Get Your Wiki Takes the Mystery Out of Wikipedia Legends

Wikipedia is fifteen years old now, nevertheless, some people who use the online encyclopedia know very little about it, except that Wikipedia is an ad-free research tool. Since Wikipedia does not display advertisements, it’s assumed that the website and its editors are unbiased, like Consumer Reports magazine. Actually, Wikipedia does not earn money by selling advertising because the volunteer editors who create the website’s content would not work for free if they thought that they were making founder Jimmy Whales rich. 

While Wikipedia does not earn revenues from showing ads, nevertheless, other companies do make money by showing Wikipedia content. Google and Bing show snippets of Wikipedia entries, often placing the snippets where people cannot miss them. This is why every business, nonprofit organization and prominent individual should have his or her own Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki ( creates Wikipedia pages for companies, nonprofit organizations and public figures who prefer an unbiased, professionally created Wikipedia entry that is guaranteed to comply with the encyclopedia’s standards. 

Get Your Wiki writers also translate Wikipedia pages into other languages and do Wikipedia business page creation in other languages as well. This is an important, but often overlooked service. Wikipedia is available in 300 languages, however, many of the world’s poorer nations have very few volunteer editors; their pages are sparse. Organizations that want to reach people in foreign countries often need to create or edit their existing Wikipedia pages to catch people’s attention. It’s better to have experts do this so that the translation is accurate.

There is a myth that all of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors create pages for altruistic reasons. People imagine academic individuals checking facts and deciding where knowledge is lacking. While many of Wikipedia’s editors want to share their knowledge about a topic that they are passionate about, some editors let biases, opinions and personal vendettas cloud their writing. 

Any company or public person who is hoping someone will make a Wikipedia page about them is taking their chances that a fair-minded editor will write about them. Instead of gambling on one day getting a Wikipedia entry created in good faith, businesses and nonprofits should contact Get Your Wiki and have them create an accurate Wikipedia entry, backed up by appropriate references, that will inform readers and boost the organization’s search engine presence.