Jason Hope About Giving Back To The Community

Jason Hope EntrepreneurJason Hope is an investor and entrepreneur. Jason is also a futurist as well as a philanthropist. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. His passion is in technology and giving back to humanity. Jason holds a Finance degree which he earned at Arizona State University. He also went to ASU’s W.P Cary School of Business where he earned an MBA.

Jason has his heart on politics. He is known as a skilled futurist who is committed to giving towards people’s welfare. He says that his assets and skills put him in place to give back. Jason Hope says his vision is to be able to see Arizona’s communities thriving. He assists local organizations who are involved with the local communities and whose goals are to help humanity.

Jason specifically helps communities by fighting the effects of aging so as to enable individuals to live long satisfying lives. Jason says that technology is the future. His field of work is based on various aspects of research and development. Jason develops mobile apps, desktop software, and gaming software devices that are technology oriented. He says that all this is to improve the welfare of people and also make their lives easier.

Jason is involved in the innovation of new ways to put technology to use to be able to benefit humanity. His mission as a futurist is to assist businesses and individuals to follow the right path as they explore technology. He is passionate about young entrepreneurs. He helps them as they begin their journey in the world of technology. Jason states that the young people always have bright and big ideas but lack the support and finances to make their ideas to reality. He provides grants to students in high school and colleges to start working on their ideas as they gradually move up the ladder of success in the technology world.

Jason Hope (Follow @jasonhope) says that time and resources can be channeled to organizations and good projects with his influence. He says that he understands how hard it can be to begin a business venture, implement an idea, or create a new product. Jason says that what is needed at the end of it all is an excellent idea. Jason has assisted many individuals and organizations as a philanthropist. Jason’s advice to the young entrepreneurs is that they should never let anything come in the way of your passion or what you want to achieve.

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