Making a Healthy Dog Food Choice

Taking care of your pet is a life long commitment and the decision to adopt a furry companion should not be made lightly. When people adopt dogs and don’t feed them properly a host of health related issues will begin to crop up. A poor diet is at the center of almost every illness and disease that a dog can get, so that should tell you how important it is to set your dog straight with good food. Just like in humans, dogs ‘are what they eat’ but unlike humans, they have no say in what their diet consists of. So make the smart choice the next time you head to the dog food aisle by following these quick tips.

Look for the Quality
When we strolled into our local dog food aisle we were essentially assaulted by all of the options that were on display to us. There were brightly colored packages of a dozen different varieties and each one promised us the world. The problem with those promises is that they can’t all be right. With fluctuating ingredient lists, prices, and nutrient make ups we had to take a minute to really digest what we were seeing. What we came to the conclusion with was this: look for the quality.

We ended up picking up a bag of Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals from the Nestle Purina Store. The alluring package got our attention and then the ingredient list kept us there. The Beneful Originals has real beef protein in it with a slew of vegetables added in like spinach, carrots, and peas. We went on to read the chemical breakdown and noticed that the food also supplies our puppies with a complete selection of vitamins to round out their diet. As it turns out, Beneful Originals also gives our dogs a selection of antioxidants too — making it a well rounded diet supplement.

When you are looking to fix your dogs diet you have to be more involved than simply pouring their food into a bowl. Watch your puppy or older dog and see how they react to their food. Do they pick at the bowl or go right in, scarfing it all up at once? Sometimes it can take a little while for dogs to acclimate to a brand change but if they never acclimate make sure to investigate the cause.