of five subsidiary companies and serves the Netherlands and Germany markets. This acquisition by OSI further expands its market reach.

What Makes The OSI Group The Best?
The success by the OSI group over the years may be attributed to various aspects, some of which are discussed below.

Unique And High Quality Products

The OSI group serves many clients across the world, most of who are satisfied with the quality of its products. In this regard, the company works closely with its customers to design and produce products that meet their requirements. By partnering with various customers, this company has managed to design supply chain as well as manufacturing solutions that are of exceptional quality for its various clients.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

The OSI company works in a close association with it clients to deliver innovative and high quality products according to their needs. In this regard, the company employs marketing, brand-building skills to deliver world-class solutions. Through this close collaboration with its clients; OSI is able to offer its customers products that will be of value to them in the long run. The company believes that partnering with its clients allows them to exchange resources and make progress towards a common goal.

In addition to such benefits, the OSI group strictly adheres to some of the best production standards in the industry, within a safe and secure production environment. For these reasons, the OSI Group is among the leading meat processors across the world.

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McCrady’s Gets a Makeover in Charleston

One of the cornerstones of dining when sitting down to eat in Charleston over the past decade has been to eat at McCrady’s. The offerings of Sean Brock, a James Beard Award winner, has helped satisfy the hunger pangs of both residents and visitors to the area.

However, on July 30th, Brock’s version of this local insitution that’s been around since 1778, temporarily closed down. In its place will be a tribute to its origins, with the opening of McCrady’s Tavern, which will offer dinner options beginning August 11 and add lunch considerations two weeks later. Meanwhile, the new McCrady’s will open sometime in next nonth and offer an intimate setting, with just 22 seats available and an open kitchen right in the dining room.

Brock has undertaken a great deal of research into what appeals to the new arrivals in the Tavern. Having gained an affinity for the period between the end of the Civil War and the start of the the Great Depression, he’s looking to come up with some of the iconic dishes that were developed by chefs over those six-plus decades. He specifically noted standards like lobster newburg, oysters Rockefeller and baked Alaska as examples of the types of new avenues to pursue.

Another area that’s caught his attention deals with French cooking aesthetics that developed in the latter portions of the 1980’s. The hope is that a mix of the old eras with the innovative concepts of today will extend McCrady’s legacy another 238 years.