Charleston, South Carolina: The Holy City of Food

Charleston’s nickname as the “Holy City” of Southern food is well-earned, as this list from BuzzFeed deliciously points out.

Serious Southerners and connoisseurs of good Southern food all over know that a staple of good barbecue is brisket, and the brisket in Charleston at places like Swig & Swine is to die for. Brisket has to be juicy and tender; flavorful and smoky. One of the best cuts of beef around, brisket is a staple of Southern food that Charleston has perfected. Whether it’s with a pepper rub or covered in a number of different barbecue sauces (make sure it’s vinegar-y), you have to come down to Charleston for their world renowned brisket.

I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, but a good majority of my family is from the Deep South. When I first went to the South, one of the things I remember loving the most was brisket. I was astounded that this amazing, succulent cut of meat was being served to me covered in barbecue sauce and on a piece of bread like it was deli meat or something. Southern dishes like brisket brought my family closer together. Some of us cooked together, and all of us ate together. Food, such as brisket, was an important part of developing my identity, so I am always on the lookout for good brisket.

I will certainly be making a trip out to Charleston soon to try their famous brisket. How about you?