IAP Experts Called in Support of Hurricane Mathew

IAP Worldwide Services has been chosen to activate the provision of the emergency power and its assistance to the areas affected by the Mathew Hurricane. The company has been called to assist in the regions IV and V under FEMA. IAP Worldwide Services has deployed many solution teams to the areas to support the Initial Base Support along Fort Bragg, the East Coast, Orlando, North Carolina, and Florida to help these states in preparation of the critical regional effort. The company is thrilled with its recognition as a high-end solutions provider to these missions. For the enterprise, they engage in activities that separate them from the rest.

Their solutions are better and of higher standards than other competitors. While there are many other companies out there in who offer services close to IAP Worldwide Services, the United States Government has noticed the commitment IAP Worldwide Services has towards these services. Quality should not be compromised. According to the Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide Services, the company maintains a good name throughout the ages to remain the high-end solution to governments and other state agencies throughout the world. Choosing IAP to develop solutions for your organization will never go unrewarded.

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The emergency support response team under IAP Worldwide Services demonstrated significant commitment during the Katia, Katana, Sandy and other devastating events which included the emergency power supplication, commodities, communication systems, and the deployment of expert personnel in the areas. During the Mathew Hurricane in 2011, IAP Worldwide Services deployed more than 100 experts and power management individuals to activate the emergency power generators throughout New Jersey, New York, and Maryland.

The contract, which was awarded to the company in 2013 by the United States Army Engineering Corps Department, allowed IAP Worldwide Services to deliver their services through Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh District. IAP Worldwide supports the government in the development of engineering solutions during the national significance season.

For this season, IAP Worldwide Services, has remained in contact with the United States Government and other agencies to support this mobilization against the impending Mathew Hurricane this year. According to the Chief Executive Officer Doug Kitani of IAP Worldwide Services, the company is proud to be part of the solution to this process. For the people who will be affected by the Mathew Hurricane, IAP Worldwide Services will be at your steps and provide the necessary support. The company is ready to engage in any activity to satisfy their customers.

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Venezuela Looking For Answers To Address Oil Crisis

A recent report by Latino Show Magazine revealed Venezuela’s oil industry is going through a rough patch right now. Because of this, El Guri, Venezuela’s largest hydroelectric power facility may suffer a drop in output. Nearly 1/4 of the country would be impacted by this development.
Venezuela’s government has no solutions at the moment, but is openly looking at turning diesel run power plants into those fueled by natural gas. The rainfall has provided some semblance of relief, but not enough. The country needs more oil to be exported in order to receive an increase in foreign currency earnings to help prevent a financial crisis.

Venezuela has the natural gas to run its power grid using the second largest reserves in the Americas. While offshore gas production has begun, it is not enough to cover the current gas deficit. However, the cost of developing natural gas, along with installing infrastructure and converting power plants to run on natural gas is too expensive.

Many experts like Ms. Luque have speculated that foreign firms will have to pay more in order to keep their production rights. If this happens, even more questions will arise. It seems likely that the government will rely on rainfall to alleviate the situation instead of OPEC.