Pictures With Clinton

Hillary Clinton has shown that she is a person who enjoys being in the public spotlight. She took pictures with supporters at a rally held at Central Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, in February of 2016. There were people of all races at the event, but that didn’t stop Clinton from showing that she loves all of her supporters. She is a woman who wants to have friends no matter where she goes and wants others to know that she will do everything possible to unite everyone together instead of keeping a division of races that has been seen across the country.

One of the pictures that Clinton took was with a group of African-American women who were smiling from ear to ear. For Clinton to take the time to take a picture with supporters shows that she does mingle with the public instead of sitting in a chair all day behind a desk or on the phone talking with political figures. This is what the country needs more than ever. The United States needs a leader who will join with the public, discovering what others want in a leader and what they want in the way of a better country. If Clinton can continue working with the public, then she has a better chance at winning the race for the White House in November.