South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Lands UN Ambassador Position

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was speedily confirmed on January 24 as Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations.


During her hearing, she faced an onslaught of questions from the opposing Democrats over her lack of experience with global affairs and international policy. She also received some praise for her stances on issues like Russia and UN action toward Israel.


She said, “Russia is trying to show their muscle right now…I don’t think we can trust them.”


Aside from the Russia comment, she has also shown a bit of an adversarial attitude toward President Donald Trump’s other stances as well. She opposes the Muslim registry and a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States. She also advocated for the NATO alliance and claimed she would stand up to President Trump on that issue.


On areas where she does agree with Trump, she supports moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a controversial move since both Isreal and Palestine stake claim to Jerusalem. She also doesn’t seem to support heavy handedness against Israel, speaking out against Obama’s decision to abstain from the recent UN Security Council vote against illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.


It’s perhaps this mix of agreements with Democrats and Republicans and a willingness to stand up to the massive wildcard that is Donald Trump that landed her an overwhelming confirmation in her hearing. Only four senators voted against her, notably Bernie Sanders who ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.


Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster will take her place as governor to serve out the remaining two years of her term.



Henry McMaster Becomes Governor Of South Carolina

Henry McMaster is going to become the next Governor of South Carolina. Many say that McMaster played his political hand perfectly. He initially ran against Governor Nikki Haley in a losing effort. He decided to then run for the Lieutenant Governor position and serve under Governor Haley. McMaster continued to make moves. He caused a stir by lending his support to Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Donald Trump was a controversial choice at the time. However, he eventually won the Presidential election.

Governor Nikki Haley was critical of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. That did not stop the new President from securing her services as Ambassador to the United Nations. Her appointment to this position means that she will have to vacate the office of Governor. It puts Henry McMaster right in the position he originally wanted to be in.

McMaster will be finishing Nikki Haley’s second term as Governor. It becomes official once she is sworn in as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He will then be free to run for the Governor’s office as the incumbent.

Henry McMaster never shied away from his endorsement of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. This caused a stir among the Republicans of South Carolina. Trump was not a popular choice for their party at the time. McMaster was taking a tremendous risk by putting his faith in an outsider such as Trump. The Governor at the time supported another Republican candidate. Nikki Haley put her initial support behind Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio was campaigning out of Florida and posed one of the biggest threats to Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy. The 69 year old McMaster will become the 117th governor of South Carolina. Staying close to his former rival proved to be Henry McMasters best move. Governor Nikki Haley’s success eventually paved the way for his own.


Nikki Haley To Become Ambassador To The United Nations

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina has been selected as the Ambassador to the United Nations by a unanimous decision. Members of the electing committee had concerns about Hayley’s international experience. However, her interview process went over very well. Her position was easily approved. Nikki Haley is a two-term Governor of South Carolina and will be relieved of her duties by Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster.

Haley fielded an assortment of questions on several sensitive issues. Russia was a key topic and Haley did not back down from her views on the subject. She stated that she believes Russia is trying to “show their muscle” She doesn’t believe that they should be trusted by the administration. However, Governor Haley does understand that the United States must find a working relationship with the nation in order to combat terrorism in the Middle East. Her stance on the Filipino President was also very stern. Governor Haley stated that the actions of the Philippine’s leader go against the nature of human rights and should not be tolerated. Israel was yet another prickly topic of discussion. Nikki Haley did not hesitate to criticize the Obama administration for allowing the America’s relationship with Israel to deteriorate. She believed that sanctions on the country are to severe while other areas of the world are committing worse atrocities.

Nikki Haley gained publicity during the Republican debates by being very critical of candidate Donald Trump. She was not afraid to give her opinion on some of his controversial rhetoric. She also openly supported Trump’s opponent Marco Rubio during the campaigns. However, the current administration thought highly of the South Carolina Governor and sought her services in the new White House. Her appointment will cut her governorship of South Carolina two years short once she is appointed to the position of Ambassador to the United Nations.


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Picked to be U.N. Ambassador

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, as reported in Huffington Post and other sources. Haley was one of the first key members of the President-elect’s administration to be announced on the heals of the national election at the beginning of November 2016. Haley, a Republican, is the Governor of South Carolina.


Haley’s Personal Background


Haley is one of the first U.S. governors of Indian descent. Both of her parents immigrated to the United States before Haley’s birth. She will be the first U.S. U.N. Ambassador of Indian descent as well.


Confirmation in the U.S. Senate


Haley is designated for a position in the Trump Administration that does require confirmation by the U.S. Senate. Analysts anticipate that Haley will have a smooth road when it comes to her confirmation by the U.S. Senate. In fact, the confirmation process for Haley very well may be the easiest of all Trump designees.


Haley, a Republican, enjoys popularity and respect among Republicans and Democrats alike. Not all Trump designees for Administration offices that require Senate confirmation have this level of support from both sides of the political aisle.


Foreign Policy Experience


Although U.S. governors do not necessarily have a strong foreign policy portfolio, Haley has been active in recruiting foreign business to South Carolina. She has enjoyed success in this regard. She has developed internationally connections through these efforts and has traveled abroad fairly extensively while Governor of South Carolina.