George Soros Predictions Future of Gold Stable

Families are searching for the right way to save for their futures. Savings accounts at banks were once the favored way but now, the interest rate is so low that you will almost pay the banks to hold your money. Banks not only hold your money but they also have the ability to use your money as an investment. People with IRA’s and Money Market Accounts may make some money but they will lose money as well. Interest rates and the cost per share fluctuate with the stock market. Gold and silver are about the only savings that guarantee close to the same in price. Gold and silver prices stay positive. George Soros predicts stability of gold for future.

The United States Money Reserve handles Platinum, Gold and Silver from the U.S. Mint. Over the years, the Mint guaranteed the best in coins so over 300,000 customers rely on the Money Reserve for their coins. Purchasing government coins promise a better product than many of the other coin dealers around.

The article Podcast has Eric Dye interviewing Phillip Diehl. He is one of the largest dealers and distributors in of Gold and Silver bullion and coins. Diehl was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint under Bill Clinton. He was one of the people that instrumentally had part of the production of the 50 states quarters production and distribution. After his time as the Director of the Mint, Phillip Diehl took the position as the U.S. Money Reserve President.
Precious metals are rare enough to keep a good price. The bars that some mints put out for sale are not the purest and are not guaranteed to have a good quality. Most of the coins from the U.S. Mint and Reserve are guaranteed to provide quality, purity, and weight. There is no question this will be the better way to save for the future because people will gain money or stay close to the same. Gold and silver prices will remain a good investment for anyone’s future.

With today’s economy and refugee status the way it is, the United States has some of the wealth that guarantee stability. In 2008, the financial crisis was close to depression. The depression was hard and people depended on the government to provide stability as soon as possible. With precious metal prices up, the economy could possibly turn to be a good economy and the U.S. Can continue to sell over 65% the gold to India and China. The market depends on the prices of gold as well as our ability to spend economically.

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