Long Lost Daughter of Liiliane Cyr Might Be Found Alive

In August 1978, Liliane Cyr reported that her 18-month-old daughter, Yohanna Cyr, was taken from their Montreal Apartment area. Mrs. Cyr tried for years to keep the hope of her daughter alive despite the many disappointments she had. About five years ago, Mrs. Cyr created a Facebook page called Retrouver Yohanna Cyr, which means Find Yohanna Cyr, in hopes of finding her daughter. Now,38 years later there is a woman who wonders if she could be the missing child. The woman who believes she is Yohanna contacted Ms. Cyr on August 5th of this year.

The woman said, in a private message to Liliane Cyr, that she didn’t want to cause Ms. Cyr any pain and only wanted to get touch with authorities who are involved in the Cyr case. Curious, Ms. Cyr asked the woman what she knew about the case. The woman asked her if Yohanna had a Y-shaped birthmark on her index finger. Liliane Cyr acknowledged that her daughter did have that type of birth mark. The woman said she could be her long lost daughter.

Liliane Cyr had left Yohanna in the care of her new boyfriend while she went to work. A couple of weeks later, the boyfriend said his parents were looking after the toddler in Boston MA. When Ms. Cyr went to pick up her daughter, her boyfriend told her that the toddler had drowned in a bathtub and was buried. Ms. Cyr did not want to believe it and has been living with hope ever since that one day Yohanna will be returned to her. The woman is undergoing DNA testing to see if she is Yohanna.