Viral Photo of Grocery Store Worker Helping Elderly Customer

Late last month, a photo of an employee at a South Caroline grocery store helping an elderly customer went viral. The employee, Brandon Rollins, works at Ingles and was celebrated for his act of kindness recently by his fellow employees.

In some sense, Brandon was just doing his job. Customer service is key, and things like this are exactly what is meant by the standard of going “above and beyond” one’s job description. Someone could look at this photo and argue that Brandon was simply doing what he is paid to do, which may be true.

However, to me, this is one small example of how the world is still overall a pretty good place. No one is saying that this one person helping one customer at one grocery store in South Carolina is going to save the world, but this one act of kindness ripples forth and crashes against a narrative that often paints the future in gloomy colors. Really, Brandon could have let this elderly customer handle her groceries on her own and wouldn’t have been reprimanded by his employer, but that he didn’t and that he went out of his way says something. It says that while there is a lot of bad happening in our world that deserves anger and sadness, there are many more acts of kindness happening all around us that have the power to inspire and empower us. Brandon’s is just one of them.

So, check out this photo. It’s okay to feel warm and fuzzy inside, too.