White Shark Media’s Effort to deal with Client Reviews in a bid to Boost its Service Delivery

White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in rendering online promotion solutions, which are customized to serve the small and medium-sized businesses. In terms of growth in North America, it ranks highest among other digital agencies. White Shark Media has played an instrumental role in the success of various companies in both North and South America. Primarily, this is because of utilizing White Shark Media’s proprietary marketing tools and online tactics.

A testimonial to White Shark Media’s success is the award by Google as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner in the United States. This came by after meeting the stringent training and eligibility requirements created by Google in a bid to pick the best strategic partners for its AdWords division.

Driving force to Clients Success

It utilizes various components that allow its clients to achieve the desired results. Tracking down its clients marketing endeavors has been one of White Shark Media’s success formula. It utilizes proprietary reporting software, keyword-level call tracking, competitive intelligence and the Google Analytics integration.

White Shark Media’s Customer Reviews and Complaints

White Shark Media receives various facebook reviews for its services delivery or operations. Primarily, this is in a bid to acknowledge the services offered by the company or issue out suggestions for the company’s growth.


Various clients have recommended the White Shark Media agency for its responsive communication with clients. The company has addressed complaints leveled against due to unresponsiveness in the past by enhancing its communication with clients. Through prompt responses to queries, clients have been able to boost their sales by a significant margin.

Service Delivery

The company has received commendable remarks from certain clients such the Davek Accessories for being highly accommodating. The Davek Accessories also praised the White Shark Media’s team for its professionalism in helping it update and revise its marketing or promotional campaigns. Consequently, its orders or sales have increased tremendously.

Client Campaign Follow-ups

After receiving a complaint about a client who had lost track of his or her AdWords Campaign, White Shark Media boosted its services to allow clients to stay updated. It has ensured that all clients are aware of the various aspects of each new marketing campaign to enable them to assess the performance of a given ad or keyword.

Campaign Account

A complaint about the creation of campaigns on White Shark Media’s account has resulted in the digital agency team carrying out various improvements. An Ad that had an excellent performance in the past can still be worked on in a client‘s account instead of creating a new one.