Homeless Veteran and Family Reunite in Charleston After 32 Years

Homelessness in general continues to be a major problem in the United States, with 47,000 homeless veterans serving as one of the most embarrassing numbers among that group. On few occasions are there any positive messages to be gleaned from such stories. However, the story of German Leon makes it onto that short list.

Leon had served in the U.S. Army in 1984 and was 21 years old when when he went to Atlanta seeking work before he suddenly disappeared. His younger sister, Marta Sallie, who lives in Charleston, watched years go by without hearing anything from him.

During this time, Leon was living in homeless shelters when he wasn’t able to find any part-time jobs. It wasn’t until this past April that a Veterans Administration social worker decided to try and reunite him with his family.

Patricia Green had met Leon at an Atlanta homeless shelter and realized that mental issues that had been ignored for more than three decades needed to be addressed. To start, she asked him if he had any family, an answer he was unable to provide.

Leon finally gave Green a name, who then used social media to send message to four potential family members. When she called the next day, Sallie thought it was simply a cruel joke but became convinced after hearing her brother’s voice.

Sallie took Leon to live with her and another sister in Charleston. Sadly , their mother didn’t live to see the reunion, passing away this past January.